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      2 weeks ago


      Yep, I'm still here, I'm not dead yet! Just been all over the place for the last little while, finishing my course and not being able to get the job I trained for, moving house and everything else that drives people stark staring bonkers!

      So how you all been? What's that? Dude, that's not something you talk about in polite conversation!!!!!

      Me? Yeah, I'm ok. I'm still standing!(Hey, I think there's a song there somewhere!) Currently battling a very irritating cold, as cold season has started in Melbourne. Still not used to it being close to Winter in May. Still, better than being sunburnt, which is what happened to me at Albert Park! It was a good day at the F1 though, even if the McLarens sounded awful as they changed gears. I even managed to get to Adelaide for the Clipsall 500 a couple of weeks before, and that was great to watch. Adelaide's a nice place, I would recommend going.

      My girlfriend Hayley and I are still together, we're coming up to our first anniversary soon, so we're planning something for that. We've been playing through Guns, Gore & Cannoli , Mortal Kombat X, and she has even started Alien:Isolation. Me, I'm on Halo Wars and my usual list of crazy stuff. I'm even giving Black Ops 2 another shot, since it's on Backward Compatibility. Although I have now gotten rid of Destiny. I dunno, I just never felt like I enjoyed it as much as Halo or Gears. i just felt like it was a constant grind to play it. Anyway, its gone now, and no, I am not interested in the sequel, no matter how cool Cayde is!!!

      Has WWE improved? Has it hell! 

      Did anyone see the live action version of Beauty and the Beast? I went with Hayley as she wanted to see it. She hated it, but I thought it was pretty well done. We're currently looking forward to Alien:Covenant, so we've been watching the director's cuts of the first four and Prometheus., But I have discovered a couple of new movies that I really enjoy this year, The Conjuring 1 & 2. I watched both and I really enjoyed them. I even saw Titanic last week for the first time. I still don't like DiCaprio, but it was a good movie.

      My diet has gone to hell during Easter! I got a fair bit of chocolate, so it had to be eaten!!! Really, it did!!!

      Anyway, that's another journal done. First in a while, I know. I'm hoping I can get one in a bit more often now.

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    • "Well, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one!" - Clint Eastwood, The Dead Pool, 1988.

      2 months ago


      I've just been watching the Know's video about the Jim Sterling review of The Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild. I also watched the video about the Metacritic scores from a week or so ago, and I have only one thing to say......Really?

      Now I will say that those who know me also know that I take absolutely NO NOTICE of game or movie reviews. I make up my own mind. But I have to say, this is a bit over the top. I mean, really? People taking a silly review that seriously? Going so far as to DDOS the guy's site, and even call for him to be hanged? Joking or not, that's not good.

      I'm not a fan of The Legend of Zelda. I'm not a big fan of RPGs at all. But I don't hate on them. I watched a friend play Final Fantasy 7 some years ago, and while it wasn't a game I would play, I was impressed by the visuals and gameplay.

      I've seen a lot of video of the new Zelda. I'm not going to buy it myself, even if I do get a Switch, but I reckon it looks very impressive. Still, I'm surprised by all the reviews and all this backlash.

      If someone likes, or dislikes a game, movie or otherwise, then that is up to them, not anyone else! Condemning someone because they don't think like you, or like the same things is stupid.

      Another thing is this overzealous fanboy behaviour. I'm a big fan of Halo, and Transformers, but I know where the line is drawn. The people who have been hating on this game, or on the people who have given it high or low scores for whatever reason, are going too far. I mean, come on, it's a video game for crying out loud!

      Everybody has their own opinion about games. I HATE Ecco the Dolphin, but I know that there are people who love it. I'm not gonna tell them to hate it or demonise them. As far as I'm concerned, they like it, that's cool. I'm just not going to recommend it to anybody.

      On the flip side of the coin, I really like Aliens:Colonial Marines, and everyone knows what happened there!, But after the patches were done, I thought it was ok. Doesn't mean that everyone has to agree with me, and I know that they don't. Let's face it, that game will be the butt of jokes forever!

      The new Zelda looks awesome and if I was was a fan of the series, I would definitely get it and a Switch to play it on. But I'm not. I have no plans to get a Switch right now, and Zelda, despite looking great, is not on my list. I'm not gonna give it a recommendation, or a high score. I know someone who will, as he is getting a Switch soon, but we're not gonna declare war on each other over this! (We reserve that for when we play Halo!!!)

      So, RT Community, am I now expecting a torrent of abuse, death threats, DDOS attacks and other shit from you because of my opinion? Of course not! Because you have brains in your heads and are not batshit crazy fanboys and girls who have no grip on reality. So why should people like Jim Sterling and others have to put up with abuse from these idiots because of what they said about one game?

      Think about it.

      End Of Line.

    • Older or wiser......probably just older!

      3 months ago


      Well, I had my birthday 3 days ago. So what did I get up to? I went into the city with my girlfriend where she bought me my first pair of Converse All Star sneakers. I love them! Then we spent an hour in an arcade called Playtime, which is awesome. I even won a plush Wile E Coyote for her!!! We had lunch and then went and watched Resident Evil:The Final Chapter.

      I won't say it sucked, but I'm not gonna rate it as my favourite movie of all time either!

      So after I got home, I had a nice dinner with my family, and then had my cards and presents.

      Then the following day, it's my nephew's 8th birthday, and mayhem commences!!!!!

      He had a great time though.

      Currently preparing to move house this week. Our new house is really nice. I'll have slightly less room than now, but that's ok. It's a bit cavernous here anyhow.

      Then yesterday I spent a fantastic day and evening with my girlfriend, watched the original Nightmare on Elm St, and I thought that sucked. Then we watched The Conjuring. That was very good. I'm looking forward to seeing the second one soon.

      The new Resident Evil. I actually like it. I've played it round my girlfriend's and I actually enjoyed it. It looks and sounds good, and plays very similar to Alien:Isolation, which I also enjoyed.

      Anyway, I'm now 37. Yeah, sooooooo.........meh.

      End Of Line.

    • 1st of 2017!!!

      4 months ago



      Ok, don't all shout at once!!

      So, I hope everyone had a great Xmas and New Year. Me? Mine was awesome. I have now added Gears of War 4, Titanfall 2 and WWE 2K17 to my growing backlog of games!!! My nephew even got me a Hot Wheels Halo Warthog!! How cool is that?

      I spent New Year's with my girlfriend at her sister's house. We had great fun, I get on great with her and her husband, and we even got to see some of the Fireworks in the city. Spectacular!

      So, I'm still looking for a job. Some promising stuff has come to my attention, but we'll see how that goes. I have to go back and finish off my college course in early February, so that'll be an interesting couple of weeks.

      We're also moving house........again. We've managed to get a nice place just literally around the corner from where we are now. It'll be good, as it has working air conditioning, and a better landlord for a start. Don't get me wrong, I've loved living in this house, but our landlord, to put it politely, is an absolute asshole!

      So Rogue One........all I can say is, AWESOME!!!! I saw Assassin's Creed too, and I was impressed. Anyone who knows me knows that I ignore critics, so I was glad that I liked it really. My girlfriend is treating me to a day of Arcade gaming and a movie for my birthday in a few weeks. We're seeing the new Resident Evil. Good timing as she's preordered the new game and been playing the original remastered game. She's encouraging me to have a go. I have and it's.....maddening really. The lack of ammo and item spots pisses me off, but I can see why it is so popular.

      Oh yeah, she also picked up Mortal Kombat XL. She challenged me to a vs battle of course. Now I hadn't played MK in over 20 years, the last one I played was Mortal Kombat 2 or 3, so I knew she'd kick my ass.

      I won 6 matches to 1. I was sorta in the doghouse for a bit afterwards!!!

      I have been getting into more horror vids on Youtube. There's a genre which are (apparently) true stories sent in by subscribers. Most are brilliant, and I've been enjoying listening to them. There's loads of them around on Youtube now. I actually watched The Exorcist for the first time a few weeks back. I actually enjoyed it, although I can see why Linda Blair lost her shit after she made the movie! There's another one my girlfriend wants me to see that's about a demonic St Bernard. Hmmmmm, yeah right.

      So, movies wise, I've added some more over Xmas, and am looking forward to this year's releases. My girlfriend and I have joined a couple of cinema chains' rewards programs as we've been to a lot of movies since we've been together. And there's a good lineup for us this year, Guardians of the Galaxy:Vol 2, Transformers:The Last Knight, Cars 3, Spiderman:Homecoming and Rings to name a few.

      So, it's been an interesting few weeks, the next few will be more of the same. I'm turning 37 on the 2nd of February. Man, I am getting old!

      End Of Line.

    • 2017!!

      4 months ago



    • Merry Christmas to one and all.........oh alright, you too!!!!

      4 months ago


      Well, December 25th has dropped on us from a great height once again. Copious amounts of turkey, chocolate and other food is in abundance and everyone is broke again.

      Great isn't it?

      I've had a great day this year, my whole family has. My girlfriend and her family have also had a lovely day at their BBQ, while we had our usual turkey dinner. One of the highlights of my day, that.

      I hope that you all have a fantastic day, that you enjoy your time with your friends and family and that you have decent antacid tablets for the indigestion afterwards!!

      Merry Christmas, RT Community! Have a good one!!!!

    • Journal! New, fresh, not seen before!!!

      6 months ago


      It's November!! We've just had Melbourne Cup Day. It's the day where everyone gets a day off for Horse racing!! Crazy, I know, but it works!! So I spent it in the best way possible. I sat my fat ass on my sofa and played Forza Horizon 3!!! (It's Horse POWER after all!)

      I'm really looking forward to this Saturday as I will be attending PAX Australia for the very first time. I have attended a gaming show before back in the UK called Rezzed, where I played Alien:Isolation and scared the hell outta myself!! I'm hoping that Gears 4 and Titanfall 2 will be on show, and maybe Resident Evil 7 for my girlfriend. Yeah, not content with beating ALL the Tomb Raiders, she's done all the Resi Evils too, so she's looking forward to this one. I have to confess though, I'm seriously getting into Tomb Raider myself, and might even give Resi Evil a go.

      Who's started their Xmas shopping? ME!!! Only have three people left to sort. I'm especially pleased with what I have for my nephew, Liam. He will go nuts! I'll explain.

      We are all fans of Monster Jam, and Liam has a sizable collection of the toy Monster Jam trucks, and he has the majority of all the big names. Except one truck has eluded us for some time: Madusa. Now we actually met her last year at the Melbourne Monster Jam show, and she was really nice, and we are all fans of hers, me especially as I followed her WWE career. We have looked for the Madusa truck for ages, but could never get one.......until now.

      I managed to grab one in my local Target store, and these will now be rarer than rocking horse shit as she has announced her retirement. He will go ape shit with delight!!!

      Go see Doctor Strange!!!! I said it would be the dark horse this year, and I was right. it was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. Bring on Rogue One!!!

      I am nearly up to date with NCIS! I only have one disc of Season 13 left and then to wait for 14 to start here. Took a while, but it was very enjoyable.

      Well, enough horsing around(A lot of horse in this one!!!) Laters, people!

      End Of line.

    • I'm still here!!!

      7 months ago


      Ok, all you wild and crazy peoples out there, I thought I might as well drop in a journal, just to show my solidarity for the community. It can be great again, but unlike Mr. Trump, I'm not gonna start on a rant about who's to blame.

      So, the change in lifestyle is proceeding ok, I've lost 3.5 kilos already after 2 weeks and reduced my bodyfat by a considerable amount, so I'm really happy with that. And also, I've not been feeling massively hungry. I've managed to get some rather good alternatives into my diet, and can also still enjoy Pepsi Max!

      My wonderful girlfriend has been great with my diet. She also surprised me by preordering the Ultimate Edition of Forza Horizon 3, which has been GREAT!! On one condition though, that she can have a go and drive like a looney around the Outback!! I'm loving having the Warthog in the game. It's great fun ploughing through the Aussie countryside!!!

      I saw Don't Breathe last week. I don't usually go for this sort of movie, but it wasn't bad at all. Because my girlfriend is a bit of a horror fan, I've also started watching a few others. I watched The Thing last night with her. It was good, I really enjoyed it. So I've decided to watch some more, and as she's an expert on horror movies, she's gonna show me the best stuff. On top of that, we're gonna see The Magnificent Seven next week, so I'm showing her the best action movies too!

      I have given up Destiny. I refused to pay another forty or fifty dollars for basically more of the same grinding. I'll get it when it's cheaper, if I get it at all. At the moment, I don't even think I'll get Destiny 2. So I've been playing a lot more Halo 5:Guardians, mainly Warzone Firefight. I prefer this to patrols and the like on Destiny now.

      So anyway, as boring as my life is, that's it for me.

      End Of Line.

    • You never think it'll happen.....

      8 months ago


      You know how it is, you see things happening all over, to people you know, to people you don't know, but you never think it'll happen to you. That's sorta what's happened to me this week. I have had a life changing event and although it's sunk in, I still didn't really expect it to happen.

      Yesterday I went to see my doctor who informed me that I have Type 2 Diabetes, like my Dad who was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I also have a mate who has Type 1. So my initial reaction was "Wha?" but after a couple of minutes it was "Ok, what do I have to do to?" I spent some time talking with my doctor just going over what needed to be done to manage my condition properly.

      First, I need to see a dietician, which will be a waste of time to be honest as my stepdad has seen one on a number of occasions and he reckons they will just advise me to eat vegetables like a flipping rabbit! As I am not a big fan of many veg, that is not an option, so I need to cut my sugar intake, and take more care with what I do eat, reduce my portion sizes etc. Secondly I have to see a podiatrist to check my feet, as diabetics can lose feeling in their feet apparently, and have to have them checked annually.(I know, it sounds weird, but there you have it.)

      I have to have an eye test, which I needed to have done anyway and I have to get some exercise in, and lose a fair bit of weight, around 20 kilos or so.

      However, Type 2 is manageable with your diet, so I am going to cut down on a few things. I can still drink non sugar drinks like Pepsi Max, and fruit juices and water of course but Mountain Dew will have to be a treat now. As I'm a non drinker, alcohol is not an issue. I can still eat the stuff I like, but in more moderation, say a cheat day once a week or something.

      It's not the end of the world, I'm not really upset. Surprised maybe, but I'm not gonna cry about it. I don't have to change a lot, just be more careful with my diet.

      Everyone at home has really been great, as they've already been helping me get sorted, and my girlfriend has also been great, as she was initially worried, but after a talk, she understood and is also helping me when she can.

      So yeah, you never think it'll happen to you, but even if it does, it's not always a bad thing. If anything, some positives can come out of it.

    • Dumb Burblings of the Random Kind!

      9 months ago


      So wassup, community? Everyone good I hope? What's that? You've been..........Er...... No, seriously dude, that's a little too much info!

      After seeing the teaser from SDCC of the new Justice League movie, I have high hopes. This could be my favourite Superhero movie since the two Avengers films! And Ben Affleck looks like being rather good as Batman. I haven't seen Batman Vs Superman yet, so I haven't seen his performance, but I hear it's good. I'm interested to see how the rumoured Batman solo outing with him goes.

      Wonder Woman looks good too. I think Doctor Strange will be a surprise hit. I'm also keeping an eye out for the new XXX:Return of Xander Cage too.

      I still have a bit of a movie backlog too. I've still got Blu-rays from last Xmas and stuff online on Netflix to watch.

      Speaking of backlogs, I have not been able to clear much of my game backlog recently. I've been so busy with other stuff, I just haven't got round to it.

      My new girl and I are getting on great. we've been seeing each other every weekend and during the week when we can, and I couldn't be happier. She's offered to help me with Tomb Raider, as I haven't done it yet, and she wants me to have a go at a Resident Evil. I've never played a Resi Evil before, so that'll be......different I guess.

      The F1 is getting......tense! Hamilton vs Rosberg is showing signs of being similar to Prost vs Senna in the 80's. Still, McLaren are getting better, so I couldn't care less really.

      It's different in the other racing I follow. It's still completely anyone's championship in the Supercars championship, and it's the same in the BTCC. This is probably one of the best seasons I've seen in years.

      So, I've read a lot of comments about the state of the RT community lately, and to be honest, i have noticed a change since the website was upgraded. Is it dying? No, I don't think so. I reckon that it just needs a shot in the arm to get it going again. This community was great once, it can be again.

      End Of Line

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      1 year ago

      Hey dude! What's your GT? Maybe we can play Halo some time :)

    • Thom

      2 years ago


      Happy Warm Fuzzies day, Phil. Stay awesome.

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        2 years ago

        You too, fella!

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      Thanks for the friend request!

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        You're welcome!

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