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    • House Warming Gift For The New RT Office

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      A House Warming Gift For The New RT Office (A.K.A. Keep Rhianna and Vevo From Winning At Youtube)

      Read the first part to understand fully, other go TL;DR below.
      Channels on Youtube are coming close to breaking a new barrier, the 5 billion view threshold. Currently, Rhianna's Vevo is closest to taking the title (<150,000,000 views) and RoosterTeeth is in a distant 13th (2,890,419.567 views). It kind of really irritates me that a company, Vevo, that just leeches off other people's work should not be the leader on a site that strongly encourages user-created content. That being said I would like to RT take the lead and title of first channel over 5 billion views and technically it is possible. And technically it could be done in under 12 hours*. See if every RT subscriber on Youtube watched or at least played the RT Animated Adventures playlist just over 3x's each, then Rooster Teeth would pass 5 bil.

      Not realistic, I know, there are fake, dead, or duplicate accounts that are probably subscribers, but this just to prove a point. I mean if 10% of subscribers did the same thing then it would take 5 days. While I don't endorse it because some people feel it is "cheating", people could also play the RTAA playlist, while also playing another RT playlist like the Game Night playlist or maybe the Trials Files playlist in another tab. Then just leave it going, but with speakers turned off, while you are at school, work, or sleeping.

      All I'm saying is that this is possible and that I feel that it would be a most appropriate housewarming gift from us, The Community, to them, the people that have allowed for this community. They entertain us, inform us, and inspire us, why can't we do the same for them? Let's help alleviate any doubt or concern they may have in moving to a new office by getting them to above 5 Billion Youtube views.

      TL;DR : RT is moving. Let's get them a housewarming gift of over 5 billion views on Youtube!! Also, in the process of doing that we would keep Rhianna's Vevo from claiming the title of first channel over 5 billion views. Click links above to start watching.

      ***Just in case, aside from being a community member and viewer of their content, I am not officially affiliated with RoosterTeeth. These views are mine and mine alone.

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    • test

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      delete thread if possible.

      Post edited 1/28/14 2:28AM

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    • New AH Show Suggestions

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      For those of us who enjoy Let's Build, Go!, and VS., this is a thread to come up with new shows for the AH guys to compete in.

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    • Ideas for Let's Plays 1st bday!

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      I have been thinking of how much entertainment the guys have brought me over the past year. These videos managed to make work suck a bit less. But I feel like we should give back somehow. And so I suggest that we get the Let's Play Channel's youtube view count up to 1 billion by April 15, 2014 in celebration of the channel's first year. First, I am sure that this will break some sort of record. And secondly, it is a thank you that all of us can help make possible. Tell me what you think below.

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    • A Cow

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      Just like the title says.
      However there is an ulterior motive: to settle the beef with that 'otter' animal thread, by destroying them in udder, pun-loving defeat.

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    • Let's Play Minecraft Merch Idea?

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      I wasn't sure where to put this so I started a new thread. I have an idea for some merch that you guys should sell. Ready?

      AH Let's Play Minecraft Character RUBIK'S CUBE!!!!!!!!
      or you could do the....

      AH Let's Play Minecraft "Ore" What? RUBIK'S CUBE!!!!!!!!

      The first one would be a cube with a different character's head on each side. The other would be the same premise, but with different types of ore (even though there are 7 types of ore: coal, iron, gold, diamond, lapus, redstone, emerald, you could just exclude one. My choice would be emerald). Well, just a thought.

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