I am long overdue for my first journal post but better late then never. I thought I would show the progress for my latest screen print poster for those of you who are interested in how I make these. Jon gave me the concept for a Neo-Austin, Blade Runnery alley poster to celebrate Rooster Teeth’s 15th anniversary and we put together this mood board to summarize the feel. Once that idea was locked in, I drew some thumbnails to find a composition that got the confined, vertical feel that we wanted (we ended up going with something similar to the top middle image.) Next step was building some primitive shapes in google sketchup to get the perspective and lighting mapped out super quick. Then my favorite part… sketching noodley details and making futuristic logos and characters etc.  Then some line work, coloring, layering blah blah blah. Sent the press file off to the printer and then a few weeks later they show up and I sign all these bad boys (the worst part of the process). Then finally you lovely people buy them all! Thanks to everyone who got one these and thanks for reading!