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    • Klippel Feil Syndrome Awareness Day

      5 months ago


      Today is Klippel Feil Syndrome Awareness day. This is important to me because my 2 year old son has this.

      KFS is defined as having multiple fusions of bones in your neck or spine. It's also very common to have other issues with KFS like heart, kidney, hearing loss, or a number of other things. We're fortunate that Thomas' heart is great, but he has Hydronephrosis in his right kidney, which someday might lead to surgery, and he also has Sprengels Deformality in his right shoulder, which will also be fixed eventually with surgery. He has numerous fusions, most of which are in his neck, meaning he can't look to his left or right without moving his whole body. But you know what, he's so smart he's adapted to just turning his whole body. (Sorry for all this medical lingo, google is your friend :P)

      This is a disease that is extremely rare. There is no cure, there is no foundation, there's no way to donate money. All you can do is know it exists. KFS Exists in about 1 in 42,000 live births and most diagnosed are girls. My son has this disease, meaning his diagnoses was more rare.

      Please please please spread the word. There is a special video coming out later on all of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter social, and the more awareness we can get the better. 

      Thank's everyone for your time!



    • Holiday Card Exchange!

      1 year ago


      Don't forget to sign up for the ROOSTER TEETH HOLIDAY CARD EXCHANGE! You could get lucky enough to get ME! Check out Chelsea's post HERE.

    • Battlefield Master Edit - How was it done?

      2 years ago


      Hello everybody!

      First off, thanks for all the positive feedback on the Battlefield World War video. This community is absolutely amazing. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can see the cut Here ...

      I reached out on twitter to ask for questions from the community about how this process was all done, and I thought I would go ahead and answer some of those questions. So here we go!

      Mariana Ceja - "How many hours of footage did you pull for this? How many coffee gallons? Whose footage was most complicated?

      First off, it was roughly 3-4 hours of footage - which may not sound that bad - but what made me need extra coffee is the fact you have to go through all the videos and make specific notes about who reacted to who. That's the only way I knew this would work was to have those reactions play out perfectly, which is what I believe I was able to achieve. Also, the most complicated footage clearly belonged to Funhaus.

      Cole Anderson - "I'd ask why it wasn't longer, but then I would be stabbed repeatedly." Hey Cole, I wouldn't have stabbed you...or would I have? Anyway, the reason it was the length it was is because there was so much variety of duration between all the Let's Plays that I wanted the master edit to feel like it was one cohesive piece. If you pay attention to the game timer in the video, all the cuts are pretty close to each other going from everyone's different perspective. In order for me to tell the story of the battle without jumping too far back and forward in time of the game, it just needed to be a bit shorter to make sense.

      Jack Reneau - "How did you decide which viewpoints to focus on during the non-action/non-humor?"

      Hello Jack, good question. A lot of this comes with experience. I have 6 years of professional editing experience under my belt, and when you do this every day for that long, sometimes it just comes naturally on what to include and what not to include. I guess as I was cutting this, what I cut and didn't cut made sense to me. This was a tough question, and hopefully this answered it.

      FPSDAD - " How long did this edit take and did you run into into any technical limitation or issues?" The edit took close to 3 solid days. There were some technical audio issues dealing with so many channels, but I was able to make it work :) 

      Mike Hayward - "How much cocaine was required to trawl through that lot?"  No cocaine needed...also what is a trawl...?

      NemoTheSurvivor - "Did the various groups recommend moments and timestamps?" Nope. I went through the videos and made my own notes of reactions and moments that I felt worked. Trevor also watched a few of the different perspectives and made me some notes which helped a lot with the turn around on this.

      UltimateZanburr - "I sent in my Mega cut of the War to the let's play community a while ago, I'm assuming it won't be put up now?"


      Nicholas Erebia - "Was this the longest and/or hardest project you've worked on? If not, then what was?

      Good question! This isn't the longest project. I've worked on trailers in LA for weeks at a time, but I can say this is probably the most cut heavy video I've done. It was a real blast to work on and looking forward to more in the future. Below is my Premiere timeline so you can see what I mean by "cut heavy".2s7b4si.jpg

      If you want to see more posts like this, let us know and who knows? We might turn these into videos... 

      Again, thanks for all the positive feedback and hopefully this was able to give you a bit of a more in-depth look at my process with this edit.



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