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    • 2 years ago

      MTGknifer HeroOfTheStorm
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      3 years ago

      MTGknifer HeroOfTheStorm

      She's the best part of this history class,
      a ruby in a chest of coal.
      She's all my goals
      and all of my music;
      The fading chords and subtle shifts,
      the drastic falls and perfect fifths.
      She's my hands inside my pockets.
      She's the shining silhouette
      in ev'ry struggling hero's locket.
      She's every dream I have at night:
      a sleeping bag on an open lawn,
      dead between the dark and dawn.
      An hour after every yawn,
      she's the fingers running in my hair.
      She's a perfect smile.

      I'm staring.
      I'm a mess that can't stop caring.
      She's the picture next to poise
      and class and grace in every book
      of definitions ever took.
      I'm flawed in every way I hate.
      She's flawed in every way that's cute
      and sweet and fucking great.
      She's human and goddess alike.
      I'm focused in my thoughts
      but drifting all the same,
      forgetting others names
      and walking into walls
      that jump into the halls.

      I'm letting every sigh end smiling
      and quickly blurring out the world.

      I'm tired of waiting.
      I'm ready to lose all my hope
      then lay awake and try to cope
      with never finding out if if
      was yes or no.
      I'll leave.
      I'll go.

      I'm talking to her.

      I'm going to her house tonight.
      She's telling me just where to go,
      location and the need-to-know.
      I'm trying very hard to be calm.
      I'm writing quickly on my palm.
      I'm seeing her at 6.

      I'm changing shirts repeatedly
      and staring at my messy hair.
      She's surely unaware
      of what this night could mean to me.
      She's probably used to this.
      I'm probably the millionth boy
      who's stumbled up into her room
      and listened to her records.

      I'm standing at her door.
      I'm knocking at her door.
      I'm staring at her door.
      She's opening her door.

      He's cute.
      He's handing me a flower
      that he took from the neighbor's yard.
      I'm hiding my nervousness
      better than he is.
      I'm leading him up to my room
      and grabbing Cokes along the way.
      He's asking how long should he stay.
      I'm smiling, giving vague replies.
      I'm stealing glances at his eyes.
      I'm taking him up to my room
      and putting on Gabe Dixon Band.
      He's humming right on tune.

      I'm leaning on your bed.
      I'm looking at your messy floor
      and postered walls
      covered with the newest bands
      and artwork from the mall.
      I'm humming so I can't say anything stupid.

      I'm sitting on my bed.
      He's easing up and asking me
      about my walls and jewelry.
      He's listening intently
      to every word I say.
      I'm still surprised
      I talked myself into this.
      I'm remembering how furious
      my dad would be if he found out
      I'm glad that he won't be about.
      I'm glad this boy is here.

      She's showing me her soul.
      Drawings she's done,
      doodles she calls them.
      All of them perfect, each one
      twisting. Confusing and clear
      all at once.
      I'm star struck.
      I'm fighting off fifty scenarios
      swirling in my head
      like a twister in a dusty field.
      I'm not sure I can yield
      much longer.

      He's telling jokes about my art.
      I'm laughing, playing out my part.
      He's handsome when he laughs.
      I'm focused on keeping him laughing.
      I'm telling him to sit with me
      so I can draw him something.

      I'm sitting on her bed.
      I'm smelling her perfume.
      I'm spinning, racing in my head.
      I'm losing all my patience.
      She's drawing me a picture
      of me on roller skates.
      Each stroke is pure and fluid
      like she's done this for
      a hundred, million years.
      I'm staring at her ears
      and mouth and hair and eyes.
      I'm surprised.

      I'm kissing her.

      He's kissing me.
      I'm kissing him.
      He's pulling away.
      I'm pulling him back
      and down onto my bed.
      I'm running my fingers
      along the back of his head.

      She's running her fingers
      through my hair.
      I'm putting her arms in the air.
      He's taking off my shirt.
      I'm taking off his.

      I'm kissing her neck.
      I'm getting undressed.
      I'm getting undressed.
      I'm losing my breath.

      I'm laying in his arms.
      He's kissing my forehead.

      I'm holding her to my chest.
      I'm losing focus.
      I'm closing my eyes.

      I'm opening my eyes.
      I'm glancing around the room
      at posters of presidents
      and maps of old Peru.
      I'm staring at my history test.

      I'm staring just in front me.
      She's the best part of this history class.

    • Fate Sticks To You

      3 years ago

      MTGknifer HeroOfTheStorm

      There's gum on the bottom of my sneaker.
      I've been walking just a bit
      on a country road with dirt and grit.
      The wind couldn't be any weaker.
      Now there's gum on the bottom of my sneaker.

      I'm the guy that wins vacations
      to museums about cheese,
      guided tours of bumblebees,
      and train rides with a million stations,
      clubs that lose my reservation.

      Optimistic melancholy
      rides a unicycle on my heart
      from my eyes too far apart
      to my feet, worn out and collied
      with this road dust from the trolleys.

      If I won a millions bucks,
      I would lose the winning ticket,
      fall into a bramble thicket.
      On my groin knowing my luck
      lose any chance of future fucks.

      Not that I am charismatic
      with the ladies. I'm a wreck,
      a steaming pile of hopeless dreck.
      Every breath comes out asthmatic,
      and she'll recall it ,"Quite traumatic".

      It fuels my sudden anxious sighs;
      (lack of money and a job,
      lazy swine and constant slob)
      leads to running, bleary eyes,
      daily whats and constant whys.

      So just when it was getting bleaker,
      I thought I'd enjoy the air.
      The spring wind soon will blow my hair,
      and as my gloom was growing weaker
      Happiness had found its seeker.

      Then there's gum on the bottom of my sneaker. smiley6.gif

    • SB 101 passes in Indiana

      3 years ago

      MTGknifer HeroOfTheStorm

      If you don't know what this bill does, just Google it or something. I don't want to explain it. Today is a horrible day for this state that I love. I am very sad.

    • 2018 years ago

      MTGknifer HeroOfTheStorm
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      You're awesome! Thank you for being on The List! smiley12.gif
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