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    • Fus Ro Duh?

      3 weeks ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      Am I the only one who thinks that the AH Moonballs look like Chaurus eggs from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?



      Chaurus eggs:


      Or do I have that backward?

      It certainly gives me a different impression of this:


    • Genesis 3

      4 weeks ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      Ghost in the Shell (2017 movie)

      Going into this movie, I knew nothing. I never read the Manga and had no idea what this movie would be.

      Now, a spoiler at the core of the movie without spoiling anything specific.

      It's essentially a futuristic rendition of the Expulsion from Eden, but the views about God and Lucifer are reversed.

      It was okay - not great, not awful. It felt abridged - shorted and simplified. So, I expect I would hold a different opinion if I read the manga.

    • If someone threw money and talent at them...

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      Have you wondered what a Theater Mode movie would be if someone gave it a budget and a competent cast and crew?

      Then, wonder no more.

      Dark Was the Night (2014)

      The writer and director are both inexperienced and it shows - typical Theater Mode story and direction, but the cast and crew are experienced with a bigger budget than pocket lint and that shows, too.

    • Trust Me: It's safer if I just stay out of it...

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      In retaliation to the psych-eval that RDR2 gave me, I decided to try to help out a lot more...

      ...and end up killing the people I'm trying to save.

      Question: How do I turn off the "painting" style of "dead-eye" and make it the "tagging" style of "dead-eye" that the help section says to do? What did I miss?

      I came across a KKK lynching and I killed all of them and the guy they were lynching. Does the game really think that I wanted to do that?! (This deserves a "WT_ game?")

      EDIT: Got an answer:

      It seems I need to get to the next level of Deadeye. The current level is essentially the one where Arthur irresponsibly sprays his stuff all over everyone indiscriminately. I guess I need to practice on haphazardly slaughtering flocks of birds and on herds and packs of animals for Arthur to get better at targeting specific things... like that makes sense... before I try to rescue anyone.

    • Hard Road to Redemption - A question...

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      Grand Theft Auto V's Michael de Santa had his psychiatrist as optional feedback on the player's actions over the course of the story mode.

      Red Dead Redemption II's Arthur Morgan has someone similar. ...and there's something that's been bugging me regarding it.

      The game informed me that I'm ignoring too many people in need of help. ...but I discovered that I got Arthur's honor up enough that a majority of people greets him kindly and stores give him discounts.

      Now, I avoid getting Arther involved with people having their own already-violent disputes such as gunfights or captured people being carted away by lawmen or bounty hunters. Taking sides in shootouts between strangers and coming to the defense of a stranger wanted by the law doesn't seem like a good idea to me for people trying not to stir up trouble.

      I was unable to stop a fight between two people over a ridiculous card game - a crowd around the two prevented me from moving Arthur close enough to engage either person - and it turned fatal. Yet, that was the only time I felt that Arthur could intervene to defuse a situation without causing more trouble and failed to do so. Other times when someone needs advice or guidance or honest defense, I make Arthur step in.

      So, am I also supposed to get Arthur involved in ongoing gunfights and stopping lawmen and bounty hunters when they're taking someone in? Those are the times when I make Arthur stay out of it. Is that why the game said I was callously ignoring so many people who need help?

      EDIT: On an aside - Horses poop far too often. I know that the days are shorter in game, but I don't know why they'd make a horse's bowels any faster when they end up eating far, far less per game day than a real horse per real day. (Yes. I know from experience.)

    • Sorry Movember...

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      The facial hair on my right cheek doesn't grow the same way as my left, and both sides refuse to support a full beard.

      So... I try a just mustache.


      ...and it's grey on one side only.  confounded

      Something doesn't want me to have any facial hair.

    • I know that voice!

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.


      I just met a certain Achievement Hunter's voice in Red Dead Redemption 2.

      I need a moment. That caught me way off guard.

    • Spoopy Music...

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      You youngsters might not know that Trent Reznor (who essentially is Nine Inch Nails) created the music for the 1996 video game, Quake. This game introduced me to NIN, and its sequel introduced me to Sonic Mayhem (essentially Sascha Dikiciyan who was inspired by Reznor to write music for video games)

      For a good ambient spooky soundtrack (particularly after the intro), give it a listen.

      (Link to soundtrack provided by

      (Trivia: Sonic Mayhem was given musical direction by ID Software for Quake II but had more freedom in Quake III: Arena which he expanded with the independent album Quake III Arena: Noize. Both Reznor and Dikiciyan have been influenced by and have had an influence on the video game industry from Quake and later works.)

    • The Perfect Costume

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      I was going to go to work dressed as the Invisible Man on Wednesday, but I can't seem to get the speaker to work remotely so I guess I'll have to go into work that day. I mean, I won't be able to do that costume this year...

    • Discuss...

      1 month ago

      EricHVela Don't be a divider.

      Overheard at PAX Australia...

      "If I wanted to visit a series of smaller and smaller arenas and have a miserable time, I would go on tour with Nickelback." - Jane Douglas, on why Battle Royales are bad

      ...and the debate continues...

      What are your thoughts on Battle Royale games?

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