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    • AgentWashingtub008 asked Toptoast a question

      What serial content you would reboot and what would you change if you did change anything at all?

      Answered: Aug 10, 2016

      I would, even though it wouldn't do well for today's audience, reboot The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

      That show was awesome! I loved the characters, the story, and the jokes! It was a really fun show to watch. I'd bring back all the original voice actors, story writers, and improve the graphical look of the series, while still keeping the original charm and feel.

    • The Spoon

      2 years ago

      Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

      So, I was walking my dog when I saw the top of a spoon handle sticking out of my driveway. I tried to get it free, but it was completely embedded in there. So, I went back to our house, grabbed a pickaxe, and here was the result:


      The thing was a good inch down:

      The real mystery is: How did it get there?

      Did someone get really angry while eating their lunch?

      Or have I found a rare species of subterranean spoon?

      We may never know.

    • AgentWashingtub008 asked Toptoast a question

      Would you rather a being from some other dimension/plane/'world" invades your day-to-day or you are suddenly and "accidentally" stuck somewhere else?

      Answered: Aug 3, 2016


      I'd rather be stuck somewhere else.

      Believe it or not, I've actually thought a ton about this before. As of recent, I've entertained the idea of getting "stuck" in Remnant, appearing somewhere near Neo and becoming a renegade type of fighter with her.

      I love the idea of getting "stuck" in a place like Remnant(as crazy as it is) and becoming a renegade warrior who fights both the bad guys and sometimes the good guys. I'd also have this badass combat armor type of thing on, some kill counts scratched in to my armor, and an assault rifle-sword hybrid weapon.

      I've also thought up a situation where the Earth slowly turns into Remnant over about 3000-5000(or so) years and I'm buried in the ground in my state-of-the-art armor that sustains my life....anyway, there's a lot there and pm me if you'd like to hear a bit more of it.


    • I'm One Of Those People

      2 years ago

      Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

      Who loves both:

      Vanilla Ice Cream:


      & Strawberry Ice Cream:


      & Dislikes Chocolate Ice Cream:


    • On my way to being old.

      2 years ago

      Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

      For my birthday+Christmas present, I opted to get a metal detector instead of anything else.

      I have some back and knee issues(moderate but not too bad), wear glasses, don't use most social media sites, and find history very interesting, enough so that I've read many books about the civil war and have even watched 5+ hour long movies about it multiple times.

      All I have to do now is say things like "Kids these days" & "Get off my lawn you whippersnappers!" and develop a love for tapioca pudding and bingo.



    • Music I Enjoy: Part 2

      2 years ago

      Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

      Note: the first journal was posted like 2 weeks ago but moved up 'cause I edited it.


      Love this band!

      10. Another great one

      11. And finally some Breaking Benjamin

      Have a great day, everyone!

    • Some Music I Enjoy: Both Old and New

      2 years ago

      Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

      Here's some of the many, many songs I enjoy, 'cause why not?

      I enjoy a variety of music ranging from metalcore to slower, more peaceful jams.

      1. I just love how this song sounds

      2. Reminds me of good times hanging out with relatives on my uncle's houseboat(mainly 'cause Pink Floyd would always be playing in the background):

      3. I think I first heard this in a Tony Hawk game for the Gameboy Advance or something:

      4. Stuck in my head from Fallout: New Vegas

      5. One of my favorite songs, and one that had an enormous(positive) effect on me(still so damn good!):

      6. Last one for now, a song that I've more recently come to enjoy(Love it!):

      That's all I'll share for now, maybe later I'll share even more of my favorite songs.

    • AgentWashingtub008 asked Toptoast a question

      What kind of public business/service would you run out of your current living space (meaning that people come to you for what you sell)?

      Answered: Jun 21, 2016

      I would sell people 100% organic grass-fed free roam chicken feathers and chicken feather-related products.

      Pillows filled with chicken feathers, chicken feather quills, and, for an extra 3 installments of $99.99, a day with one our chickens.

      They'd get to feed it, walk it around, pet it, and maybe even watch it lay an egg.

      Either that or hardcore drugs.

    • I'm going on a trip!

      2 years ago

      Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast



      For 5 days, I'm going to be staying in Sharpsburg, Maryland and explore all the historic areas around it.

      If ya don't know, Sharpsburg was the site of the Battle of Antietam in the American Civil War.

      I love history, so this area will be absolutely great for me because I can quickly get to the battlefield, museums, and other important Civil War areas.

      Also, the battle of Antietam was the single bloodiest day in the whole Civil War, so, uh, it'll be pretty spooky when it gets dark. Now, I don't really believe in ghosts, but I can't deny that people have experienced some crazy stuff. Part of the feeling will probably be from the fact that there were roughly 23,100 soldiers killed/wounded/missing in the battle. So yeah, take that as you will.

      It's gonna be a good trip!

    • Nice Little Treat for Myself

      2 years ago

      Toptoast Keeper of the Breakfast

      Cashed in two semester's worth of change at Coinstar today and got a nice Amazon gift card!

      It's surprising how much change can add up. Now, I have the incredible problem of deciding what items I want to get from the seemingly infinite catalog of Amazon. It's like walking into a candy store where everything is great, except for that evil licorice thingy, and having to pick only three things.

      What do I do?

      ....I'll probably just end up buying some snacks or beef jerky. I'm a sucker for wonderful snacks, especially assortments.

      Have a nice day/night/evening/afternoon/morning everyone! (circle whichever option applies)


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