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    • camel catastrophe

      1 year ago

      Nescawolf Nesca

      so i was catching up on Off Topic and they were talking injuries so i thought id share my worst injury here :)

      So some time ago when i was ten i thought i was the next doctor dolittle. my family and i went too the country show near our home like we did every year. theirs cattle, horse and dog shows. theirs a craft section being judged, rides, side shows dagward dogs, the works. Including a petting zoo and camel rides. So myself and my five other siblings my parents are trying to keep an eye on are keen for the petting zoo

      while there i saw the camels which were new that year and i asked my parents for a ride. they said no because if they paid for my ride all my siblings would want one as well and we weren't super well off. So i contented myself with going over to where they were stabled between rides to look at them. I asked the dude who ran it if i could pet one and he said no they weren't for petting only riding.

      so i sulked off and later onwhen i saw them walking by i left my parents at the woodchopping saying i was just going to the bathroom but instead i went up to the camels and ran my hand over their flanks as they walked by. WHAM! i was sent flying by the last one, who kicked me as it went by. i didn't make a sound so no one on the camel or the dude leading them heard. i just kinda lay there on the ground loki style for a bit before attempting to sit up. what seemed strange to me at the time was i didn't seem hurt. just my entire left side where the camel had got me was numb. with a little trial and error i managed to get up and stumble back to my family. I quiely sat back in my seat, mesmerized by the fact i couldn't feel half my body. As i sat there lopsided it occured to me i should tell mum what had happened.



      "mum I think i got kicked by a camel."

      "Shh, don't be silly. we'll go have another look after the compations over."

      So i went quiet and watched the compation as slowly an ache begun in my shoulder. my sister who was next to me was listening in and had been inspecting my arm because it was hanging lower then normal. Next thing you know she had poked my apparently dislocated arm which immediatly broke through my shock so i fell screaming from my seat grabbing my shoulder. The compition was stopped i made such a racket! they probably were wondering who had their axe slip and lopped off a limb!

      to wrap it up my shoulder had been dislocated, shoulder disc slipped and upper arm fractured as well as my left collar bone. I had to sleep sitting up for three months and my siblings became my slave mahahaha lol and that was my worst injury ever :)

    • my dad died today

      1 year ago

      Nescawolf Nesca

      So ah... yea my dad died today. That blows... Don't really have anyone around for me so i'm putting it here because even if they don't realise it, Rooster teeth, specifically Achievment hunter let's plays are whats getting me through tonight. So thanks Guys for putting out great content that can help me stay positive during this time.

      My dads the reason I started gaming. He showed me how to play minesweeper, We clocked Diablo 1 with me sitting on his lap and he introduced me to spryo. A lot of who am came from him. Thanks dad and I'll miss you. I wish things had been diffrent and we could have played diablo three together.

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