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    • Putting my profile together is hard....

      2 years ago

      SymoNic Symonic

      So I've decided I would try to be active here. Thought a decent profile would be a good start. Few things I've noticed...

      - I can't modify my games list from my 'about me' page.

      - If I search for a game using the 'gaming' option, even after I follow and select 'I'm playing', it doesn't show up in my profile under games. (the games that are there I added aaaages ago when I was bored)

      - There is no search function for books, sports, interests etc.? luckily soccer/football and rugby were on first two pages... but I don't fancy looking through 120 pages to see if Liverpool, Cardiff city, Cardiff blues etc. are in there. Yes, I could add a custom one quickly, but takes the point out of finding people with similar interests because there could be 30 people who support Liverpool, but we all made our own pages...

      -When I try to follow people, the peoples pages say I follow them but it doesn't show up in my custom feed? Also doesn't show in my profile?

      I don't know if its just me or a site wide issue that is currently being fixed... At this point I'm wondering if this will even post :D

      Oh well, the rugby world cup final is on now so I'm out for the next 80 mins.

    • 2018 years ago

      SymoNic Symonic
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