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    • Why I Like Bumblebee

      9 months ago


      Bumblebee  yang❤ blake

      1: color cordination. The show is big on colors, and since their accent colors corrispond with eachothers color scheme, its pure aesthetics. It just looks incredibly perfect. (Blake: black/white/ purple *splash of yellow eyes so she stands out. and Yang: Yellow/brown/orange *splash of purple so she stands out.) its similar to the color theory in ren and nora; his is a splash of pink, and her eyes being a shade of jade since rens color scheme is jade green. Making them finally "together" together in v4 :3  nora❤ ren
       RWBY is heavily colored themed. They are color cordinated, unlike blake with sun, so aesthetic wise, they are perfectly paired.

      2: personality (with sun as well) opposites attract, so the party girl and the book worm complete the cute sterotype. Whereas sun and blake nearly complete it, theres too much of her getting angry with him for it too look as cute as when yangs light hearted living free way actually HELPS blake. Ex: they talk they had in he empty classroom. With this, picture blake as the moon. There is purposely two suns; the guy NAMED SUN, or the golden girl who burns like one. Both cute, probably done purposely, but it goes down to a matter of which light she leans for. Theres too much of her not reciprocating his feelings and being mean, and not enough sentimental interactions like yang and blake have. Thus why some ship bumblebee over blacksun. Cuz both fit the personalty sterotype, but only 1 portrays it in a more heartwarming and sentimental way than comedic /ex: sun pestering her.

      3: due to the similar trauma of V3, they both share a turmoil of feelings no1 else in the show shares yet; INTENSE feelings of guilt, worry, and anger, so since they ARE half the OG show of the team, its a given this feelings will be fixed or get worse, or get worse before they get fixed. BB shippers stand in the hopes of the last or first one; they are already BEST friends (proof by how well Yang knows blake enough to believe she will come to the dance despite everyone giving up on her or losing hope, including sun) So there is a lot of history and feelings between them to be discussed in the future; a lot of set up for either the STRONGEST best friend relationship, or set up for a romance to thrive. 

      4: trust. yang and Blake share the same level of trust. Ex: When Blake ran away in vol 1, yang's priority was to find Blake, whether she was part of the white fang or not since she trusts her on an emotional level. And When yang was being accused of hurting mercury purposely in v3s tournament, Yeah blake was hesitant to believe yang, but it was within good reason to be cautious for someone who dealt with the trauma and hurt of adams betrayal. She said she WANTED to trust yang, asked once more, then took her word for it imediately because despite the risk, Blake trusts yang on an EMOTIONAL level which is important. Bumblebees trust can be both emotional and physical, Whereas with blacksun's trust bond, its based on the fact that are mutually faunus and he had her back in combat before which shows he could protect her. BBs trust is both physical (since one must trust a teammate) and emotional since they have chosen to trust eachother over scary topics and bad history. Both BS and BB have a good healthy relationship of trust, but emotional and physical trust is important in a relationship.

      5: where as BlackSun shippers have the cute moment of her blushing from the attention she recieved when suns team won, and the "my hero" line, bumblebee shippers have a collection of smaller moments that show POTENTIAL for something bigger in the future. Ex: "i love it when youre fiesty" and blake smiling with lightly flushed cheeks to it in v2, or their serious talk with ended with "ill save you a dance" or overall, the communication skills they shared and yang knowing how to get through to her in that tough time. Or blakes jab at yang to keep her in line when they first met penny.

       Pretty much, whereas BS shows sun forcing his feelings on her, only to be reciprocated 1/3 of the time, bumblebee just has built up best friend moments that show how well they work together, leaving with a big pile of strong feelings (no1 else shares yet, and doesnt have to be romantic feeling, just a LARGE AMOUNT of feelings left from the trauma and her leaving) that need to be discussed and fixed from v3. Some Bumblebee shippers are...extremely overboard and become the toxic extremists or ship them just because of the negative reasons youre thinking, but some (like me) just sees the blossoming potential that makes them a perfect pair with signs that hint that it could be a thing in the future.

      Black sun is cute; i love how their semblences are like yin and yang, however,

      Bumblebee has so much potential and ive seen more with them that BS. They were Best friends, and not only acted like a good pair, but even LOOK that way color scheme wise. Shes too mean to sun for me to see much happenin. Even in the intro he glomped her, got a glare, she looked away worried and it just panned to yang. Black suns cute and comedic

      But Bumblebee is thriving into quite the love story  yang❤ blake


      1 year ago


       ruby weiss blake yang

      Im so excited for v4 :D!!

      I cant wait to see what my heros do,

      Watch them grow as individuals,

      And HOPEFULLY find their way back together in time!!!!!

      V4 Wish-Check list:

      1: watch yang struggle but

       Keep Moving Forward!!  yang

      2: explination on rubys new abilities!? What was with that cape :D?!  ruby

      3: what was so important about the village ren wanted to go to!! Can we see it? Maybe know why? Did you meet nora there? I need answers!  ren nora

      4: raven hopfully pushes yang to rise?! ;n; at least TALK to her? Show up? Let her see u? She lost an arm and has been trying to find u for years lady D: 

      5: know more about raven, why were u on that train missy? o:<

      6: know more salem! Need info!!! How did you meet cinder?? Ozpin?? WHO U!! WHY U DO DIS!!! 

      7: blake and yang make up over time?u 2 really need to talk (・∩・)

       blake yang

      8: clues to ozpins whereabouts/ status.  (◞‸◟;)  we need you!!

      9: know more about pennys "father" o: !! Yeah, havnt forgot about you :3

      10: .... NEO WHERE ARE YOU!?  


      11: jaune, i bet your semblance is amazing! I hope to see it soon, AND.. Whats under your shirt, because i think its a ...bunny???! XD  jaune rabbit?!

      12: All their family'z ;u; i'd like to know more about their homes! 

       ruby weiss blake yang   jaune nora pyrrha ren

      I doubt all will be answered this season ;u; but these are my current questions and wishes! Lets see how many i get answered this season!!

      What are yours? (No arguing with other questions)

    • Fist Of Fury, Fashion Phoenix ~☆

      1 year ago


      I know everyones posting yangs new pic, but can we take a moment to realize what this MEANS!!???? TuT

      Our baby!!!! Lost an arm and her fire spirit due to it!!!! We were all so sad to see the character art be released and see her the only one in casual wear, the only one in the trailer still exactly how we left her; DEPRESSED!!!

      Guys, she had DEPRESSION over all thats happened,
      Our Fist of Fury - Fashion Phoenix was so depressed To the point where she didnt even care if her baby sister went out there and got hurt!!!

      I had hope and knew that wasnt the end of her, but
      With clinical depression, seeing yangs new outfit represents she does INDEED get up!! Idk guys, seeing it is a LOT different than just hoping for it!!! Its just so damn INSPIRING to me!! Lost an arm, friends, school, and security, but is gonna finally get back up to get what she can back.

      Im crying because im so damn proud of her TTuTT 

      Shes not my top fave character, but i always wished i was more like her and now,
      I just love and respect her so damn much more!
      ❤️❤️❤️❤️ HORRAY FOR THE FASHION PHOENIX :DDD barbara  yang yellow_heart

    • "When it Falls" RWBY v3 Meaning to Me

      1 year ago


      Really thinking about the song after finishing the show, it really just hit me.. :( i never noticed how horribly well this really connected with the show. I know thats kinda the point of intros, and yeah many animes do the same, but this one REALLY was spot on.

      Their dying eyes are wide and white like snow- Penny

      And now they know the cost of trusting you's obliteration- cinders disguise is over

      Mirrors will shatter crushed by the weight of the world - Ironwoods facade of not taking extra precautions due to the pressures are now public with the penny incident

      The pillars collapse in shame - All that beacon stood for as well as their hunstmen/huntresses like blake who collapsed in shame for she blamed herself for what happened to yang.

      There be no hero in the end who will rise above - Pyrrha thought she could do it, rise above and hopfully help make things right but cinder was too strong..

      The shining light will sink in darkness-Yang is supposed to Burn, bring on the light mood, but is currently.. burned out and depressed.

      Victory for hate incarnate- Salems plans worked.

      Misery and pain for all, when it falls- things were going okay, everyone was fighting together and trying to hang in there, but once the Tower Fell, thats when it all went wrong, bringing misery to a LOT of our heros and pain for them as well as we saw :(

      This really broke my heart but like.. Whoa. Well done Jeff and Casey. Well. Done.

    • RWBY Ep: PVP

      2 years ago


      I have to say the last episode was a huge reality check for me.

      So, we ALL have our happy places; we think of a meadow or the arms of someone to calm down; my happy place is very different. Its been RWBY,

      Because when times would get awful for me,

      i would just engulf myself in the world of remnant to feel better; i've been a HUGE FAN since the Red Trailer and have loved every second of every episode, just daydreaming of being at beacon when school been rough and knowing the grimm of MY world is nothing i cant beat >:3

      So... to see such a turning point where..

      One of the characters i look up to.. falls to their knee's in tears..

      And look into the eyes of another one.. as life left them..

      I... :( literally watched my happy place crumble right before my eyes. That hit really hard to the fans, specially to me who made a show her happy place. A.. Show.

      I almost forgot this was a show,so now i know there will be MANY dark moments now that the team we looked up to gets older too.

      But i also have to remember, there's a PERK about it being a show;

      i know lots of dark lies ahead but i know Team RWBY will be there to stop it all :D! Because they are the heros. And Heros never stop fighting!

      So congrats CRWBY and Monty.. This season has been so spectacular so far i nearly forgot it was a show. We get so connected and close to the characters we forget they are characters because they feel like genuine people to us =^_^=

      So good luck on the production guys, this season looks like its going to unfold into such a great story! And i cant wait to see my heros save the day <3 =^_^=

    • I did a thing ;o;

      2 years ago


      SO, sorta-kinda-maybe thinking about doing RWBY cover videos >.<

      Just me practicing and stuffs ;u;' --> /watch?v=U_6qBmoKBzM

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    • Matty FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Student

      4 years ago

      Welcome to the site, Myesha! Feel free to add me or ask for help if you need it!

      • Matty FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Student

        4 years ago

        Indeed, she was an awesome character!

      • CapnKoneko

        4 years ago

        oh gosh, YES!! i liked how penny turned out :D she was really cool

      • Matty FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Student

        4 years ago

        Yeah, it was an awesome ending though!

      • CapnKoneko

        4 years ago

        yeah :D im sad its over for now ;.; im super obsessed with it lol xD

      • Matty FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Student

        4 years ago

        Yeah it's pretty awesome, the 'friction' between them is great!

      • CapnKoneko

        4 years ago

        Yangs really cool :D! and Weiss trailer made me fall in love! but my favorite character is ruby and weiss; i really like their character development

      • Matty FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Student

        4 years ago

        I'm a fan of Yang just because of the awesome weapons she has and that Barbara's quite a good voice actor, how about you?

      • CapnKoneko

        4 years ago

        yes!! :D who's your favorite? or if you cant decide, which was your favorite trailer?

      • Matty FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Student

        4 years ago

        Yes I do, yourself?

      • CapnKoneko

        4 years ago

        Excuse me, Do you watch rwby? o:

      • Matty FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Student

        4 years ago

        You're welcome and you too!

      • CapnKoneko

        4 years ago

        :D thanks Matthew! i've actually been going on rooster teeth for a while now, but only recently made an account xD this whole time i thought ive had one. lol silly me ^^; its nice to meet you :D

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