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    • Thoughts from no one in particular

      2 years ago


      Recently a handful of people that I respect within the community have taken to the task of talking about the state of the community as a whole, and by extension the different platforms on which the community exists. Seeing as how I have somewhat distanced myself from the website, either due to lack of interest in RT content or practices, or perhaps just because I recently made the move to Texas from Michigan, I managed to miss something that just a couple months ago I would have been on top of and chimed in right away in one way or another.

      Here's my unwanted opinion on the whole thing.

      I don't care.

      When the 2.0 site first launched and the video player was, well what it was, I stopped watching videos exclusively on the RT site. A few weeks passed by and I had stopped watching any video at all on the RT site. I didn't care enough about sponsor content to suffer with the way the RT video player interacted with my browser and computer. (I have since been told the issues I had have been addressed)

      At that time the only reason I ever visited the site was to try and communicate with the friends I had here on the site. And, well.... That wasn't all that great anymore. After the 2.0 site launched I tried a couple times to get back into the forums with little success on my end. I just couldn't care enough to follow up on it. Many people had jumped ship.

      I will admit, I was primarily a Sponsor Chat community member. So when the 2.0 site didn't have it, I found it difficult to interact with the community. I have never been an avid user of Twitter or Reddit or Tumblr. Even to this day, at best I will lurk. And I get it, that's a personal problem. But when the main reason I followed RT was the community interactions I had on the RT site is slowly (quickly) fading away, it became harder for me to care about RT in general.

      Over the past 6 months or so I have found myself less interested in RT content. I don't exactly know if it is a shift on their part or mine. I don't know if they stopped making content I like, or if I stopped liking the content they were making, but I found it harder and harder to be entertained by the whole RT/AH/LP/FH......and so on umbrella of content. For a while I would get a little upset when RT would release a Short I didn't feel lived up to the Shorts of the past. Or when AH would make content that I just didn't care about I would feel a bit peeved.

      I found it tiring to care so much about the creative decisions of people I don't actually know. Every so often a discussion of sorts would arise in a skype or other group chat and it would be tiring trying to defend or attack the video or creative decision in question. So I just stopped caring.

      There is that old internet saying, if you don't know how something online makes you feel, click the red x in the corner.

      So now, with an overall meh attitude towards RT content and a difficulty in interacting with cool people through the site. I just don't care any more ya know?

    • Obligatory Featured User Journal.

      2 years ago


      Today I am the Featured User. Here goes a small journal!

      Except, I don't really have much to say. Regularly these will have a small bit about RT and the community, but I recently posted my whole story on how I got here. URL plug plug plug. Lengthy I know, but I will give a small TLDR.

      Everything started with a DVD with the first few episodes of RvB season 1. Started watching. And then I stopped watching. Needless to say I found RT again eventually and here I am today! Done.

      So, I guess I will just say a little bit more about myself here. Other than being a fan of Rooster Teeth, I play a number of PC games either on Steam (Fallen Wind), or games like Smite (FallenWind) League of Legends (TheFallenWind), Hearthstone (FallenWind #1142). Don't hesitate to add me anywhere you please, always looking for more people to game with. Other than that, I am a computer science major currently attending Eastern Michigan University.

      I guess that just about wraps this whole thing up!


      P.S. Bonus points to anyone who can decode the riddle hidden in this journal and the one I linked to. First 5 people to message me the answer to the riddle will win a DVD from the Rooster Teeth catalog of my choice.****

      **** US residents only, I can't afford to ship overseas......

    • My Story

      2 years ago


      Well, I have been an on and off fan of RT and member of the community for something like nearly 12 years now. Every so often people are curious as to how any one else here was introduced the to community so I thought I might as well share my story.

      Right away I have to say a quick "fuck you" to old school dial-up instability and slow times to download episodes. Every damn time... Now I was introduced to RvB around episode 5 or 6 of Season one. One day at school I was talking with the friends that I played Halo with about whatever was going on in class that day. Soon the conversation is brought to Halo and my one friend asks if anyone else had heard of RvB. Then he went about the task of trying to explain what it was and that it was funny and available online. Right away we were all intrigued and over the next few days we passed the dvd around. After everyone had seen the dvd, we were informed that there was a whole website dedicated to it and that there were more episodes coming out. Now, at this time I believe I was either still on AOL or just made the switch to something like Netgear, but regardless I was still in the Dial Up age, anything beyond old school Chat Rooms would take ages. Getting the new episodes on my own was going to be near impossible so I ended up only getting new episodes over that summer break the two times that I visited my friend who introduced me to the series. Eventually school started back up, season one ended, and we all moved on to the next big thing going on. Red vs Blue and Rooster Teeth were out of our minds.

      So fast forward a little while, I get hooked on old school internet Forums, introduce my friends to some, and eventually Rooster Teeth announces a new community site. The site included a Forum, so when my friend told me about it I decided to give the site a shot. Only I didn't really have regular internet access as my parents were recently divorced and I only had access to the internet on the weekends. Thankfully when I did have internet access it was decent enough to occasionally download through season 3. Only I never really got too pulled into the RT site because I was too busy with other forums with what little internet access I had. Life happened, moved on, more or less forgot about RT for about 6 years or so. One day in the video game club at my college, they showed an episode of Halo Horse and Fails of the Weak. Very recently I had started watching LP videos for games like minecraft, so I was familiar with the concept. Even though I didn't really play much halo any more I found the videos very amusing and started to watch them on youtube. Youtube made me realize that the Fails and Horse videos were made by the same people that made RvB but it had been so long that I had mostly forgotten most of the first few seasons that I didn't find my self too interested in catching up. Only after I started working at an automotive factory and had started listening to a lot of podcasts eventually stumbling across the RT podcast, did I find myself back on the site registering this account and getting sponsorship so I could watch the Live podcasts and take a look at the chat rooms that the podcast had mentioned.

      Unsurprisingly RT stopped using Sponsor Chat for audience interaction, but by then I had already visited Sponsor Chat a few times and they still embedded the episodes each week. Kinda busy with working 70 hour weeks I somehow made time for at least a little time in Sponsor Chat now and then but not quite enough to watch all of RvB for quite a while. Now it wasn't until sometime in season nine or ten that I finally got around to catching up, and damn, was that a fun marathon. Over the past few years I have been to RTX '13, been to a local RT Fan meetup, made many friends I talk to regularly through RT, and most recently went to a local Tugg Screening of Lazer Team.

      Well, that's my story I guess, take care everyone.

    • Bike. I bought one.

      2 years ago


      So over the past month or so I have been looking to buy a bike. After a few weeks of research and reaching out to fellow cyclists in the RT community, I finally knew what it was that I wanted and here is what I got!




      Trek FX 7.1

      Simple and effective for my needs. The lights in back have many modes of flash and while they are not rechargeable in any way, the batteries they take are small and spare ones fit easily in my little saddle pouch. The front light uses rechargeable 18650 batteries which I always have a few extra on hand due to my vape gear requiring them and all. Tires are a plenty wide 700x35 making my commute into town plenty comfortable. Fenders keep the winter slush and puddles off my person. Overall, I am excited to have a nice bike that should last me many years to come.

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    • Borderlands 2 Streaming and grouping.

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      Howdy y'all, the name's Matthew aka FallenWind here on the site.

      I am planning on streaming my UVHM run of Borderlands 2 and was wondering if anyone wanted to group up with me.

      I have a level 51 Mechromancer that is going to be the focus of my UVHM streams, but I also have an 18 Siren and an OP8 Mechromancer as well.

      I am also open to starting fresh with something different if anyone here wants to do that.

      Mic for communication and silly banter.
      Borderlands 2.

      That's about it. Communication will be handled over skype preferably, but in game can work as well I suppose.

      Looking forward to having some awesome times with y'all!

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      Nerd :P

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      I feel like being a featured user requires something but I don't know what

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        You just have to be as awesome as I am.

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      Congrats on being the featured user today!

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      Happy Birthday!!!

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