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    • PUBG vs. FORTNITE??

      2 months ago


      When two games exist at the same time and attempt to take the larger share of the "pie", we often see fan bases split, each having their loyal subjects battle it out in the comment sections to proclaim their opinion to be the correct one. However, this latest battle has be the most baffled. 

      Yes, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, (PUBG) and Fortnite: Battle Royale, (FBR) are in the same genre of gaming, but I think they are two different games when you think about how they operate at their core. PUGB being the slow, building tactical shooter with refined gun-play, while FBR is the "run-and-gun", bounce around, and play a quick match here or there. Don't get me wrong, they are both fun and both deserving of all the loyalty and fans they receive, but are they equal?

      Lets examine some reasons why someone may choose to play PUBG over FBR; 1.) PUBG was released first (early access counts as release these days). Whatever EPIC Games had planned for a "battle royale" style game is mute, as PUBG was early access several months before FBR announced their own game mode in a similar manner to PUBG. 2.) PUBG is more of a tactical, squad based shooter. While tactics exist in both games, much like "squading" up with your buds, PUBG makes players slow down, take their time, and listen to their surroundings. This is backed by some players even lowering their game settings so they could see players through the lower res textures, or not equipping certain coats because they made them easier to see. 3.) Finally, PUBG has more to offer as far as variety. Boasting a whopping two maps, it still has more than FBR does at the moment. This allows for variation and thus, lack of repetitiveness. 

      Now, let us look at FBR's positives; 1.) FBR has a much lower barrier to entry than PUBG. It is a free game that exists on all major platforms, while PUBG, exists on two (but only one that is at all properly optimized), and they are the two smallest markets. Matches also last a shorter time due to the map size. This means someone can come and go with less time. 2.) Some people enjoy "run-and-gun" arena style that FBR offers. This is evident in games like Call of Duty being as massively popular as they are. Like I stated above, matches do not last as long and the time to action (average) is a lot sooner in FBR than PUBG. 3.) And lastly, FBR has added new game modes to their game. Allowing the standard Solo, Duo, etc., like PUBG, FBR also added a massive 20-player team based game mode, adding variety in a way that PUBG has not. 

      While some may think that one game is "better" than another, remember that video games are subjective, Sure, we can measure certain variables, but those do not define something as "good" or "bad", merely allow people to find their preference. So, when decieding which one to play, why not play both? They are both fun in their own ways, each offering something the other can not, yet allowing users to prefer either, or. Go spend time having fun playing video games and not arguing whether your video game is better than someone else's. 

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