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    • Milwaukee Meet-up

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      So the January meet-up never quite came together.  I thought I'd get the ball rolling now on planning one for this month.  Let's start with a date: how does Saturday February 18th sound?  It's reasonably close, but still leaves some time for planning and letting people know.

      As for the location, there was some discussion about having the next one in Milwaukee, but I've never actually been there, so it would be best if someone from that area could plan where we should go.

      If you're interested in going, post here and let me know if the date I proposed works for you.  If it doesn't work for a lot of people, we can try another one.  If you have suggestions on where we can go, post those as well.  If there's no consensus after a while, we can just pick the option with the best average Google review rating.

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    • I'm finally important

      1 year ago


      So someone at work just alerted me to the fact that I'm the featured user on the site today! I have no idea how this happened since I don't use the social side of the site very often (a Rooster Teeth fan who isn't a social butterfly? I know, I'm so unique!), but I appreciate it! As of earlier this year I've been following Rooster Teeth for over a decade (since I was 13) and it's become a pretty significant part of my life, so I'm honored to be considered important enough for the front page, even though I'm clearly not. Thanks, Rooster Peoples!

    • RT Ohio AHWU Intro

      3 years ago


      We made it!

      An AHWU intro we recorded at the RT Ohio Community Day Meet-up was used in today's AHWU! (it starts at 8:16)
      @AH_Victoria @Just_Dave @KyoIII

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    • badyoutuber34

      1 year ago

      first comment of the 2010s

    • NuRdRMsZ

      11 years ago

      Welcome to RvB

      Need any help feel free to message me and ask...for now here are the main things

      smiley9.gifImages: To get an image you have to find one you like then right click to "save as" then you save it to somewhere you can find it easily, then go to "your images" and click browse find the image you selected and double click it and you have a picture.

      smiley9.gifMods:Mods are given out in different forms like, -1 noob, +1 cool, -1 Flaimbait, +1 funny. Those are just some of them you mod images, or posts in the forum or your personal comments, on anything you like or think is funny...and - mod if you think it is dumb and pointless.

      smiley9.gif Karma : first thing with karma is that if you have higher karma I does not make you cool or special...Karma is just a bar on how positively or negatively you use this sight...if you give out mods you get karma. If you post your karma will go up by 1/5 of a %. For more information on it go to your homepage and scan over the "what is karma" button.

      smiley9.gif Watching: when you put someone on watch that means that you are going to be alerted when that person makes a new journal or posts a new forum or has a new image. The alert will be posted on the lower part of your homepage.

      smiley9.gifGet images on your profile: First off grab the images URL address by right clicking and going to properties. Then go to your profile and click the “edit profile†button. After that go to “edit about section†and edit it. Then paste the URL address and put the image code there so It looks like this:
      [img] URL ADDRESS [/img]

      smiley9.gif Rules Here is the Rules.

      For anything I did not cover here is a thread to which you can read about a lot of things about the site: Here is to the FAQ thread. If you don’t want to read you can also go Here and as your questions

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