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    • Machinima, Frozen, Valentines Day!!

      4 years ago


      Hey everyone! So as most of you Lovely people know I'm currently making a Machinima with a huge cast and crew and if you wanted to know it's going great!! I've been getting Spectacular feedback about the Story!! Also we plan on having some animated parts of it coming later in our Season!! I can't wait to get this thing off the ground for you all to see!!
      Another thing is I just saw Frozen!
      So First of all if you want to watch Frozen you can here >
      Anyways I'm sure you've all seen a post about this movie by now but since I just saw it I thought I could talk about it for a minute. This Movie omg,I literally was just Wiggling in Joy and Happiness after watching it!!!
      This had to be the best Disney movie that I've seen so far and I'm not just saying that!!
      I highly recommend you watch it if you haven't yet! I'm not going to say anything else because no Spoilers!

      Also another topic is Valentines Day is coming up! Although I have no specific lady to share it with ( other than you guys of Course ;D ) but I'm not going to complain! I do however have some plans on Valentines day to party with some Friends!! Wooo Party!!
      I wish I could send you all a Valentines Card but I'm a little tight on Cash and such so I just going to give you all a Lovely Valentines day Card! ( But not Today, I want to personally make you all a Big Valentines Card) :D
      Plan on it! -Love Joel
      This is how happy I am right now

    • 4 years ago

    • SPIDEY BOWL 2014!!

      4 years ago


      Everyone I know is watching the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl and I am just sitting here watching the Spidey Bowl.
      It's actually very Exciting!

    • Hi I'm Joel ;)

      4 years ago


      '“ Name: Heisenberg
      '“ Birthday: November 30 1998
      '“ Nickname: Joel R. Karadsheh
      '“ Eye Color:Black
      '“ Hair Color:Black
      '“ Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
      '“ height: 9000' 2"
      -Your weaknesses: Kryptonite, Girls with beautiful eyes, and sad people
      '“ Your fear: Being alone and/or going Crazy
      '“ Your perfect pizza: Pepperoni with Parmesan cheese
      '“ Goal you'd like to achieve: Work at RoosterTeeth or Start my own Company like them
      '“ Your best physical feature: Everything
      '“ Favorite color : Banana
      '“ Favorite food: Orange
      '“ Favorite Number: 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

      This Or That... That
      '“ Pepsi or Coke: Mellow Yellow
      '“ McDonald's or Burger King: Whichever one gives me Diabetes slower
      '“ Adidas or Nike: Nikadidas They're Off-Brand
      '“ Chocolate or Vanilla: Strawberry because Fuck you
      '“ Cappuccino or coffee: Starbucks because I'm White
      '“ Xbox or Playstation consoles?: I'll play anything I like

      Do You... better question, Do YOU
      '“ Smoke: JUBL
      '“ Curse: I try not to but ehh Fuck
      '“ Sing: Like an Angel in a Fistfight
      '“ Dance: Only to DaftPunk or Pokemon, I mean Hey when in doubt Dance it out right?
      '“ Take a shower everyday: Yeap
      '“ Have a crush: Sure I love Crush Soda!
      '“ Want to get married: Only to Shakira
      '“ Get motion sickness: Yes I always get sick whenever people flap their arms around like a Seagull
      '“ Think you're attractive: Of Course!!!! Right?
      '“ Get along with your parents: My Mom and Dad are Lovely people once you get to know them

      Have you ever...
      - Flashed anyone: I mooned some people outside a store when I was 6
      '“ Been beaten up: Pshh please I'm too cool for that
      '“ Shoplifted: Are you a Mall Cop?
      '“ Eaten Sushi: I ate a Raw fish once, BUT I WAS REALLY HUNGRY THEN
      '“ Been on stage: I've been staged
      '“ Made homemade cookies: I'm a Manly Man who can Bake
      '“ Gone Skinny dipping: Is that a sort of Chip with dip?
      '“ Stolen anything:Are you a Cop?

      In the opposite sex... Yes Pwease
      '“ Best eye color: I'm not racist
      '“ Best hair color: ALL COLORS CREATED EQUAL
      '“ Short hair or long hair: Long
      '“ What's your type: Electric Type because Pikachu

      Love life...
      '“ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Hey Ladies ;)
      '“ Does anyone like you? :Are you saying people hate me?
      '“ Have you ever kissed anyone?: Your Mother
      '“ Hugged anyone in the past week?: Myself
      '“ Virgin?: Depends on who you are. JK yes
      '“ longest relationship : 1 year

      That was fun can we do it again sometime?

      -Love Joel

    • You Guys are really Amazing!

      4 years ago


      Wow, when I made a Journal about the Machinima I'm going to make I did not expect so many people to help out! I thought there were going to be only like 2 people that would help but no I was met with an amazing group of People who are extremely Talented and Awesome!
      I even managed to find some animators to help out!
      I really do Feel like this is going to be an Amazing series! Our Writers are working very hard at the moment to bring you guys one Spectacular Show I promise! :)

      On some other news:
      *I'm starting up a Gamenight for my Group the RT Wannabees! You can find more Information about here

      * The Rt Wannabees is Now over 400 members in only a 3 weeks! That's amazing guys! I'm so happy right now! =D

      * This isn't any news but I just had to mention some great people that are doing some amazing things in this community!
      @ailsarocks runs some awesome groups like her RvB Scotland Group and her RoosterTeeth is Fashionable Group which I like a lot! (Mostly because I have no style when it comes to Dressing up ;) )
      @Lostgamez has a group where he does these Amazing Lets plays! (he has the actual AH City map and World!)
      @Lozelda has a pretty awesome Full plays of Fez on her Youtube channel too so check those out! Her part 4 is out!
      @stuart has this amazing show called Community One on One where he Interviews some great community members!
      These are some Groups that I myself Enjoy a lot!! So my Hat's off to you!

      I myself am Working very hard to entertain you guys myself with my Capture Card on the way I plan on bring my old Channel back to life!! But for now I'm laying sick with a Cold at home, *Sniffle* So that's *Cough that sounds like a Crying Elephant* all for Today Guys and Gals!!!
      I have a Real good Feeling about the Future here for me and all of us together!!
      I'll leave you with Jack.

    • Animators

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      This is the place for Animators to discuss and help each other with their work.

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    • Game Nights

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      Hey Guys and Gals! Joel here!
      So I'm going to be hosting Game Nights here for our Lovely Group!!
      1. Don't be that guy!
      2. Message me on the site with your GT! (That way it's easier for both of us!)
      3. I will do a Poll every week so you guys can choose the Games we play!
      4. Last rule is to keep being Lovely people!

      So what do you guys think of a Game Night? Yay or Nay?
      Love Joel

      Game Nights will be hosted on Friday Nights.

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    • Directors and Producers

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      This is our Discussion Topic.

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    • Musicians

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      The designated area to discuss with or Collaborate with the other Musicians.

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    • Concept Artists

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      You guys can either post the Art here or Send them directly to me through PM.
      Or you can discuss here too.

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