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    • 2 years ago

    • Lazerteam!!!

      2 years ago


      Wow. I just finished watching Lazerteam and can I say what a great time I had.

      The whole production form top to bottom was so professional. They put all of the fans Indie GoGo money to good use. I expected a good movie but they went far and beyond that. The writing was great, the cast was really entertaining and all the effects and editing were spot on!

      Great job Roosterteeth. I've been watching you guys for many years now and couldn't be more proud than at this moment to be part of the community!

    • Goodbye Ray

      3 years ago


      I'm gonna miss you Ray. Your constant condescension and sarcasm are integral ingredients in what makes AH vinegar what it is today.
      But in all seriousness you are great man. Thanks for making me laugh in every AH video you were in for these last three years, sometimes so hard I started crying. I look forward to continue to watch your hilarious antics on twitch.
      Best of luck man, going cakeless for life! ...cause you know, YOLO.

    • Monty will be Missed

      3 years ago


      I was deeply saddened to hear about Monty's passing. I loved everything did at Roosterteeth. He brought me into RvB in a way I could not have experienced it before. This also lead me to so much more great RT content. Other than the kid's shows I watched when I was young, I didn't really have much respect for anime as an art form. RWBY changed that. The world he created and the characters in it, gave me new perspective on anime.

      All that he did while at RT was incredible and he always seemed to outdo himself. I didn't know him personally but his work speaks for itself. He must have been a hard worker who knew what he wanted. We need more people like that.

      I'm gonna miss him, but I know he will be remembered in his art.

    • New Year

      4 years ago


      Starting year three at Ryerson. Looks to be a tough one but I'm ready. I'll just put in a lot of work and try really hard... Oh, wait. PS4 comes out just before exams? Guess I'll be dropping out, we'll see how it goes.

    • March Stuff

      5 years ago


      It's a crazy time of year for us university students. I can't even keep track of what day it is anymore! What I love is that I can always get back to my computer and find out that RT is doing something else awesome!
      Achievement Hunter is constantly making improving their channel, their new show VS now just may be my favourite RT show and it's only one episode in! Hilarious and pretty intense.
      Also, I've never really been an anime fan and RWBY didn't excite me too much to start off but the closer we get to the premiere the more I'm starting to feel it! Waiting for the yellow trailer coming out soon...
      This is gonna be a cool time coming up, hoping for season 2 of Immersion to come soon!

    • Sponsorship!

      5 years ago


      Just became a sponsor for Rooster teeth! I'm feeling pretty cool right now. I think I'm going to have to start using this journal option more often, stay in touch with my Rooster Teeth buddies Good stuff! Can't wait for the Podcast tonight! First time ever I'll listen to it and watch it live! Til next time...

    • 6 years ago


      Love the RT podcast, so funny. It is just great with Gavin on! He's fantastic! Keep up the good work Rooster teeth. Bye the way, when the heck is Geoff coming back to the podcast?

    • 2018 years ago

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