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    • My First Convention (AwesomeCon 2018)

      3 months ago


      So I went to AwesomeCon in Washington, DC this past Saturday March 31.  I had an amazing time at my first convention.  I went in with a friend of mine and there was a Star Wars section so I went in there and got some photos (check out the album).  Then we walked around the floor at the artist alley and booth and such.  Then I met up with some Rooster Teeth community members I know from a local RTVA group.  We all met up and my friend left.  We checked out the board game room which was cool I had fun playing some games and talking to new people.  Then it was time to get some food and prepare for the photo ops.  We split a photo op with the RWBY girls (check out that photo in the album as well) and I think that this photo op was the highlight of the convention for me.  I knew that I was going to be excited but when I saw them in person in front of me I started getting so excited.  I physically couldn't stop smiling when I was in the line and saw them and I was talking with my friends and they pointed out that I sounded like I was about to cry but I just literally have never been that happy and excited before so I was just overwhelmed with emotions!  It was an incredible experience that makes me need to go to RTX even more than I already knew I needed to.  After that photo op immediately next I had a photo op with Lucie Pohl, Mercy's voice actress from Overwatch, which was cool because I am a Mercy main.  But weirdly enough I was not as excited when I was doing that photo op, I dont know if it was because I was starting to feel the tiredness at the end of the day or because of how crazy excited I just was about RWBY or maybe I just feel more connected to the RWBY girls given I have seen them on podcasts and such so there was more to be excited for.  Anyway, to conclude my first con was AMAZING and now I think I am gonna go to Katsucon 2019 (it's annually in Febuary) and maybe do a Kaori cosplay from Your Lie in April.

    • Ready Player One: Movie vs Book

      3 months ago


      I just saw Ready Player One in theaters in 3D.  I read the book about 2 years ago so my memory of details is not clear but the overall book I loved and recall the larger parts.  I am going to do a rough review first for if you havent seen it yet and then follow it with one that contains spoilers.

      No spoilers: I would say standalone the movie was good as a film but compared to the book I enjoyed the book more.  As with any book to movie adaptation of course some parts of the book had to be cut out but I feel the movie focused on the wrong plot line of the book in my opinion and based on what my expectations were.

      CONTAINS SPOILERS: This part I am going to compare the book (from what I recall) to the movie which I just saw.  The movie jumps right in 5 years in advance where its been 5 years since the Easter egg search began vs the book starts by explaining how/why Wade has an Oasis set up because he is poor and it was school issued.  I feel that was an important detail, the how he has an Oasis I do understand cutting the school part out.  But then the overall film focused on the IOI going after Wade and his friends in real life instead of focusing on the finding of the keys and solving clues.  In the book I felt like it was very challenging to solve the clues vs the movie made it seem super quick and easy, not as much build up.  Also the book gives the character better backgrounds.  I feel in the movie the Japanese brothers just were there for no reason and nobody knew anything about them, Artemis has a super lame explanation as opposed to the book one, and there is a lot of friendship building between Wade and Aech that was taken out as well.  I can't compare the key challenges because those are the details I do not recall but overall the movie alone was good but compared to the book the book is significantly better.  Oh and also the book has tons of 80s pop culture references whereas the movie has almost none (in comparison).

    • Anime Favorites

      4 months ago


      So I was watching Cole's twitch stream the other day where we were all chatting about anime and he was saying he is more so interested in hearing people's 2-5 top animes more than just number one.  So I started thinking I don't really have a top 5 list but I wanna make one sooo I figured what not a better place than to make a journal post on here!  So here it is my top 5 anime or at least my first attempt as to making the list.

      1. My Hero Academia

      2. Your Lie in April

      3. No Game No Life

      4. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

      5. New Game

      Here is a few others that are in the top 10: Yuri on Ice, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, Himouto Umaru-chan, Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, Sword Art Online (it was my first anime)

      The order may not be quite perfected yet but thats approximately my top 10.  Oh also if it isn't clear from the list already haha I am newer to getting into anime only a year or so really of me following.

    • Twitch Affiliate

      5 months ago



      so I became a twitch affiliate today!  I still think it's crazy it see a subscribe button on my channel page on Twitch but it is super fun to be able to be one and I don't expect to get subscribers because I am a casual streamer but if I get them I will be so appreciative.  Just wanted to pop in a little update here on that just so excited to be able to say I am an affiliate so I can have subscribers and get bits!

      Here is my stream I do Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, Rocket League, and probably some others like I am thinking about doing some Cuphead.  It will be whatever game I am into at the time but Overwatch will be a constant because when I am on with my buddies I try to stream that.

    • Back into Streaming

      5 months ago


      So I first streamed on twitch when I was about a sophomore in high school and I did Minecraft here and there for fun.  I remember getting super excited when I hit 10 followers.  Now I have about 334 followers from my sporadic streaming through the past few years.  Now that the affiliate program is a thing and I have a little free time here and there I decided to try to become an affiliate.  The only piece that I am really missing that takes work is the average 3 viewer count.  I have an average 2 at the moment and now I am going to start to make my streams more regular and with a schedule so hopefully that can help the viewer count issue and then I can hopefully become an affiliate.  I think that it would be a cool and fun kinda thing to have.  I don't have a gaming pc that streams or anything it's just off my xbox but I enjoy streaming always have ever since my first stream so here is to hoping to become an affiliate soon!

      The games I stream is Overwatch (I mainly will do that when my buddies are on I don't like soloing anymore because I am a Mercy main), Fortnite (that is probably my go to game when I am alone streaming), and PUBG or Rocket League if my buddy Nathan is on with me.  

    • The Greatest Showman

      6 months ago


      So I saw The Greatest Showman a few weeks ago with my family.  Originally when I saw the trailer I was drawn in just because of Zac Efron (I mean come on I grew up on High School Musical so of course) anyway I ended up watching it because my dad said it was really good (he saw it for the second time when I went) and I LOVED it!  After seeing it I listened to the soundtrack for like up until yesterday, I listen to my music on my bus ride to work its like a 15 minute ride but anyway I would cycle through The Greatest Show, The Other Side, Come Alive, and This is Me. Sometimes I listen to A Million Dreams depends on my mood if I need more hype type songs. 

      Anyway if you haven't seen it and you like musicals or Zac Efron or Hugh Jackman or Zendaya is in there too GO SEE IT.  I am not the most critical for movies so my recomendations probably isn't too important but hey I enjoyed it and just wanted to let others know


      6 months ago


      I am so excited.  I got a Nintendo Switch for Hanukkah this year and it made me so happy.  I had a personal goal of getting it before it was a year old.  My dad got it for me it was funny because he said he didn't realize how long it had been out and said I could have gotten it for my birthday (in August).  But I am glad I got it when I did so I had a good game library.  I currently own Splatoon 2, Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, Stardew Valley (thanks Ashley!), and Enter the Gungeon.  I have Golf Story on my wish list.  My original plan was to start with Mario Odyssey and get Zelda after given that Zelda is a longer game but then I realized I only wanna play Mario with the motion controls which limits the play sooooo I got Zelda sooner than planned xD

      If anyone wants to play Splatoon or Mario Kart together let me know! Friend Code: 4158-1995-6200

    • Holiday Card Exchange

      7 months ago


      I did the RT Holiday card exchange this year and it was pretty cool!  I had fun making my card I made it on photoshop and then printed a 8.5 x 11 paper and wrote on the back then folded it.  I hope my person was able to read it because I feel like my handwriting is quite bad but it was fun to write and send my card.  

    • Overwatch Mercy Buff Summer 2017

      10 months ago


      I would like to preface this as yes I am a very intense Mercy main, the people I play with say I am a one trick Mercy I still am unsure if I agree with that... ANYWAY I just want to rant about how excited I am about the new buff!

      Okay SO when I heard Mercy was going to be buffed I was like ooh this sounds cool.  I get home I watch the dev update and I literally had to pause it to take a minute to take in what I was hearing.  When Jeff was saying how he knew that the Mercy resurrect ultimate was being misused in the way that people would have Mercy hide to use her resurrect I was like "YEAH YEAH" like I HATE that.  People ALWAYS would be like "hey Mercy  you should have been hiding there and then we would have all been resurrected.  Like BRUH do you want me to heal you or do you want me to be sitting in a corner all game??? Also I watched a video once and they said if you have to hide when playing Mercy that means your team is not protecting you as they are supposed to.  Sometimes I would get so annoyed with people telling me to hide that I'm like "WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY HER THEN?" like clearly if they think I am not doing it right I don't mind letting them play her instead if they know her so much better.  ANYWAY that was how that made me feel so then I was like okay this means that he is going to address that issue what is it gonna be?? and he was talking about how she is missing an ability so I was like what the heck can they make her other ability be?  And then he was like sooooo she is going to be able to solo res people as one of her alternate abilities, I was like OMG WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY JEFF WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! I was so excited I had to pause take a minute to realize what I just heard and then resumed playing.  Then he explained her new ultimate and how battle Mercy is going to be more powerful and she can chain heal/damage boost people I am just SO excited to play the new Mercy.


      I am very excited and happy about the Mercy buff because I hated when people got mad at me for not hiding for my resurrect.

    • My Journey into Gaming

      1 year ago


      My first gaming device was given to me around early elementary school I don't know an exact time but I would predict around kindergarten so 5 ish years old.  It was a Gameboy Advance, I do not recall what games I had on it but after that I got the next version of it, the Gameboy Advance SP.  I had WarioWare, a Kim Possible game, a Dragon Tales game, those are all I remember because I still have them at home xD I have a Gameboy Advance but it isn't the one I had it's one someone gave me a few years ago.

      Then my first in home console as the Gamecube (I still have it and recently got a adapter so I can use it again) and then I also had an Original Xbox at some point.  On the Xbox all I remember playing was some Spiderman Game.  These consoles were around when I was 7 (the ages are all guesses).  On the Gamecube the main game I played was Mario Party with my dads because my home consoles were at my dads house even thought I only visited them every other weekend I lived with my mom. I also had, well still have, a pacman game where you plug in the gameboy advance into the Gamecube and the Gameboy is pacman and the Gamecube controllers are ghosts.  I also had (sitll have) a Mary Kate and Ashley Sweet 16 game which was basically Mario Party.  I have Super Mario Sunshine which is part of why I got the adapter because I never truly played through it because I was young and did not play games to complete them.  I also had a Rayman racing game and some Muppets Cruise game which was also like Mario Party.

      Next was my DS Lite which I got as a birthday present from my grandma and it came with Nintendogs Dalmatians edition which I still have with my first dog I had in the game.  I am not gonna list every DS game I had but the big ones I played were Animal Crossing, Mario Party, and Mario Kart.  This was probably my most used one which I still have now.

      After the DS I got a Wii from my dad and that also was left at my dads house so I didn't get to play it with friends so I had Mario Party again I would play with my dads I also had (have) guitar hero, tony hawk skating, Wii Party, Wii Ski, Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Just Dance, and lots of other things.

      Then I had kinda a hiatus on video games this is around middle school.  I did not have anything new I wasn't really gaming just watching TV in spare time.  But then my cousins begged me to get minecraft in 7th grade so I as around 11.  I tried it at their house and enjoyed it so this was my next addiction.  This is also when I started to go into the gaming community because towards the end of middle school or beginning of high school I discovered Twitch.  Along with this discovery came Steam.  I did not have a gaming PC all I had was a Mac that we had at home so my PC gaming life was limited and annoying but it was what I had.  I played Binding of Isaac, G Mod, CS:GO.  This spanned throughout high school where Steam was my go to gaming choice (basically my only).

      Next came my return to nintendo.  I decided in my Junior year so around 16 years old that I needed to get back into the DS game before Pokemon Sun comes out (I was not into Pokemon as a child but as I grew older and heard more about it it interested me more and more so my first time truly playing it was in high school where I tried like some Lite ones I could get my hands on).  I got the New Nintendo 3DS XL.  I have Fire Emblem fates birthright and awakening, Fantasy Life, Pokemon Sun, Zelda Majoras Mask 3D, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, and Shovel Knight.  I am LOVING this one because it was my return to nintendo and deepened my love for gaming yet again.

      Finally my dads got an Xbox One they got it for workout games but I was able to play the Halo Collection that it came with with their purchase and they had 3 months with gold so whatever was free with gold as well.  But then they moved into a place where they couldn't play workout games so who got the Xbox One console you may ask? ME!!!!!! This was by far the most exciting due to the fact I felt like now I could fully immerse myself into the gaming culture and community now that I can play console games.  I have now had the Xbox One for myself for about a year and I quickly built my game library Destiny, Fallout 4, the Division, Skyrim, GTA V, Overwatch (which was my first preordered game), and expanding.

      Also this past summer I aquired a GameBoy color so that was exciting because I got a copy of Pokemon Red and my dad had Super Mario World (I think thats the one) and so I have that to play on it as well.


      Gameboy advance -> Gameboy Advance SP -> Gamecube -> OG Xbox -> DS Lite -> PC (on a mac) -> New Nintendo 3DS XL -> Xbox One (Hoping a Nintendo Switch is next)

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