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    • Day 5 Season 2 finale theory (SPOILERS)

      10 months ago


        So Day 5 S2:E7 "Apnea" was released yesterday and god damn if it wasn't jaw dropping to say the least. The episode gave a textbook plot twist that recontextualized everything the season had to offer up to that point, it also gave me an idea as to what might happen in the season finale next week, so lets dive right in.

        In episode seven it is revealed that Aidan has been sent by a mysterious organization to infiltrate the sandman's oasis, I believe its easy to assume that this is the same organization Meredith has been in radio contact with over the course of the season. In season two episode one Meredith comes into contact with a group of almost cult like followers trying to please Meredith. After eliminating the facility she is confronted by a man who finds her orders were not fulfilled quickly enough, and this man somehow inflicts serious pain on Meredith bringing her to her knees begging him to stop. After punishing Meredith the man notes that he has ordered someone to destabilize the Sandman's oasis; I believe the agent sent to the oasis was Aidan. Aidan infiltrates the Oasis, and assassinates the Sandman, where the episode then cuts out.

        In the same conversation between the mystery figure and Meredith, she mentions that she learned the name of a traitors who sent the alert telling citizens to stay awake. Why wouldn't Meredith tell the man the name of the traitor if she was so desperate to gain his approval? The Traitors name was most likely not revealed because they have already been introduced into the show and revealing who they were would ruin the narrative. The first episode in the season introduces Gabbi, a well traveled survivor who is on the hunt for information about the sleep apocalypse. Upon finding "ground Zero" destroyed she becomes belligerently angry. Gabbi's outrage reviels that she not only knew that the big sleep was man made but also tracked down the epicenter by herself. She also has been investigating Reports of sleep safe zones, but why would she do that if she was trying to track down ground zero? It appears to me that shes almost checking up on humanity. I believe that Gabbi is the Traitor who sent out the warning, and is now doing everything in her power to stop the apocalypse and make sure humanity survives to see it end.

        I can't organize all my thoughts onto this one post but feel free to contact me if this is something you're interested in.

    • Back to School

      11 months ago


      So summers finally over, which means its back to school for me. Senior year is shaping up to be a good one, I'm really looking forward to digital photography. Life guarding has found a way to stay in my life as I go from guarding at a Water park to the pool at my school.

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