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    • Why I am a Rooster Teeth Fan...

      3 years ago


      Wow, first journal entry ever, and it's a big one! -coughs- Alright, we go!

      That's a big question, and the only way I can really answer that is because I enjoy being part of a different world. "A different world?" you ask; "What does that even mean?" It means that, when I am finished with my classes, and get off of work, I am entering my dorm room and turning on my computer, which symbolizes me leaving everything at the door and entering the Rooster Teeth realm (community, but you get the idea :p)

      To be honest, it is kind of scary to be a part of something so large and be so dedicated to it. Ever since I had signed up in 2012, the Freelancers were having their story told, and Minecraft Let's Plays were just beginnning, but now there's a feature-length movie, companies joining in with other companies and just so much more that it blows my mind! And why that is scary is because I wouldn't want to see a community that I participate in, one that I consider myself part of a huge family that expresses ideas and opinions and shares the internet love, and see it disappear. Rooster Teeth has become so much a part of my life that I don't go a day without quoting a line from one of their shows, or watching a video with friends and family, because the friends who are fans as well are considered to me as my family.

      I've spent hundreds of dollars on Rooster Teeth merch, including RTX tickets. I've spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours watching content over and over again, bringing back the good laughs that I have with every watch. I've spent hundreds of text characters talking to the cast and crew of Rooster Teeth because they are people who truly care for their fans. I love being wrapped up in the arms of the Rooster Teeth family, and it is a family that I plan on staying a part of for as long as they are up and running, which I hope will be forever!

      Sure, I wrote this for the contest, but as I was typing this and getting deep into my passion for Rooster Teeth, I've realized that it has so much meaning for me than just a potential ticket for winning a prize. Whether or not I win, I now have this on record, and maybe next year, I can update it so show what else I have benefited from being part of the loving community that is Rooster Teeth. @RTContests

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