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    • So the NX is called the Switch...

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      Xahero Pronounced: Z-Air-Oh

      I'm not a Nintendo person anymore, those 90's years are long gone but I had no idea quite where to place this simply because of what it is. I'm also kinda surprised there were no posts about it yet. 

      Max's Switch reveal/reaction


      So how about it, thoughts & interests?

      For me it's been over a decade since I've paid any sort of attention to Nintendo. I kinda contemplated it when Bayonetta 2 went to them exclusively but that never panned out. 

      This though has me hopeful because there is still that love of handhelds in my heart. Days of gameboys & gamegears come swirling back to memory. Like Max said I do wonder how that controller will feel, but it's looking like there will be a more normal controller to use. Hopefully it can be used with every game. 

      I'm liking it's look, Nintendo has always been good about space management with their consoles. The SD card gaming is nothing new to get used to having owned a vita & others. Looks like I can stay collecting physical copies of games! I'' not doing a full breakdown, I'll leave that to the thread & later on when The Know covers it. Ashley & Lawrence should do that episode. Anyway let's get to the discussion guys!

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      Xahero Pronounced: Z-Air-Oh
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      Xahero Pronounced: Z-Air-Oh
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      Xahero Pronounced: Z-Air-Oh
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