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    • The Daily Glitch - Quick and Dirty Gaming News

      4 years ago


      Two weeks ago, I approached my GlitchFeed Podcast co-hosts with an idea for a content expansion.

      For those of you unfamiliar with my podcast, The GlitchFeed Podcast is a weekly production where we talk about the top, and not so top, gaming news for that week. We go over releases, talk about our feelings about games, and sometimes give each other shit.

      But, since the beginning, I've always been considering doing news more on a daily basis. I've been feeling confident in our work (we've almost got 20 episodes under our belt!) and knew this was something we were ready for. Sure, it would be a lot of work, but between three people would could make a five-days-a-week series happen.

      And, as if overnight, The Daily Glitch was born.

      This daily series features the top gaming news, written and voiced over by myself, @FischerX, and soon @Jpps. We take video and images from the news to keep people focused, but really it's just a quick 2-3 minute voiceover about that day's news. I feel this is exactly what someone needs if they don't have time, but want to keep up with what's going on in the Video Game industry.

      If you are interested in catching up with The Daily Glitch, we are just finishing the second week of videos, and you can find them all on The GlitchFeed Youtube Channel.

      Of course, I'd love for you all to subscribe and become regular viewers. But even if it's one episode you watch, I'd love to hear some feedback on what you think! This, much like our podcast, is a personal venture that in no means gives us pay. We do this to entertain others, and are always looking for new and amazing ways to improve our work.

      Join us now to watch us grow into the youtube world!

    • Rooster Teeth Calendar Theme Discussion

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      smiley9.gifJanuary smiley9.gif
      Theme: New Year/Revolutions/Party
      Series: The Patch

      smiley9.gifFebruary smiley9.gif
      Theme: Love/Romance
      Series: How To With Joel and Adam

      smiley9.gifMarch smiley9.gif
      Theme: Spring?
      Series: Lazer Team

      smiley9.gifApril smiley9.gif
      Theme: April Fools/RT Birthday
      Series: The Gauntlet

      smiley9.gifMay smiley9.gif
      Series: Immersion

      smiley9.gifJune smiley9.gif
      Theme: Summer/Vacation
      Series: Social Disorder

      smiley9.gifJuly smiley9.gif
      Theme: RTX/Conventions
      Series: RT Podcast

      smiley9.gifAugust smiley9.gif
      Theme: RTX/Convention
      Series: On The Spot

      smiley9.gifSeptember smiley9.gif
      Series: X-Ray and Vav

      smiley9.gifOctober smiley9.gif
      Theme: Costumes/Halloween
      Series: Ten Little Roosters

      smiley9.gifNovember smiley9.gif
      Theme: Thanksgiving/Game Releases
      Series: ScreenPlay

      smiley9.gifDecember smiley9.gif
      Theme: Winter/Christmas/Holiday
      Series: RTAA

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    • Artist Progress Suggestion

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      So, I know we talked about doing a 2016 calendar, so I had a suggestion for artist phasing.

      At the beginning of each phase, artists will be contacted at least two times to see if they are interested. They will have 30 days from the original start date to confirm their interest. This is flexible for the first three phases, but the final phase has stricter dates because of printing deadlines. The idea is to help provide timelines for the artist to follow.

      This is also divided into quarterly phases to allow artists the option to create multiple works. Now, artists are not regulated to a single work in each session, but I would suggest maybe having a single theme for each phase? Like they can do four art pieces for the phase, but they need to do them for a different theme. This allows us to have different artists for each book.

      Anyway, artists will have a deadline, so that means we will need to follow up to ensure they are able to keep this deadline. Deadline reminders also can be progress update requests. Of course, we can always have people post progress threads here if they are comfortable!

      The final phase will be only used if we need the art...hopefully we will have all art before this phase is started so that we can focus on getting the designs done for the calendars!

      Phase 1: Goal - 16 Pieces of Art
      Artist Mailed: January 2nd
      Follow Up: January 9th
      Confirmation: January 30th

      Deadline Reminder 1: February 15th
      Deadline Reminder 2: March 15th
      Art Submission Date: March 31st

      Phase 2: Goal - 16 Pieces of Art
      Artist Mailed: April 3rd
      Follow Up: April 10th
      Confirmation: April 30th

      Deadline Reminder 1: May 15th
      Deadline Reminder 2: June 15th
      Art Submission Date: June 30th

      Phase 3: Goal - 16 Pieces of Art
      Artist Mailed: July 3rd
      Follow Up: July 10th
      Confirmation: July 31st

      Deadline Reminder 1: August 15th
      Deadline Reminder 2: September 15th
      Art Submission Date: September 30th

      Final Phase:
      Artist Mailed: September 4th
      Follow Up: September 11th
      Confirmation: September 23rd

      Deadline Reminder 1: September 30th
      Deadline Reminder 2: October 21st
      Art Submission Date: November 11th

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    • Artist Signup

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      Place for artists to express interest!

      Current Artists:


      Post edited 12/04/14 9:31AM

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    • Contact Message For Caleb/RT Permission

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      Good Morning Caleb,

      Today I am contacting you with a request for permission to work on a Community Fan Calendar that would use themes and logos from Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, RvB, and RWBY.

      This project, originally started by jymaru at this thread has gotten a lot of interest from community members. Fan based projects often do not need too much permission as long as they follow standard copyright procedures, but the group wanted to ensure that you, as well as Rooster Teeth, understood the intent of the project.

      This project will create a series of monthly calendars that will be available to all who are able to access the files. The identified themes that can be chosen are: Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Red vs Blue, and RWBY.
      It will be free to download and print out for the fan to enjoy. Once it has been created, the files will be saved as a .pdf and posted on the website, available for everyone.
      The calendars will contain fanart from the community. Those who are part of the project will reach out to community members to get fanart for each of the calendar themes. The goal is to use new fanart, but we will accept previously created fanart for competitions that were not used as promotional or purchasable material on the site.
      The calendars will feature dates that match the theme of the site. This means there will be Cast & Crew birthdays, major RT events, as well as major gaming events and expos. Because they will be available to an international audience, holidays will not be featured on the calendars.
      This calendar will (most likely) come out for 2016. This should help us collect the art we need, which is going to be at least 48 pieces!
      We are looking to use the logos for the respected themes. I know some logos are available, but we will need some permissions to use logos as part of this project.

      Now, I'm sure you are wondering what we are seeking from you. Of course, we are just seeking to make sure that this is an alright thing to do.

      But, if you wanted to go above and beyond and assist with this project, any promotion or mentioning would be greatly appreciated. And, let's say that you and the RT staff really love this idea, maybe we work together to feature this as a fanart contest to really bring the community into the project. Of course, we do not expect any of this from you guys because this is a fan based project, but I would be willing to work with you help optimize the results in any way that we can!

      Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and I appreciate any and all consideration you may have. I look forward to talking with you more if you want to help us develop and produce this fan project!

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    • Cell Phone Games - What Are You Playing?

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      Doesn't seem like there is any place dedicated to cell games, but there are a lot out there!

      I know, recently, New Words With Friends came out, and I've been playing the heck out of Simpsons Tapped Out! Are there any games you've been playing on your cell phone or tablet?

      I guess if you want, you could also add your SN so people can find you in farmville or something!

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    • The GlitchFeed Podcast - Weekly News

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      Around 4 months ago, I took a chance with a group of friends and began to record a weekly podcast. The original goal of this podcast was to review that week's gaming news, take a look at current and upcoming releases and announcements, and just give our opinions on what went on each week in the gaming industry. It was rough in the beginning and it took more than a few episodes to get comfortable with each other and create a successful podcast format.

      This is by no means a source of income - we are putting our time and energy in something that we get no pay for. At its heart, this podcast is a way for us to explore our skills as entertainers and hope that others will want to listen to our ramblings. I think it's finally starting to do it's thing.

      As you may or may not know, few weeks ago we expanded into the social media market with our twitter account: twitter.com/GlitchFeed If you have a chance, please give us a follow. Most of the content is news related, and we do not spam. Additionally, it is the best place to be updated on when our episodes release!

      You can easily subscribe to our podcast on iTunes! Check it out, and give it a rating to let us know what you think of the show!

      Those are two ways to gain access to our podcast each week as episodes are released, and we would greatly appreciate your subscriptions and follows. Seeing more people who listen in motivates us to continue the podcast and produce the best quality podcast that we can do!

      So...allow me to officially introduce the GlitchFeed Podcast, Your Weekly Source For Everything Gaming, hosted by myself, @FischerX , and @jpps!

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    • Game Kids

      4 years ago


      Possibly the most adorable thing I've watched in a long time!

    • Whelp

      4 years ago


      I forgot it was only Thursday and got very confused when I saw an episode of How To has come out.

      Oh, and happy Thanksgiving!

    • I am sad tonight

      4 years ago


      Even my new puppy cannot break through this sadness.

      My monitor is standard definition and I got DA:I for my PC.


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