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      5 years ago


      Just spent the day with my cousins. Quote of the day came from my cousin, Sarah, she is 17: "I love the feeling of the sun, despite all the skin cancer" :P

    • 5 years ago

    • Another Late Night

      5 years ago


      Hey there community,

      Well, its just hit 1am in Australia and that means I'm tired but not ready to go to bed yet. My late nights at McDonald's have done that to me. But I don't really care, I'm watching Louis CK on youtube and sitting on facebook.

      I went for my second run today, I didn't actually make it all the way because my legs seized up and died. So i limped 2km back home, it hurt like shit. But you know, gonna get me the womens. But seriously, pumped to start getting fit again.

      Only a short check-in today.


    • Journal #1

      5 years ago


      I think I might start making journal entries about nothing in particular, and see if anyone likes them.

      I'm sitting outside on a couch, just for lols. My dog is warming my feet and is curled up in a super tight ball.

      I have always wondered about palm trees, they have that spike right at the top of them. I think they are really antenna's from the CIA, so that they can always keep track of people with palm trees. I don't know why they would, maybe people with palm trees are untrustworthy. I don't know, I have palm trees, i'm trust worthy. Unless you leave a cake in my fridge, because then I would probably eat it. But i would never tell you. I would probably tell you a story about and invisible cake eating monster. Its 2 feet tall and has 2 eyes on stalks, they can extended and find cake. Its mouth is a perfect rectangle that can eat whole cakes, instantly.

      I was supposed to wash my dog today, but its raining so she won't dry, ill have to wait till the weather gets better. My MSN Message account was hacked, and I am friends with these bots that just want me to cam with them (obvious scam) and i'm trying to use console commands as replies. Just to see if i can break the servers, and i'm going well. I can randomize their replies, its awesome. I just broke one, 4 more to go. I will check in later to tell you if I have killed anymore.

      Thanks to whoever is listening.


    • 2am

      5 years ago


      Hi, whoever actually reads this.
      Well I'm in Australia and its 2am and i can't sleep. Mainly because i just completely re-evaluated my life.

      Going to quit my Engineering Degree and work for the next six months. To save up so I can move to a new city to start and Architecture degree and hopefully get that going. Because its what i want to do, and that is really important in life. You won't be successful or even try, for that matter, if you're not doing what you want to do.

      Its about passion.


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