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    • Adjusting to new living conditions.

      9 months ago


      Alright, it has been a while since I wrote. Here is a brief update! I got a new job... In Sweden. WOW. That was unexpected. Downsides, I missed LPL by about two days. The timing sucked. EVEN WORSE! I will be flying to Texas in July roughly 2 days AFTER RTX. I can not win. No matter how much I wan't to attend an event I really can't. Is it a lot to ask to meet the RT, AH, FH crews? Like... Really??? I've only watched them since '06. I'm honestly a little annoyed. Anyway, my new job is cyber security, and TSCM consulting. So I guess a level higher than I was looking, but I'm ok with that. It is the dream job after all. I slightly miss America for family and friends. Also knowing where and how to read everything was great. But my Swedish is improving very well. Hopefully I can do well here and travel! that would be ideal. I'm going to sign off for now, Have to see about how to make RTX work, maybe. Later team!

    • Who plays live?

      11 months ago


      Being in the greater DC area, I am about 2 hours from Baltimore. With my tax return having come in, I think I am going to attempt to attend Let's Play Live! Still on the job hunt, so hopefully I will get one before the event to help pay for the transportation, haha. In the job hunt, I put out some job applications! Funny enough one was to Rooster Teeth.... But the issue is the position that is open I don't know a few languages that they require, so I suppose we will see what happens. (Probably nothing.) But good luck I guess! This is why you put out several applications at once though, so maybe someone will eventually call me back! Other than that, continuing my schooling and looking into my new project by writing a new website and back up protocol at home. Have fun guys! Good luck in endeavors! 

    • This is a title!

      1 year ago


      Wow. It has been a long time since I posted on here. I am not sure what to say! But I suppose it'd be good to keep up to date and post regularly since this is a journal. Lets begin a catch up!

      Obviously I am up to date with rooster teeth and Achievement hunter content. But I have been using YouTube for all of it, hence my lack of posts. But I looked back through my profile and noticed that my posts and stopping coming to the main sight was when I really got into my college. I did not realise that it took that much of my life! School has been well though. I am almost done with my associates, and really getting into my IT work. Back in 2012 when I really started posting and I made this account, I was fluid in C#. Now I found myself coding in C#, C, C++, Python, HTML, JavaScript, and using some CSS and when I am unlucky trying my hand at java. 

      I now also maintain my own server and tech blog which is pretty dope. After starting to attend a lot of hackathons, I decided to record the events on a website. So I made my own, and started posting all my builds, and learning there for tech. I feel like I came a long way from the kid that posted about his woes, and trips to help in New York, though my desire to help people has never stopped. In the spirit of the week, I decided to become a first member, to show that this kid who found RVB in 2004 and loved it so much but never could support it now has some money to support the content now while I look for internships in IT. 

      I'll keep updates on that hunt and my life and adventures hopefully frequently! Summer internships are hard to find in Fredericksburg, but I have some friends in Texas and California, so I will try some companies there! The hard part is the foot in the door. After you have experience, work starts to open up. Welcome back, guys! I missed the community!

    • Living long enough

      4 years ago


      At a certain point in your life you live long enough where people start passing away that you've known and loved... For some that age is very young, others that age is older... For me at the age of 15 and a half to now where I'll be 17 in October I've lost 8 really close family friends.... Starting with my girlfriend who died in my arms, that I'd known since I was very young and in the hospital at the age of 5, to now my Uncle Vlad or Marty Gear that I remember meeting at 7 and had grew up with and was like a grandfather to me that I'll be attending the memorial service of this Sunday... Long story short guys, cherish those who are close to you because you don't know how long they'll be around. The moment you take them for granted may be the moment they leave... But as long as you remember them they're never truly dead, and we all have our own way to honour them..

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