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      2 years ago

      HarryPower95 Sexy Beast

      This weekend was the always amazing #RTExtraLife. As I have since 2013 I stayed fixated to my computer watching all the hilarity and touching donations to the wonderful cause flow in! It is always refreshing to see so much love and support and actual NICE WORDS on the Internet!

      Needless to say I am proud to say that I am a sponsor of these amazing people and will be until the day I... I... well I don't know I will be forever as far as I am concerned!

      I would just like to say a big Congratulations to Jack, Caiti and that other guy who showed up claiming to be Jack after the real Jack shaved his face and the rest of the Amazing RT staff who were there throughout the day and night!

      It is always a pleasure to watch these streams and to donate to such a beautiful cause! You guys could do it every weekend and sure enough I would watch all 24 hours every weekend!

      Thank you very much and I will be sure to watch next year and donate again to help you reach your goals and to buy another amazing poster!

      Love your Community Member

      Harrison! <3

    • 2 years ago

      HarryPower95 Sexy Beast
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