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    • To Witcher Or Not To Witcher....That Is The Question

      2 months ago

      TPG Custom Programs


      Can I really be a gamer if I haven't played/worshipped/beat The Witcher 3. As of late I find myself asking this question all the time. I grew up on a steady diet of Half Life, Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, and a dash of Age Of Empires - open world games or RPG's were never really my jam (except KOTOR which is the business, shoutout DRevan!). But my shooter ways came to halt in 2017 when I got deep into Horizon Zero Dawn. Got dayuuum, that game was amazing. I would play it  all night and then come in give Gus updates on my progress - truly a fun way to play a game. 

      Of course when I beat that game I knew that there was only way I could go: The Witcher 3. Everyone knows of it, seemingly everyone has played it, but alas I didn't think I was ready to take the plunge. My buddy @ebregman told me he put in at least 20 hours and wasn't sure if the story "started" and I was spooked. Did I want to invest that much time into a game if I wasn't get pulled in right away? That's a question that keeps me up at night. 

      So if you think I should dive into the Northern Kingdoms let me know. Until then I'll be trying to level up my hidden blade in Assassin's Creed Origin's.

    • Couple Things I'm Thankful For Based Off A Year Of Watching Movies

      5 months ago

      TPG Custom Programs

      With Thanksgiving on the horizon I'm super thankful to be surrounded by fantastic family, great friends, and co-workers and community from the best company in the world! 

      However, I"m also super thankful for all the epic moments in movies this year. I call these moments OSM's aka "Oh Shit Moments" where you're just like  --- hell yeah - take my money - this is what I'm talking about.

      So off the cuff here are some moments I'm thankful for:

      1. When Logan Gets The Green Stuff & Beasts - He lets that roar rip and then you know that everything that you've ever wanted to happen since the X2 mansion scene is going to pay off.

      2. Led Zep in Thor - Anytime it happens it's F-U-E-G-O.

      3. Batman At Justice League Party - This scene from Lego Batman was hilarious but also spot on for the character.

      4. That Villain Reveal In Homecoming - I don't want to spoil this part but it was one of the more unexpected twists in a Marvel movie ever.

      5. Blade Runner 2049 Opening Scene - When the the red text hits and the synth blasts I think I lost my mind in a good way.

      6. The Final Shot Of Lost City Of Z - Jungleland baybeee

      7. Roman Shootout In John Wick 2 - Take the night club shoot out in the first movie and add three more waves of enemies and a different weapon each time. Caught this movie with @ebregman and we had a blast!

      8. SPLIT Ending - 2 of the 5 people I saw this movie with had no idea what it meant but the other 3 were geeked!

      9. Dunkirk Air Battles - Saw this bad boy in true IMAX and wow I have never been more hyped to see Tom Hardy shoot down planes in my life. 

      10. Caesar's Humanity In War For The Planet - I worked really hard with lots of people in RT to get this movie to RTX and ended up missing the screening cause I was in the mix on some other stuff. When I finally caught the movie on Sunday night on a lil solo voyage it totally caught me off guard. Caesar! What a fantastic character and what a journey he's been on since the first movie!

    • 2 years ago

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