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    • Gym Horror Stories

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      LuckE Gainfully Employed

      What's up fellow Swoldiers! 

      I've become a regular at the gym. I work out a minimum of 3 times a week, at around the same time and see a lot of familiar faces. People where all sorts of clothing when they workout. I've seen the tight pants, the cut off shirts that look like ribbons and I'm pretty un-phased by most of it. But, for a couple of weeks, a new guy started working out around the same time as me. He always wore the same thing. Tight shirt, tighter grey shorts. . 

      One day, I'm sitting down doing some dumbbell curls, my first mistake, and homeboy rolls up next to me. It's right around the time I'm on a rest when I feel a tremor in the force. I glance over via the mirror, my second mistake, where I am treated to the full anatomy of this guys hog.

      I'm pretty secure with myself, but I can't tell you how long I stared at this guys hammer. I was frozen, I don't think anybody is prepared to see dick in the wild. I recovered, finished my last set and just walked away. I saw this guy several more times over the course of a couple weeks and I gave him a wide birth. He always worked out next to people, even if there was nobody else around and nobody, staff or otherwise, seemed to acknowledge what was going on. Then one day he just disappeared. 

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    • Intermittent Fasting

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      LuckE Gainfully Employed

      Recently I have started to fast intermittently. I like to lift a lot and my appetite can get to be all over the place, but I try to finish eating at 8pm and resume again at 10am. I've noticed a bit of progress, but I was wondering if anybody has had any real success with this? Should I be fasting for longer? Is it good to fast a whole day in the middle of the week? 

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    • Weighing your Drink Options

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      LuckE Gainfully Employed

      If you are like me, it's hard to resist the sweet sirens call of alcohol, especially after a long work week. Most of the time I am pretty good about not getting hammered, but on occasion it happens. The next thing I know I'm waking up in bed, covered in bits of cheese and lettuce, surrounded by the wrappers of the many poor choices I made the night before.


      So! I have compiled a short list of drinks that will minimize your regret AND your waistline.

      Vodka Soda: 96 cal

      Not only is Tonic gross, but it also adds extra calories to your drink!

      - 1.5 oz Vodka
      - Club Soda 
      - Lime 

      Bloody Mary: 89 cal

      A cold reminder of the night before 

      - 1 ounce vodka
      - 4 ounces tomato juice
      - 2 dashes Worcestershire Sauce
      - 2 dashes Tabasco
      - 1/2 lemon, juiced (optional)
      - 1 stalk celery, trimmed

      Moscow Mule 100 cal
      This Mule kicks the simple syrup!

      - Ice

      - 0.5 oz lime juice

      - 1.5 oz vodka

      - 4 oz diet ginger beer

      Pomegranate Martini: 110 cal

      For when you are feeling a little classy

      - 1 oz vodka

      - 1/4 cup unsweetened pomegranate juice

      - 2 Tbsp. sparkling water

      - 1 orange slice, squeezed

      - 1 Tbsp. pomegranate seeds, for garnish

      Tom Collins: 122 cal

      It's no Rob Roy

      -  1 oz Fresh Squeeze Lemon

      - 1.5 oz simple syrup

      - 2 oz Club Soda

      - 1.5 oz Gin 

      Rob Roy: 145 cal

      Fuck Tom Collins

      - 2 oz Scotch whisky
      - 3/4 oz Sweet vermouth
      - 3 dashes bitters

      Irish Coffee: 80 cal
      Learn to drink it black, your thighs will appreciate you for it

      - 1.5 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey 

      - Coffee

      Whiskey: 70 - 100 cal

      ...Enough said. 

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      8 months ago

      LuckE Gainfully Employed

      With the last episode finally out and having had a week or so of downtime afterwards, I'm finally able to look back at everything we did. What we accomplished was great. The quality of content we put out, I would say, is the best its ever been. I enjoy all the people who both love and hate what the show has become because it keeps the conversation going. 

      I think the only issue I have is people who claim to know what Monty would approve or disapprove of. Unless you actually knew him, how would you know? I only worked with him for a short time on season 1, and I don't claim to have known him well at all. But I think people forget that he put a lot of time and effort into creating the characters, not just bad ass fight scenes. I'd like to think that he is proud of the work we have put into the story, as well as the fight scenes we create. For sure he would have some notes on the latter haha. 

      Moving on, every season we try to push ourselves to do better. Whether it's implementing new software into our pipeline, researching new methods of animation/camera/lighting/compositing, or even bringing on new, talented people to meet the demands of work. I don't think I've worked on a season of RWBY that has been easier then the last! But, I think the quality shows those efforts not being wasted. 

      I guess the TL:DR is this: I'm proud of the work we all did this season. Some times during production were brutal, but I'm proud of the end product. I can't wait to see what we put out next!  

    • Cardio: Not a Privilege, But Necessary!

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      LuckE Gainfully Employed

      I won't lie, I don't wake up in the morning and think to myself, "I can't wait to do cardio!" But, I do, because it has a lot of benefits. While I personally am not a fan of prolonged cardio, I do at least 15 minutes before every workout. For me it's a good way to get my body warmed up, while also burning a few calories. I love my gym because it has a spin class set up that is almost always abandoned by the time I get there. So, I turn off all the lights, crank up some music and power through it!  After a quick cool down and some stretching, I'm off to hit the weights for the remainder of my workout! 

      Need some motivation? Checkout my Spotify playlist that keeps me going!

      What kind of Cardio do you do? Do you have music or a playlist that helps you stay motivated, to push for that extra mile? 

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    • Squad Rules!

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      LuckE Gainfully Employed

      Obligatory post about the do's and don'ts, bruh! 

      - Stay positive! While I'm not claiming for this to be a safe space, we want to promote a positive attitude. General ribbing, trash talk among friends, etc. are all funny until  they are not. Remember this is all to support a healthier lifestyle. 

      - Post pictures of your workouts, meal plans, progress, and anything else that's going to keep you and other motivated. Ask for advice or motivation, anything that'll help keep you going! 

      - Body shaming is a quick way to get booted. Again, general ribbing is one thing among friends. But calling somebody fat, ugly, or weak (especially somebody you don't know) is one way to get yourself removed. 

      - We are not certified trainers! Nor are we nutritionists. Any advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Things that work for some may not work for others.

      - Pictures are welcome but remember they can be viewed by all. No noods pls. 

      - On that note, don't be a creep. Be a decent human being, don't leave comments on how hot somebody is or what you would or wouldn't do. 

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    • IKKiCON

      9 months ago

      LuckE Gainfully Employed

      I had a lot of fun at IKKiCON! I met some very cool people and saw some great RWBY cosplay. Can’t wait for MAGfest later this week!

    • Road to Swoll

      1 year ago

      LuckE Gainfully Employed

      Time to drop some lbs! 

      I've got a 10+ mile Tough Mudder coming up in May. I figure this can also be a good excuse to get in shape for RTX too! I'm overweight and out of shape, especially when it comes to cardio. I'd prefer not to puke, pass out, or die during this challenge so I figure, Hell, might as well start getting back into shape now! 

      For now, I'll keep it pretty brief. I need to put batteries in my scale and solidify my workout plan and then I'll probably update my progress weekly. My current plan is heavy lifting Mon, Wed, and Fri. Then I have dedicated cardio days Tues and Thurs. I meal prep my lunches on Sunday and I'm trying to cut back my drinking as well. 

      More to come in the future!

    • 2018 years ago

      LuckE Gainfully Employed
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