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    • Friday Update! Golf!

      5 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Only two videos this week... I've been lazy. But hey, Golf With Friends!

    • Friday Update! Losing our goddamn minds.

      5 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      This week, we kind of lost our goddamn minds, but first, let's wrap up our main gameplay of Dead by Daylight with @KyleDoesGTA, @DBenitez87, @Traversian, and @Maggosh.

      Did you know Beavers aren't known for stealth?

      And now we're starting our gameplay of Golf with friends with my friends @KyleDoesGTA, @DBenitez87, @Traversian, @ExKirby, and @maggosh.

      A few good videos this week, one I actually made. It's a little informative, but i really only put it together to give me an excuse to have the joke at the end of the video.

      And finally, we conclude the Let's Play Community Olympics in the most stupid way possible... boats...


    • Friday Update! Dead by Daylight and the Olympics

      5 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Couple videos this week, so let's get right to it. i also saw Moana this week and cried into a puddle of tears.

      Dead by Daylight with @DBenitez87 of Filthy Habit, @KyleDoesGTA of The Lone Few, @Traversian, and @Maggosh.

      I took part in the LPC Minecraft Olympics. For the record, I can't wait for the next video in this to come out.

    • Friday Update! Dead by Daylight crew

      5 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      These past few videos have been a blast recording. Glad to have @DBenitez87, @Traversian, @KyleDoesGTA, and @maggosh all trying to kill each other. 

      And look, another highlight from our Nov 5th Extra Life stream:

      Seriously @Brady, what the fuck...


    • Friday Update! Dead by Daylight, Clue, Extra Life Highlights.

      6 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Once again, been busy, but hey, videos have gone up this week on my channel. Sorry for dumping a lot of videos on this post, but hey.... Let's start with the main videos.

      First I played Dead by Daylight with @DBenitez87, @KyleDoesGTA, @Traversian, and @maggosh

      Then got a bit murder-y in GMod in the clue mansion as I was joined by @DBenitez87, @KyleDoesGTA, @Traversian@maggosh,[email protected] Also, I love this thumbnail.

      Next, I'm slowly but surely making highlight videos from the Extra Life stream, so check them out. More soon!

      It's way past that time of the year, but hey, it's time for the Minecraft Olympics!

    • Extra Life

      6 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      "This is my family. I found it all on my own. It's little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good."

      There's so much I could say about the 12 hour stream, but i think the biggest takeaway for me was we did this on our own. We may not have raised as much money or had as many people watching, but our group had a lot of fun and made a difference, even if it was just a little.
      We weren't featured on RT's Community stream, and the promotion of our stream never really got outside of our circle, but what we accomplished, we can be extremely proud of. Everyone helped out so much, and dedicated so much time to this. 

      We streamed for 12 hours and raised $465.20. 

      There's a lot of words I want to use to describe how the past 12 hours have gone, but I'm tired, haha. I'm extremely proud of my friends.

    • Friday Update! #DaveTheMan

      6 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So I've been doing a lot of streaming lately, so feel free to follow me on my channel.
      As for actual videos, I posted a video that I've been wanting to post for a while now. It was originally meant for the Let's Play Community channel, but for obvious reasons, it got denied, haha.

      I present, #DaveTheMan... Sorry @DBenitez87...

      Also, I started playing a cool new horror game called Through the Woods.

    • EXTRA LIFE! Raising money to help the Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, TX.

      6 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Hey guys, so tomorrow is gonna be a big day. Me and a few of my friends from the Let's Play Community channel will be streaming for 12 hours, raising money to help kids in need. Noon-Midnight CST. We've got some fun stuff planned so I hope you'll join us. 

      We will be streaming in three locations.

      You can view the stream at all three of these locations, and the chat from all of them will show up on the chat on screen, so feel free to join the conversation!

      Please donate to help kids in need!
      More info on our team:


    • Friday Update... Work work work.

      6 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So you know how I promised I would start uploading again this week? Well...

      Computer is still in for repairs, so I'm still laptop bound right now, which pretty much means Xbox titles only, which means nothing has really come out for that that I've made in videos in... so... you know...

      That's also a lie. The truth is I've just been swamped with work and been editing non stop. I did some stream stuff and posted the archives on my channel, but that's about it. For personal streams, I think i may be sticking with YouTube Gaming instead of Twitch, but for the Extra Life 12 hour stream with my fellow Community Hunters on Nov 5th, I'll be on Twitch.

      Also, hey, one of my Let's Play Community videos went up this week. It's a bit out of order from how my past few videos have been submitted, so we reference some things in other videos that haven't come out yet. Hopefully I can share those soon. Also, as Youtube comments were quick to point out, this TTD is basically something called TNT Run, which I've never heard of till now cause I'm a scrub... sorry... It was still fun to build and play.

    • Extra Life Stream

      in Forums > Extra Life Stream | Follow this topic

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Hey everyone. So this has been all over the Discord chat server, but we're planning to do an Extra Life stream for RT's Community streams on November 5th, noon-midnight CST/GMT-5. Our team has been chosen as a backup group, so if there's any technical difficulties from any of the RT groups Jack has chosen, we'll be there to fill in and be on RT's main stream. Not everyone needs to be on for the whole thing, but I want to get in as many creators from the channel as possible, and not just the gamers, but compilationists, artists, animators, etc. 

      Obviously we'll be playing games on various platforms, but we will also mostly be playing various Things to Do's from the channel. And if artists want to do some live drawings, we can have a set up for that with the live drawing in a window from skype as games are played in the background. And for animators, if there's any videos you'd like to premiere, we can absolutely do that.

      Now, the extra life group is not called Let's play Community, for legal reasons, so the group is just called "Co-Comm", named after a channel that a few of us AH Community gamers tried to put together a while back.

      Join the team here:

      Also, our primary means of communication through this will be our Discord server, so come join the insanity and occasional grumpiness:

      On the discord server we have a chat channel for the extra life stream where we have pinned a post to a google spreadsheet where we have everyone filling out what hours they are available to be on stream and what games we are pitching to each other.

      (Please note, we're mostly looking for people who have already made things on the channel and have had things posted on the channel, newer people we welcome on the discord, of course, but for the stream, we're reserving first choice in games to previous creators and only then branching out to newcomers if we need more people. Don't worry though, we will have games where we will need as many people as possible!)

      I look forward to seeing you guys on November 5th!

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