I've been meaning to use this space to make note of the unique events that tend to happen working at Rooster Teeth. This seems like a prime time to start! 

Thanks to the whims of scheduling I ended up as the main/only active lighting artist on the final two episodes of RWBY Chibi Season 2. What luck then that it included the Halloween-themed episode in which I happened to have co-written and directed a sketch!

Getting to be so wholly hands on with a bit from start to finish is a rare opportunity and I'm pretty happy with the results, in no small part thanks to my fellow ChibiCrwby. The camera, animation, compositing, V/O and audio artists all came together to make things excellent indeed!

I also unleashed a little DIsturbia inspired spooky & colorful alternative lighting through the episode, all of which was fun to craft.

RWBY CHIBI - Episode 21  nora