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      2 years ago


      "Thanks for purchasing tickets to the Lazer Team event!"

      I've been a fan of the RT crew for a long time: their content has always made me laugh at times in my life when there has been nothing to laugh about. They have also been part of some of the best moments of my life: from the introduction to this little web show called RVB by my boyfriend, to the purchasing of Lazer Team tickets with the same man in the run up to our 4th wedding anniversay.

      Over the years I have gone from fan to sponsor, so naturally when the opportunity came up to support these guys (albeit in my own meagre way) in their first foray to the silver screen, I didn't hesitate.

      And now I get to see it. At the cinema down the road, no less.

      I'm looking forward to it: knowing that everyone in the audience is also a fan and we're part of something going on worldwide. I've never been an active member of the RT community before so this will be my first time being part of an event, and what an event!

      I'll be at the Cabot Circus Cinema de Lux showing in Bristol, UK. Say hi if you see me... just not during the movie.

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