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    • signing up for autographs

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      i got 2 vip passes and i have my two codes for autographs but im not too sure where i am suppose to go to enter and sign up for sutographs

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    • Monty: the most creative person

      3 years ago


      i have always loved animation ever since i was little. with tv/anime/ and video games animation is something i have always been drawn too. i saw haloid a few years back and thought it was just amazing and is a true piece of animation. Then season 8 of rvb comes out and seeing that warthog bust through the wall, tex fighting the reds and blues, and the epic battle with the meta monty had created master pieces. As he continued to work on RvB i continued to stay on the edge of my seat watching all of his animations. Then monty was given the green light. RWBY. Monty kept on raising the bar for animation with his own series. As i continue my way through school and keep working towards becoming an animator i will never forget Monty. I hope to create something one day that even monty would be impressed with. Monty as touched thousands and maybe even millions with his work and he will never be forgot. we love you monty

    • new video player issues?

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      i dont know if anyone is having any issues with the new video player, but when ever i try to watch any video on RT/AH the video buffers at a VERY slow rate even when i try to watch the video in SD and it can take about 30 min just to watch a 7 min video. im not having any problems streaming anything on any of the other sites that stream from, and i am also using an up to date version of google chrome. i was just curious if anyone is having any similar issues and if there are any known ways to fix this issue

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    • LoL gaming community

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      out of all the gaming communities i have been a part of LoL players seem to be the meanest of them all (not saying every LoL player but a lot of them). there are game were players gang up on a team mate for doing bad and when ever i try to encourage the player who inst doing well. then when i do that everyone who was ganging up on that player start to gang on on me as well. I understand that games are long and you ether win or lose a game but it is still a game why do people have to be so mean? i get that RIOT put in the honor system but that really doesn't do much in my opinion it seems that people just use it more for saying after in game chat "report this player for ___" just because that player didnt have a good game. i wont lie i have been on the "bad player side" a few times but just because i have bad game every now and then i just dont get why people have to gang up on someone and ruin the game for them. i have seen people say, "go kill your self. why would you even play this game." those are awful things to say, it is JUST a game. i always try to be as nice as possible to everyone but the honor system doesnt seem to do much other than say how many peopled said " hey some people said you are nice or are a good team player" while players who are trying their best but are still reported for "intentionally feeding" get punished by being banned from LoL. i just quite dont understand this gaming community its seems like its only consisted of players who think they are "pro" and have to kick anyone who isnt up to their standard. ok sorry im done ranting, just have to say what i have been seeing recently

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    • Austin night life

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      so the convention isnt going to be going from morning to late at night (i assume) so i was just wondering what type of night life does Austin have around the convention center?

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    • cosplay question

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      i just have this quick question but is it odd/weird to wear one costume through out an entire event?

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    • First Timer at RTX

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      this will be my first convention that i will be going too and i was just hoping i could get some good tips for going to a convention and some things to expect (besides the crowds and the lines haha). I am really looking forward to going and i just want to make my first convention go as smooth as possible and most of all have fun and hopefully make some amazing friends while im there.

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    • rvb character quiz results

      7 years ago


      You Scored as Tex
      You're Tex, the mercinary-for-hire that currently resides with the Blue Army. You're the lone girl among these stupid men.


    • 7 years ago

    • 2018 years ago

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