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    • Bracers

      1 month ago

      Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

      Ooooh... How do I start this one off? 

      I made another thing, technically two things, a pair, if you will. These don't actually serve any practical purpose, like the apron, they were just fun to make.  

      Started off by deciding on a pattern, I picked one I used for a previous build and cut out the blanks. That was the easy part. Creating the central design took me the better part of a day before I had something that pleased me.


      When it comes to creating original designs that are intended to capture the essence of a culture, the various Nordic art styles throw me for a loop. I'm used to the Northwest coast native art where they have basic guidelines and shapes that are used in almost all their art.  The Nordic styles either have very intricate and complex guidelines or none at all that I can tell. Being my own worst critic, I'm never sure if what I've cooked up captures the look I want. 

      I spent the next day and a half bashing my head against the wall in an effort to dream up a boarder design. Eventually I settled on a simple braided knot thing. 


      I did the tooling, punched some lace holes, and scored the edges for stitching later. 

      Choosing what colors to dye this.

      Didn't do anything really dazzling as the color goes, stuck with only two, dark and light brown. Ideally I would have used an antique gel to make the designs pop more, basically weathering, but I don't have any of that (yet). To try and replicate the antique finish I applied the dark brown dye to all the little nooks and edges and then quickly wiped it away. There was not a whole lot of improvementamd I risked completely fucking it up.


      Next step was sewing on a liner to the underside (which may have been a mistake) and setting the grommets for the lace holes.  


      That's pretty it for this, I'll do another pair of bracers at some point later on. Next though I think I'll be making a new bag.

      Take care!

    • Two New Journals...

      1 month ago

      Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

      ... In as many weeks.

      I had some materials stored away, taking up space, and collecting dust. So figured might as well do something with them. Needed to be something practical and useful though, I have a difficult time justifying to myself doing anything that doesn't serve a purpose. 

      I settled on making a new apron for myself (an apron, wow, aren't you exciting /s). There are several already in the shop, one currently being used as a cover for the quench tank, another that doesn't quite fit all that great, and Jake's. Making my own is more of a selfish act of wanting something that fits comfortably and that I won't be lending out to others. Those of you that work with your own tools know the anxiety of lending them to others or using ones that are shared by a community, it sucks.

      Moving on. 

      I picked some old leather, dont have a piece large enough to do the body in one piece and had to stitch together multiple parts.  That was pretty straight forward, I wish making clothing was as easy.


      The leather work was the simple part, forging the buckles was a bitch though. There are far more manageable ways I could have gone about this, such as buy the buckles, or choosing a simpler design but what's life without a challenge that breaks you? Preferable.

      Anyway, this is the reault of my second trial, more or less what I was going for. I came up with this design on my own. Not to say I inveted or did this before anyone else, just that I wasn't influenced by a preexisting concept.

      One down...


      Two more to go.


      With the buckles done I need to have some belts and straps to go with them. Nothing complicated about that process, just making sure to get the correct measurements...


      ... And assembling it all into a suitable configuration. Two buckles at the top and one at the waist. Fits nice and can be adjusted to a considerable degree.


      (Fuckin' embodiement of sunshine and rainbows right there). 

      That does it for this one. Planning out another project so shouldn't be too long before I post again.

      Take care! 

    • Yes, this account is still active

      1 month ago

      Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

      Haven't bothered to post a journal for a while. Not because I've been too busy or not busy enough, just didn't feel as though I had enough of anything that was worth sharing on here. 

      I built up a backlog of things though so might as well share that.

      The new show Master and Apprentice, hosted by Marcus and Adam, ran its first season finale. Great show, they go over a variety of techniques for prop building. One of the episodes was designing and building a custom lightsaber, I caught the creative bug from that one and made my own lightsaber hilt.



      If you have an interest in prop building, are looking for some creative inspiration, or just want to watch some cool crafting give the show look.

      In the metal working realm of things it has been business as usual. I made a folding knife for my grandpa as a Christmas present. 



      Been some years since the last one of those I forged but I was happy with how it turned out for the most part.

      I felt the need to add some flair to my questionable sense of style, so I made some new beard beads out of copper wire to wear. 



      And that's it for this journal.

      Take care!

    • It's 3 in the AM

      3 months ago

      Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

      I've been abandoned by sleep to a night of restless consciousness.  Alone with my thoughts...

      This is worse than a nightmare.

      Balls to this.

    • Feedback

      5 months ago

      Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

      For feedback regarding the test video.  If you have some constructive criticism or suggestions, post them here, I'd like to read them.

    • Long Time, No Journal

      6 months ago

      Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

      Made another knife, actually two I guess, so you'll get an extra tidbit because I forgot about the first one up until I just started writing this.

      The first one I finished a few weeks ago for my Grandma, she does lots of fantastic cooking for us and I noticed that her knives were a little on the dull side and overall very worn out.  So I wiped up a suitable carving knife to deal with those stubborn, roasts, steaks, veggies, ninjas,  and fruits.  Purple is her favorite color too so I used a piece of purple heart wood for the handle, it's been used a few times now and she's quite happy with it, says that the knife cuts through meat like it's soft butter.  



      The second knife was an attempt at something new, a makiri, a traditional knife of the Ainu people.  There's something that I find to be very aesthetically pleasing about the design of this knife and I wanted to make my own take on it. 
      The blade started as an old file, forging the blade was the simplest step in this project.


      Once the blade was completely done the next phase was to get the handle made.  The wood for the handle (and sheath) is ash(?).  The tang is burned into the handle to fit and then some decorative carving for flair.


      Once everything is carved I burn and oil them, secure the blade to the handle, braid the cord to the sheath, and attach the antler toggles.


      Even though it's an unusual style it's quite a comfortable feeling handle and a practical design for a work knife.


      This was a fun build, different from the regular grind and something I look forward to trying again and improving upon. 

      Link to my Twitter feed if you want to see more photos of the whole process. 

      Take care.

    • IronBridge asked Joron093 a question

      Do you make use of power hammers in your work? Or is it mainly hand hammer work?

      Answered: Aug 7, 2017

      No power hammer is involved. All the forging is done by hand, the shaping, the profiling.  There is typically very little grinding done to the blades when finishing them.

    • Keep Your Pants On

      7 months ago

      Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

      Today I pulled together and finished one of the many projects that have been left to rest on the back burner.  

      I forged this buckle at least 4 years ago (used to be an old piece of tie wire) and it's been sitting around since, with me pulling it out every now and then to look at it, before putting it back down.  Finally decided to make it part of a whole and put the thing to use.


      Striped some 7 ounce leather off of a hide for the strap, approximately 50in.  Yeah it's long but there is a reason for the extra length, I just embed some polishing compound into the belt and I've got a strop for sharpening knives.  Now whether this exact function was the primary or only use for the extension, people didn't have excess for no reason when everything was limited back in the day.


      Functionality is important and so is looking decent, not necessarily wearing a gold watch and a silk suit decent but clean and tidy.  So while at this point the belt is usable I decided to spiff it up a little.  I made a decorative "washer" out of deer antler, for securing the buckle.  


      The belt end was carved from moose antler and secured with copper rivets (same with the washer).  


      So I made myself a belt from scratch, that I'm using for daily wear, that looks good (or not, people have opinions) and I can use with my kit. 


      I want to do some more intricate carving, though right now I'm limited on the tools I have.  Guess I need to make some proper tools for the next job.

      Take care!

    • Counting Sheep

      7 months ago

      Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

      When you're lying awake at night and the sandman missed his stop at your place, what sleep-deprived thoughts flood your mind?

      Finding a place to live

      Paying off bills

      Family's health

      Moving to another state


      Financial security

      Career goals


      General anxiety

      They're all little things, no single one of them enough to feel heavy on their own but when they all pile up then the weight becomes noticeable.  Making the blissful escape of a good sleep all that much more desirable. 

    • Ooooooooooo-k! Tie to jump on the RTX journal recap journal bandwagon! 1/4

      7 months ago

      Joron093 Keeper of The Forges

      (Wow was this a pain in the ass to post all of these, sorry about spamming your notifications)


      The adventure started off same as last time, @Jaron097 and I caught a flight down to Austin from Ketchikan with a layover in Seattle (thankfully it wasn’t too long of a wait), got a ride to where we were staying.  Bounus: We didn’t have to take public transportation (there was a mishap last year where I “broke” the bus) because the amazing @MrWartburg showed up to the airport at 5:30 in the frickin’ morning to give us a ride, we paid him in cookies.  We met up with @Birdman84 at the airb&b and caught a few hours of sleep before kicking off the day.  This is only the second time that I’ve attended RTX, this one was similar to the first for the most part but there were also some very different experiences this time around.

      To start things off we got a jumpstart on collecting our badges the day before the con starts, it beats waiting in line while cool things are happening.  A couple of OCC peeps @RWBimbie and @MrFusion, had planned a luncheon at Rudy’s for that afternoon, so we took off to get some good food and hangout with familiar faces after picking up the badges.  Fun fact: Neither Jaron nor I have owned smartphones before.  Communication being important with coordinating meetups and the like, we decided to finally get with the times and bought ourselves a couple of neon gods.  That evening we hit up the SideQuest charity gala, dressed fancy, did the minimal amount of socializing, and checked out the items up for auction.  I donated the two Pyrrha crests I made, to the event, I don’t know what they went for or to whom, I checked out early but the last bid on them I saw was about $60.  After leaving the SQ auction and stopping by our room for a minute, we took off into the night again to throw back some drinks (water for me) with some more OCC members, @Kikyobutt , Kikyobutt's dad, @teFlyingNinj @Lamkia @Treanomaly @Izayer @GreenBull92 @madmanmoe and others (sorry, I don’t know your usernames).  That sums up the first day in Austin.


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    • Lamkia

      2 years ago

      Now that it was actually pointed out in the OCC, do you and Jaron have similar names out of pure coincidence or was it deliberate? I thought about it in passing before, but thought I would finally ask at the risk of sounding like an OCC newb.

      • Joron093 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of The Forges

        2 years ago

        Deliberate, I guess. He's my brother.

      • Lamkia

        2 years ago

        Well then, that would make sense. Thanks!

        By the way, the items you have in your journals look really amazing. Those are some really nifty skills you've got~

      • Joron093 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of The Forges

        2 years ago

        Thank you!

    • Fly FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Blades

      2 years ago

      The site is playing tricks on me...

    • RoseMaryM FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold PYREverse Artist

      3 years ago

      I just wanted to say, the things you craft (like, the swords and the viking kit etc) are really damn awesome! Also those drawings/sketches in your gallery are super rad!
      I hope you have a good Valentines day!

      • Joron093 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of The Forges

        3 years ago

        Thank you! I hope yours was a day filled with joy!

    • Jaron097

      3 years ago

      -- iiiIIII-IIII iII iiiIIII

    • TinaBobina FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

      3 years ago

      Gotta give the friend request portion of your profile a thumbs up.....even though people don't ever seem to read those things.

      • Joron093 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of The Forges

        3 years ago

        No kidding, you'd think people would at least check out the profile of the person that they're trying to friend. Thanks for the comment too, I never check this section often because, well, I don't get comments.

  • Questions answered by Joron093

    No power hammer is involved. All the forging is done by hand, the shaping, the profiling.  There is typically very little grinding done to the blades when finishing them.

    Thank you! I've been smithing for about six years now. Currently the one thing I favor the most out of what I've made is my first knife, it's not the prettiest or the most well made knife, but I've held on to it and have used it ever since. This knife marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life and is not something I would give up easily.

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