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    • I just finished a call with my Dad..

      4 years ago


      I feel really happy right now! Family is awesome!
      I just Skype called my Dad today and before I say anything else I should tell you that my Dad kinda knows about what I do, Like Machinima and recording and such, and he thought it was kinda dumb but I showed him what it actually was like with my YouTube channel and he watched one of my videos and he smiled and laughed during the whole thing and he kept saying "Wow, I'm really proud of you" and "I didn't know this is what you actually did". This made me feel amazing and he was really supportive of me and what I was doing, so I further explained to him what I was doing lately, I told him about Machinima and all my Ideas for new Projects and it was just so Awesome to hear him being all supportive to me! He really surprised me!tumblr_inline_myou4tVH4r1qffn84.gif
      He just called me again, this time with my uncle and he started showing my uncle what I do and he also was very proud of me!
      This made me feel really happy to know that my Family is really supportive of what I'm doing and if any of you guys have a YouTube channel or anything I suggest you show your family because who knows? Your family may surprise you!

      I feel like a champion, Thanks Dad!

    • 4 years ago


      I sometimes forget that I've only been here for 2 months and coming up on 3 soon! It's a crazy ride here and I don't I've missed a day without getting on here and talking to you awesome, lovely people! I've met a lot of Wonderful people and made tons of new friends!
      I'm so happy that I decided to sign up because now everyday is interesting to me! I get home then get online and I always see some new awesome projects or some kind of awesome artwork and I love it!
      Damn man trying to express how awesome you guys are is really hard when the only adjectives I ever use are "Lovely, Awesome and Spectacular" I need to buy a dictionary! (I'm sure you guys get the point)
      Anyways here's some stuff that I've started or helped with since I've been here-
      -a group called the RT Wannabees! Now over 670 members!
      -Machinima project where I repeatedly spell Machinima wrong.
      -Semi-Successful gamenights
      -Learning how to animate
      -Regained my passion for Sketching
      -Rebooting my Youtube channel
      -Meet loads of new friends who, as I said before, are Spectacular!
      You guys are Awesome and I am really happy that I met you all!
      You have Pro skills if you read all that.

    • TItanfall, Elgato breaks down! Project Spark!

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone and HAPPY RT COMMUNITY DAY!
      So yesterday after recording some Titanfall for an Achievement Guide/Things to do I got a message saying that the USB isn't recognized and now I can't record at all and now this sucks because I finally get the map for the things to do and then it Malfunctions and now I can't do shit about it until Elgato Support Emails me back and they are REALLY slow about this stuff too!
      I just hope my idea for a things to do isn't taken by the time they respond back to me!
      My response to all this, at first I was mad,
      and then I got really sad because everything nice I own breaks in the first few weeks I have it..'
      All that aside Titanfall is Amazing and extremely fun! Also the Project Spark beta is open, I know I can't be the only one who knows about this right?
      Who else has this majestic game? Also Happy Community Day!

    • 4 years ago


      Hey guys!

      So before I start I wanted to share this Tale of Triumph and Sorrow to you guys first!

      I had my very first Coffee that I bought for myself!
      My friends and I went on a trip to Bigby's over Perilous and Dangerous Slush capped hills of Ice and snow over the Sidewalk so we either had to walk over the hills or on the Road and being the Men we are we traveled over the Mountains of Danger!
      During that time on our Journey we started to sing a little song to compliment our manliness so the whole time we are walking we Start singing the song from the Spongebob Movie the song being "We are Men".
      Yes people stared at us while we were merrily strolling over those Snowy Mountains, but you know what we didn't care because we are determined to get some Coffee and then as soon as we get there and start ordering I do the dumbest thing I could ever do.
      I ORDER FROZEN COFFEE!! It was my first time ordering Coffee I didn't know what I was doing! They asked me if I wanted Iced or Frozen and I gave them the strangest look of confusion because It was like 20 degrees at the time!
      So being the dummy I am I chose what I thought would be the better of the two!
      So I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew lately haha!
      I decided to make a list on all my recent projects.

      1.) As some of you know I Admin the group The RT Wannabees and we have been planning on doing a Podcast for Awhile so I think that would be a fun thing to start!
      2.) I also have been thinking about doing Community Hunter Videos but I'm not very good at getting achievements so I might just have to do other things.
      3.) I have been toying around in Animation in Blender and I think It's going well so far!
      4.) As from my last few Journals most of you know I have a YouTube Channel that I recently started up again and I have a lot of new Ideas for it too so watch out for new Projects!
      5.) I need some help in organization for my Machinima because there are a lot of Voice actors and trying to contact them all and get them to schedule a time to have auditions have been really hard to do ( Man, people are Flaky) so I thought instead of waiting for the best people to come to me I might just go find them! Besides all our Voice actors my other workers (Animators, Writers, Editors, Musicians, Concept Artists) have been really helpful and responsive!
      6.) I'm broke so I have been trying to find a Job, but seeing as I'm only 15 it's harder to find a place to give me one so I'm stuck doing odd jobs.

      Well that's all I have for today folks!
      How was your Monday so far guys!? I'd love to know! smiley0.gif '

    • Your Talented!

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      Here is a cool place for all you wonderfully talented people to share what you do and what is special about yourself!
      SO! Post some Cool things about you or what you do!

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    • Youtube is Great!

      4 years ago


      Hello Friends!!
      I'm back with news of my Endeavors in Video making!!
      So after I learned how to use and setup my Equipment I made my First Video since I stopped 2 years ago (I stopped because of a lot of reasons that will never happen again so don't worry about it)
      This is my first video in awhile so please excuse me for my lack of being Awesome.
      Also I just found out that I make weird noises when I die..
      Well anyways here's my Shameless plug on my Channel!
      I plan on uploading a lot more but until now I leave you with this!

      Click Here!

      Also any Criticism would help!

      -Love Joel

    • Equipment!!!

      4 years ago


      Hello all!
      I've gotten my Recording Equipment today! Woooo!!!!
      I can start Recording again and I can't wait to test it out!!
      So here's what came to me for anyone interested in the Equipment itself.
      * Blue Snowball Microphone (With a Pop filter)
      *Elgato Game Capture HD
      Yeah That's about it.
      Holy Crap the Elgato is smaller than my Phone!

      Also anyone here know anyone that can sing?
      I have a few ideas floating around in my head and that could go along with my gaming Channel, Hehe.

      Time to get started! smiley0.gif

    • Important and Unimportant News!!

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone!! smiley0.gif
      First off I want to tell you Lovely people about @ailsarocks new Group! The RoosterTeeth Safe Room, this group is a place for everyone who has been Bullied either through the internet but if it's real life you need to tell an Adult!! It's a place where you can share your story and don't be afraid of telling your story because we are all here for you!!

      Another Group which is very Positive and Lovely is Spread the Love group made by @Audrey Woo!
      It's literally a Group for making people feel Happy and warm and fuzzy inside! I mean just read the description!
      "Feel loved and pass it on!

      Want something to cheer you up on a crappy day? Want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Want to offer your words of love and encouragement to others in our lovely community? Then I have the group for you!"

      So in the less important news about my slow life!
      I'm getting a Sketch Pad today! I'll finally be able to make actual Art instead of Sketches I can't wait!!!!
      Also I'm my Machinima is coming along Great!! We're getting more and more work done and new people are helping out and joining in too! It's going great!
      Also the Group is getting larger too! The RT Wannabees is up to 630 people and growing!!
      I'm having such a great time on this site!! I hope you guys are too!

      -Love Joel smiley12.gif

    • Wanna Play?

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      Hey there all! It's Joel here!
      This Thread is for you guys who want to find some other people who also like RT/AH to Game with!
      So just say a Game you want to play and hopefully someone else comes in and plays with you!

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    • Love for Everyone!! Most Watched Member!! RT Community Day!!!

      4 years ago


      Woo! First off I hope you all had a Great Community Day and met a lot of new Friends!!
      Now I don't know how to start besides saying Thank you! I don't know how and I don't know why but Thank you all for being my Friend and getting me on the most watched list!! Whether I just met you or not Thank you all so much!!
      I'm so full of love this morning and I don't know why it's almost Magical, but I know it has something to do with you all!!!
      You guys are the Best!! You all make this stupid kids life so much more Awesome!!
      When I signed up on here I never thought that I would love it here this much!! I spend way too much time on here
      Also I want to share something @Audrey posted on here too!

      "You know what? We're all different. We're all weird and individual and diverse. Let's celebrate each other. People can be crushed by hateful words and attitudes. So on this, the day when we celebrate love, let us celebrate our love and inclusiveness of all humanity. Let us embrace all those who are kind and strive to make a positive difference in the world. Let us not tear each other down because of what makes us who we are."
      This is a beautiful quote and I love it and think everyone should acknowledge what it means to Love each other!
      So I leave you with my Be Happy mood and one of my most favorite quotes of all time!
      Have a Magical day everyone! smiley0.gif
      ~Love Joel smiley12.gif

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