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    • Update from Mudville: Report 005

      11 months ago


      Things have been a little slow/confusing as of late.  I spent six months in Nashville going to a software bootcamp and, like my degree, still have yet to find a job with the knowledge I gained (now four months out).  Considering that I've had to deal with this type of work limbo for the past four years in regards to my degree, I'm use to it.  Perseverance is a funny thing.

      I believe that I am far more composed about my situation than other people in my family who know about my situation (which worries me a little for my family).

      I find peace just breathing the air sometimes.  There is also a wonderful feeling of blessing in seeing worlds in my minds eye that would take multiple tomes to explain to others.  A simple shade garden is able to transport me to far away kingdoms and the strange (to me) inhabitants there of.

      And I suppose maybe this growing imagination is a reason I feel more removed from other people my age.  You get used to the weird looks when you try to explain your odd little worlds, but you still get the weird looks.

      Till next time.

    • 2 years ago

    • Update from Mudville, Report 004

      2 years ago


      It has come to my attention that I haven't posted anything a while. Now I have...

      In other news I have been the best man at my brothers wedding, helped to find and fix a hole in the kitchen wall, and finally got a temporary job working with a CNC machine (yay). The job is good but I have been fighting off a cold since I started working and have missed a few days. Hopefully I can get somethings worked out soon and get moving on a few projects at home.

    • Voxelnauts, a better Minecraft?

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      So a little while ago I stumbled across this Kickstarter for a game called Voxelnauts. I don't know if they'll make their funding goal but seems like an interesting mix between an open world MMO and Minecraft. The general impression I've been given from it is that you can create and mold the world (or worlds) like you can in Minecraft but you can also set up shop like you could in certain MMOs. A better explanation from one of the staff artists on why it's not exactly a Minecraft clone. They also focus a bit on integrating VR into the game mechanics in their Kickstarter video.

      It looks like it could be a very interesting game with its the only limitation being how much publicity it gets. That said I'd like to hear what you guys think about this and other "Mineclones" in general. Is it great to see more games put world alteration in the hands of the players, or are they starting to "flood" the market? And in the case of VR, do you think that a world alteration game/MMO could be what is needed to let VR get a solid foot in the door of the game market as something your average gamer would use, or is it more hardware that will gather dust on the shelf?

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    • Update from Mudville, report 003

      3 years ago


      A lot of stuff has happened since the last report but to keep it all rather short; my parents aren't moving, New York water hates me, still looking for full time work, scanning papers is annoying, and sewing machines are expensive. On the lighter side of news I have two dates set in stone that I get to attend this year, RTX 2015 and my brothers wedding (luckily they are separated by month so I can regroup in between).

    • Joint US/Japan Space Force?

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      I know Yahoo news is not the most reliable of sources, but it is interesting to think that we are reaching and age where this is a possibility. What do you guys think?

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    • Update from Mudville, report 002

      4 years ago


      My room is slowly filling up with boxes as packing takes place. This makes it harder to move around the room, but it's nice to know I don't really have a lot of stuff (as it all fits in one kind of small room). Still applying to various places for jobs, but no luck yet. At the current rate I'll be moving with my parents and helping them out until I can get a job and a place of my own. Not a bad thing mind you, just a little worried that the information I spent five years in college (yay for super seniors) learning will decay if I don't use it often.

      In other news, I'm slowly gathering the necessary equipment needed to do my own voice-over work. I hope to do more with it in the future but for now it should be a nice side project to have (one that doesn't try to kill me with power tools or noxious fumes).

    • Update from Mudville, report 001

      4 years ago


      Things have been moving along nicely in helping my parents get ready to move. I've re-dug part of the trench for the drainage line around the front of our house, cleaned out bird nests from the under construction addition and put screen up to keep them from nesting there again, and I got one of the finicky weed whackers to start. I've also learned something very important. I don't appear to be allergic to wasp stings as where the weed whackers pull cord hit me hurts more then where I was stung while working on the eves. Learning something new and getting the job done, it's a good day. Now, once the rain water clears out of the drainage trench I can clear away the dirt that got washed back into it and restart work on the rest of the line.

    • Huh...

      4 years ago


      I just realized that I haven't posted anything yet... Might have to work on that.

      For anyone interested things are starting to pick up speed around me. My dad recently got a new job in another state so it looks like I'll be helping my parents move across half the country, I have been graduated for a semesters worth of time with a degree in Engineering Graphics and Design but no real prospects for employment (working on that one), and a lot of the projects I had started in my spare time have had to be put on hold because of the impending move and job searching.

      On the plus side this has given a lot of time to think about backup plans. More to come later, I guess... maybe...

    • 4 years ago

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