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    • A note to ROCKSTAR.....

      3 days ago

      Sangjester DarkRelic

      So, yeah.... rockstar..... GTA v..... why the fuck do I have to have 4 people for a mission/heist? seriously it's annoying. Apparently nobody has any attention span because if they join in, they leave right after 30 seconds because it "takes too long". I fucking hate the 4 person thing. And if for some reason one of the players (not the leader) leaves in the middle of the mission, again whole heist is fucked. Like, one of the early heist setups is stealing a plane. That shouldn't take 4 people to start off with. But, basically after you kill gang members, you have to fly the plane to the airfield. I lost count of how many times i've gone through everything else, I'm in the plane, flying away no problems. and.......... HEIST FAILED.... someone couldn't wait for me to land and they fucking bailed. WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK! If someone bails in the middle of a heist, know what, keep the heist going, and just don't give that player any of the money, or RP. fuckem. 

    • Talked so much shit...

      5 days ago

      Sangjester DarkRelic

      Okay, when MINECRAFT started catching I talked so much shit in teh real world about it. And.... I was so fucking wrong. I hadn't played it, had zero interest in playing it. My basic thought on it was "oh it's legos on a computer or console, I'd rather playw ith my legos" and well, yes it kind of does still have that lego feel to it but fuck...... I'm playing it on survival mode. It was kind of annoying that they updated and changed some shit on it, but I'm still playing. Started off feeling good about jsut making a cabin to hide in. Well, now I have a fucking castle I'm building. I'm almost thinking that before I'm done, the castle will take over the whole island....Every time i go mining, I add more to the castle so it is getting taller, and wider.I've been playing for a bit and there is still a lot that I haven't done in the game yet, but eventually it will happen i presume. 

      and no, I didn't fucking pour lava on my fucking house....damnit Gavin lol

    • A million ways through the looking glass

      1 week ago

      Sangjester DarkRelic

      So lets see, just watched Alice through the looking Glass and A Million Ways To Die In The West. Gotta say thoroughly enjoyed both movies. And if you read my previous entry, I talked momentarily on time travel and well, I thought of that shit before alice lol. But I have to say I really enjoyed the Alice movie. A touch of madness is always a good thing. Unless it's a bad touch without lube, that's rarely fun. It felt almost like the first movie, but did seem a bit slower. But it was nice seeing more on the backstory of some of the characters. thoroughly enjoyable. 

      I should have titled this more movies I love that you hate. Because apparenlty nobody liked A Million Ways to Die In The West. I thought it was funny! Sure not the funniest movie I have ever seen but I really enjoyed it. Lots of quick lil jokes, kind of like an episode of family guy. Maybe that's why people didn't respond to it, they expected something NOT family guy. But, it was good, it was fun, and c'mon, Charleze Theron .......DAMN.... (yes I know I fucked up spelling her name). Just daaaaaaaamn lol

    • ALIENS!!!! (podcast post)

      1 week ago

      Sangjester DarkRelic

      So they were talking on the RT podcast about aliens in 392. Here's my thoughts on that. Gav was going on about how it's a signalthat is coming from far far far far far away, so it would take them longer than Gavins lifetime to get here Says who? Now I'm not one to say yeah they're here, they've been scanning us, abducting us etc etc. But I will say just out of sheer numbers, statistically there has to be other life, other planets out there with life forms. Now, what IF they are way more advanced than us? Who is to say first off that they adhere to the same laws of physics as we do? What if all we knew about science was wrong? I mean maybe it rings true for us but not them such as how fast we can physically move. like we can't go the speed of light because we would disintegrate as our bodies were not made for that kind of speed. But what if theirs was?  Or okay maybe they do adhere to the same laws as us, who is to say that they haven't developed a warp or teleport technology? you never know. Now as far as are they friend or foe, who the hell knows. Personally if I was an alien race examining this planet I would think everyone was a violent barbarian just by watching everything like youtube and the news media. eating animals while they are alive, the violence against one another. So, that being the case I would either avoid the earth like it was a plague, or destroy it. Either one. Humanity is an infectious cancer..... *shrugs* Just my thoughts on the matter. 

      Also, this has nothing to do with the podcast discussions (that I can recall) but jsut something I thought about yesterday. Time Travel. Why doesn't it exist? Simple. In my opinion, the great paradox. Listen you go back and fiddlefuck with events in time, you change everything. It's not a single ripple, but thousands of them throughout time. You could change shit so much that you wouldn't exist, or your existence would change in a way that you wouldn't develop a time machine. See what I'm saying? You do a minor change back in the 1600's and science development changes and suddonly we are not as "advanced" as we are now. or maybe more so advanced who knows. One small change has the possibility to be a catastrophical change. so it would constantly be resetting time basically. Does this make sense to anyone else? It makes sense to me. 

    • MINECRAFT (why I don't forum post)

      1 week ago

      Sangjester DarkRelic

      So already did a search for MINECRAFT in the forum and found nothing so here is my question, hoping to hell someone can answer this.

      I'm still a newb at the game and play on the XBOXONE. I've built a nice castle in the game that's around 4 stories, and I play survival mode. Here is my question. I have issues with dying.......Can I just build a spare bed and keep it with me, go a lil ways down in the world, setup the new bed as a checkpoint basically, sleep, then continue on? Obviously can't sleep when monster are nearby (fucking annoying) but still, is that a possibility? Obviously i'd have to build little makeshift forts in th emine, but hell I have plenty of resources to do that. I just want to be closer to my stuff when I die. Normally I keep my chests stocked with spare weapons and sometimes armor too to help but yeah shit happens between point A and point center of the earth B.

    • Music fixation, movies, and concerts.

      1 week ago

      Sangjester DarkRelic

      Okay first off, let's go into a group i've recently been turned on to, by, for, all the above. AVATAR. First off if you start thinking these people are blue in color and shit, FUCK OFF MY ENTRY! AVATAR is form Gothenberg Sweden much like other good acts I enjoy like In Flames. They sing in English, and my fuck..... they're good. if you like metal, rock, they're damn good. Very energetic on stage (i've been watching footage from WACKEN and DOWNLOAD) they have AWESOME music videos that are pretty theatrical, and the music just takes you over. At least for me. And honestly, I am impressed witht he vocalist. i mean he does a growling scream, then a soft voice in an instant. Normally, most of the bands i have listened to need a second for that. Him it's like NOPE don't need down time just go with it.  And their sound while it remains the same it always changes.  They're worth checking out. IMO.

      So, i spent yesterday purging..... that is to say I watched PURGE anarchy and PURGE election year. I thought they were good movies. Then again I'm a weirdo and I like dark stuff, but there is a whole lot of light in that darkness. Also watched PIRATES OF A CARRIBEAN DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES. I thought it was a good movie. I mean sure, it's no curse of the black pearl, but hey that's just how it is. Everyone kinda goes on and on about how the pirate movies are crap. I go in with zero expectation and leave enjoying it.  I enjoyed the movie honestly, wonder if there will be one more? Also went and rented CULT OF CHUCKY. Gotta say, Fucking loved it! I'm not a huge Childs Play fiend but, I enjoy them and I think this was a good one. it did something that I was sitting there going "wonder when they're going to do this storyline" They went a different route than I expected, but still same difference for the most part. 

      So still sitting here going "holy shit concerts" . I'm still kinda amped to see Genitorturers and Lords of Acid and Combichrist. Still on the fence about TKK, but eh.... money is saying NOPE. Anyone who doesn't get the point of going to see a band live, jsut doesn't have a connection to music to me. I mean, it's not jstu hey watch someone stand on stage and play for an hour to an hour and a half. It's feeding off the energy. Fuck i sound new age when i say that shit, I know, but it's true. Normally, I'm not good with crowds. but when I hear that first beat BAM it's take off man. I lose myself in the crowd, and enjoy every second (usually) of the performance. The people on stage, putting on such a great show, when it's a good show..... yeah nothing can really encapsulate the experience in words properly and convey that feeling. Plus you're always watchign to see what they're going to do. Also, if you oh I dunno, play guitar or bass.....maybe you are paying attention to where their fingers are so you can learn their tracks? I dunno. But I'm still sitting here giddy like I was in high school for shows. 

      Friday the 13th is going to be interesting. Aside form teh fact it's my birthday \m/ there is also a halloween party I'm going to. So yup, Jester will be fucking trashed and dressed up as blackbeard. There will be pics more than likely. Should be interesting. 

    • I'm scared of chris's cooking (more podcast banter)

      1 week ago

      Sangjester DarkRelic

      Okay so, yeah I am scared to ever eat anything that chris makes unless it was premade nuke o matic shit. lol. Just hearing about him making fish "just toss on some salad dressing, heat it in a pan and it's good" kinda worries me. lol. That's from podcast 387. Just kinda worries me is all. I think they also talked about when they learned cooking. Gus had been doing it since a teen, Burnie since he was a kid. Personally, I've always had a hand in the kitchen, that's what happens when you juggle knives and fuck up. Wait, no, that's a different topic. But, I had always helped bake as long as I can remember, and started grilling when I was like 11. I can cook lots of stuff, it's really not that hard but there are some things I just won't cook like pork. Why? Because i don't eat pork. My stomach does backflips and I puke when I eat ham so yeah. 


      So yeah, suiciede squad...that's a thing that happened...... and i am very fucking happy to honestly admit I still haven't watched it. Still no plans to. Maybe if I go to like pornhub and find an edited version of where it's jstu margo robbies Harley, sure I'll watch that. But the movie looked shit from the get go. Glad to hear that the writing was bad too so it was a good bullet dodge on my part. As far as someone commenting on how someone looks pretty but maybe shouldn't act, I'm not touching that with a 20 foot clown dick. I've stated that some people I jsut genuinely don't find funny. let's just leave it at that. 

      And if I remember right, they brought up other flop movies. during that, HOWARD THE DUCK came into the discussion. i get it, if you're going for a superhero movie, that isn't going to be what you want. but if I go jsut to see a funny movie, fuck I still enjoy watching and giggling at that movie. i won't fall out of my chair laughing, but it's entertaining to me. 

    • About YOUTUBE's "content creators"

      2 weeks ago

      Sangjester DarkRelic

      Okay, now while I'm not a big vlog watcher, and it seems kind of silly and honestly a bad move ot me I get it, they ARE creators of content. I say bad move because you're putting so much of your personal life out there, and it just wears on you. Vloggers have admitted that. But, okay here's the way i see it as Joe Shmoe content consumer. You make enough content, get enough subs, you can work out finances. Sell adverts. Now, while sure that's all fine adn dandy I mean, you work hard making the shit may as well get money for it right? i get that. But what pisses me off, are the NONcreators on there making money. What do I mean? okay how about hey I jsut recorded a program from tv, edited it, posted it, now pay men. Like someone OTHER THAN whatever's got talent, taking their facvorite clips from that season and putting them together as one vid then uploading it then going "okay time to sell ads". Fuck, that. That shmuck to me shouldn't get a fucking dime. If I took something like, red vs blue, or Immersion and posted that on youtube and got financial gain from it, I am pretty sure RT would flip their shit over it right? I mean that's their IP. So it stands that to me, these "content creators" that jsut splice shit together then upload without adding a fucking thing to it to make it their own, shouldn't get a fucking dime. What do I mean by making it their own? How about the movie sins guy. okay, he isn't directly using the movies he tally's to get money, no he's basically acting as a critic. Also, obviously not showing the entirety of the film, cause that would be copyright infringement. 

      it just pisses me off that LEGIT creators like J.I.M from IllWillPress has been having just nothing but trouble with youtube apparently in terms of being able to make monetary gain from his created works, and these shitheads who didn't MAKE a fucking thing get paid. Where is the fucking sense in that? 

    • I am the minority I know....

      2 weeks ago

      Sangjester DarkRelic

      So listening to the podcast Burnie and Gavin are talking about how they got to see GHOSTBUSTERS come out, obviously the new one. They're talking about how it was a good movie, felt a bit forced when they brought up shit from the original 2 movies. I just want to say this. i refuse to have any part of that movie. I don't dig the cast. Like yeah there are a few i like, and do genuinely find funny but there are a couple that I don't like. And to me, the way the movie was presented, turned me off to it completely. basically it was a reboot. Burnie even acknowledged it seemed like one. basically the way he put it was that it's like they exist in the same universe but have no idea the other existed. *shrugs* What I was hoping for was a passing of the torch movie and that wasn't what was given, so nope not interested. And Mccarthy in the cast, definitely not interested. I don't find her the least bit funny and I realize I am apparently in the minority on that one. I find her annoying, I find her obnoxious, I don't find her funny. 

    • About bad vision....

      2 weeks ago

      Sangjester DarkRelic

      Okay yeah I have bad vision, specifically I am nearsighted. And, apparently my eyes are actually improving for some reason. The glasses I am wearing now which are from a little over a decade ago, are at -4 -4.50. After seeing the optometrist today, yeah my eyes are -3.25. So basically these are too strong for me now apparently.  So, here's a question. Why the fuck do glasses still cost so damn much? I mean everything is pretty much automated. Same with contact lenses. Everything is done by a highly calibrated machine and they don't just make 1 at a time, they're probably coming out in mass numbers. So why the fuck is the shit so pricey? FUUUUUUUCK..... I could honestly only afford the exam, the standard exam today. Next week/paycheck I'm doing the contact fitting. Week after that, ordering contacts. Also looking at glasses as well as backups. I mean the ones I have on now like I said, just not cutting it, plus they are really fuckin worn. 

      One thing that kind of annoys me though is reading glasses. You go to any CVS or Walgreens or Walmart, or well any pharmacy they will have reading glasses. They're always only +. I seriously never saw a -. What the fuck. Why can't they just sell some for near sighted people? fuckin farsighted jackasses.....

  • About Me

    Stuff things video games, concerts, tattooing, sideshows. Seriously i don't know what you want to know, if you have a question just ask. No seriously I am not the best at talking about myself so whatever you honestly want to know about me, my hobbies of airsoft, playing guitar, working with synths, or being lazy and watching more movies than any person ever should in a lifetime then just go ahead and ask.

    Also, I have a weird memory and sensitive hearing. no seriously I can hear an air compressor his from across a workshop. High pitches/frequencies and me click it's fucked up. But my memory? Well, you know how I said I watch more movies than someone probably should in their lifetime? Imagine remembering all of those movies. I reference shit from movies going all the way back to the Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello.....I just have a weird memory for that stuff. 

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    • Aqua113 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 years ago

      "It's a good thing there was never a bad guy who wasn't a mute,"

      You forgot about the Meta.

      • Sangjester FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold DarkRelic

        3 years ago

        meta wasn't exactly mute. Even with his voice messed up, he and Wash were able to talk to one another remember? Maybe not in depth conversations but Wash could still understand him. Plus, his A.I. would talk for him as well :)

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