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    • Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

      1 year ago


      Well....for those of you in The States at least.

      Let me take a quick sec to introduce myself as this is my first post....I head up Human Resources & Facilities for Rooster Teeth, which is kick-ass job!  Beyond work, I have a love for sports, music, bourbon, beer, cooking, smoking meat on my Big Green Egg and above all my family.  I'll try to post regularly and share more about all of these things!

      For today, this is all about Thanksgiving!  Is there any better holiday?  It hits all my high marks with spending time with family & friends, watching football, cooking like mad, and sharing drinks the entire time!  On this years list of to-do's is smoking a turkey, making some incredible sides, watching my Arizona Wildcats basketball team tip off tonight, plenty of football tomorrow and hanging with family and friends through it all.

      I'll try to post some pics next time.  Until then, if any of you have Thanksgiving traditions or awesome food & drink recipes you want to share, send them my way.


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    • 2 years ago

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