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    • 4 years ago

    • Sleep ruined my Journal

      4 years ago


      Hola mi amigos!

      So I had this whole journal written out and planned on posting it but I kinda fell asleep on my computer and it kinda got deleted somehow so..uhhh, yeah fuck.

      Here's what it was in a nutshell.

      Sorry for not being on as much but school's almost over so I'll make a comeback, thank you Raf for all the awesome motivational posters they actually are helpful, I haven't uploaded a YouTube video in awhile because I'm trying to plan my next course of action on what to do.

      That's basically it but not 3 paragraphs long.

      Also I've made my first 30 cents on YouTube Woo! I can now buy a Gumball, but I'll be buying a Gumball with YouTube Money!
      See you later!

    • Time Management, Editors, and Movies

      4 years ago


      Hello all! I know some of you haven't seen me around lately but I'm trying my best to find time for everything and everyone ( Way harder than you'd think).

      My Dad came back for a awhile to visit and although I haven't had that much time to spend with him because he refuses to play games with me because he 1. Thinks it's too cold in my basement or Man-Cave as I like to call it and 2. He's not too into playing games, but ti's awesome having him here!

      I've been playing a Naruto game on Xbox lately and it reminded back when I used to watch a lot of anime and I love anime but I stopped watching it because I didn't have much time for it, but now when summer starts I'll start watching it again.

      YouTube is going well so far but my skills are lacking because I don't have a set Schedule for when to upload and I can't edit my videos because I'm bad at editing i tried my hand at different editing styles and I'm just not good at it, So I've come to the conclusion that I will need to find an Editor for my videos. One problem is that I don't know where to find a funny editor who would want to help me out. I'd also need to find a Artist to help me with my Thumbnails and Channel Picture but I'll look for him/her another time.

      I also finally saw the 2nd Hobbit movie and now I'm about to see the Lego Movie!
      Well that's all I have to talk about from my week that I've been gone, now I wanna hear about your weeks!

    • Moving up with Responsibilities!

      4 years ago


      I'm extremely happy to say that I'm now a YouTube Partner! Of course with Monetization on my videos I only get like .01 cent per video but I really don't care about the money right now, I'm more excited about the fact that I'm allowed to have this! I'm so happy about it that I ran up my stairs and told my Mom and older Bro about it, now even though they didn't know what I was saying at first after I explained to them what it was from my viewpoint they got excited too!
      I still don't fully understand most of the Abilities that come with the Partnership but I do know that this is a turning point with the way I handle things with my Channel and with the way I act.
      (My Family's reaction)
      Now with my Machinima coming together and with School coming to an end (In like 20 or so days) I have to pump up everything I've been doing by 2000% and get my grades to the highest they can be and start working with getting all my Ideas in order and as soon as Summer starts I'll be able to finish the production of the first season of the Machinima and start new ideas for Series on my Channel!
      I have been trying to work my hardest but I keep feeling like I waist too much time playing games instead of working! I also have a social life I'd kinda like to keep too!
      I'm so excited!
      I know everything will get better with time, Summer time!

    • May The Fourth Be With You!

      4 years ago


      Happy May The Fourth guys! Here's a bunch of cool Star Wars Gifs to enjoy!
      Also I found a link to the old Animated Clone wars movie, Click Here Yeah not many people like that one but I still enjoy it!





    • RvB is here! Bad Warface! Art/YouTube Updates! LIFE!

      4 years ago


      Hello all!

      So RvB season 12 premiered to Sponsors earlier and it was Spectacular so prepare for Awesomeness!
      Recently I downloaded a game that I've heard a lot of talk about (Mostly Bad) called Warface. I decided that I would play it myself and after seeing the trailer for it I thought that it couldn't be that bad, it was. You know those things that you dislike and you can't explain why? This wasn't one of them. The game just was so delayed and the controls were so glitchy it just was horrible. I could go more in depth about it but I'd rather not nit-pick a game just to see why it's bad.

      I also have been recording videos like crazy lately for my YouTube Channel and I feel like I'm getting better and better every time I record. I'm going to try out to be a Director for this YouTube channel called IHaloZone which has around 8k subs and from what I know it really helps give boosts in Subscribers for certain Halo Channels. (Of course I won't just upload Halo videos but only Halo for that channel) I have to submit them a video first! Wish me Luck!

      My art is getting slightly nicer with practice but it still kinda sucks as of right now, so I think I might look up some more techniques and different styles of Art. I wouldn't want to let all the people I'm drawing down!

      As for everyday life, Schools is almost done and I'm getting more and more excited for it to end.
      Michigan weather is getting better but it still sucks, and I finally am going to see my Dad soon when he comes to visit! I haven't seen him in person for a few years now because he lives on the other side of the world so I can't wait for him to visit!

      -No point in signing my name you know who wrote this.

    • Shit first Artwork! Big 50! Podcast and Responsible person needed!

      4 years ago


      Hola Amigos and Happy Friday!

      I have some new things that I'd like to share with you all!
      So as some of you know I was invited to be on the Eargasm Podcast a few weeks ago (Thanks for having me @ailsarocks ) and the episode with me is out now! If you want to see it Click Here
      Also as you guys and gals may know I have been practicing with my Bamboo Tablet drawing skizills (You may have seen it over Twatter if you follow me)and I've made my first piece of art on it! (Sort of)
      It's my first time using this Tablet so don't expect anything good..Yet! (Also Shoutout to @Broadbean for her help in picking out which Tablet to get)
      BldOysACEAAbCEX.jpg Ray from GO #25
      Another thing is well I need help from someone who is very Trustworthy and responsible to be a Co-Director with me in this Machinima because with all the Voice actor fuss I've had recently and I'd like another voice to discuss over everything with!

      Onwards to Youtube! I have just uploaded my 50th Video! Pretty proud of myself now! (Also reached 100+ Subscribers and although I'm happy I feel like I would've had more If I didn't stop making videos for 2 years)
      Speaking of Youtube I plan on making some Parody Video Game raps! (But I won't be singing because I suck shit at rapping smiley12.gif ) I actually love making these!

      So uhh, yeah. That's all I got for this week!


    • Wacom Tablets and Game Of Thrones!

      4 years ago


      I just received my Wacom Tablet and my new boom microphone stand! It looks super Professional until you look at the surrounding area haha!
      I can't wait to use this puppy and draw a bunch of people and stuff! Ohh I'm too excited! I also have some questions so if any of you have a Wacom and feel like you can answer a lot of questions please let me know!
      So also I just caught up with the show Game Of Thrones!! Fucking amazing show man, it's spectacular and I highly recommend it to everyone! (Just not in front of your parents if you're queasy)

      In Machinima news I have gotten emails back from some very talented actors I found on Youtube!
      Also I have found a very interesting person who joined the site, he's a lovely guy named @kaggyfilms and you should all say hi to him!

      Now I'll be back again with Art! I just gotta figure out how to use this Paint tool SAI! smiley0.gif

    • Everything is Great!

      4 years ago


      WOO! What's up everyone! My Spring Break has finally come and everything is going great! I feel like dancing!
      I finally ordered my Wacom Tablet and in 7-11 business days I'll start pumping out my art!
      I also have a list of people who wanted some art too so if you want a commission or something I'll do them for free for the first 10 people to message me! (Reminder though I will be new to the whole Tablet thing so it might not turn out well)

      My Elgato is currently shipped back to the company for it's hardware problems and soon they'll be sending me a new one so that's also awesome because I'll be able to start making videos again soon!
      (Also happy to announce that my YT has gotten to 100 subscribers Yay!!!)

      Also I was on the Eargasm Podcast and it's not out yet but if you guys want to hear my boring old self then give it a whirl! Everyone else on their was pretty Wonderful though so that should give you another reason to watch it!
      Lastly I wanted to share with you guys the greatest Pokemon Them song ever!
      Pokemon Believe In Me (Master Quest)
      Ohh yes also SPRING BREAK HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!

    • Machinima and Art Hype!

      4 years ago


      I have Spring break coming up in 5 days and I plan to divert all of my remaining time to getting Voice actors that aren't as Flaky as the ones that I had!
      So if any of you know any determined Voice actors that have talent and won't back out at last minute if you could send them my way that would be absolutely lovely! (I would love if they had an actual Microphone too)

      Speaking of Machinima my Friend @Raf released his first episode of a Machinima The Kingdoms of Thera: Episode 1

      I also have a Wacom Bamboo Tablet coming my way soon too, so I'll finally be able to start Sketching again! WOOoooOOo!

      -Love Joely Woely

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