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      1 year ago


      The latest episode of RWBY (S04E02, at the time of this writing), kinda prompted me to get a bit of those writing juices back up to full speed at two in the morning, so that's why I'm doing this.

      Let me just start of by saying, wow. Major props to the RWBY Writing Team because that scene with Jaune practicing at the end was absolutely brilliant. I love the idea that Pyrrha took her time to record all these training videos for Jaune when she'd be busy (or in this case, dead) and I love that Jaune basically suffers throughout the entire exercise because of that event. I just find it so admirable that our resident weakshit transformed into such a leader, really shows how much he's grown throughout the past couple volumes.

      I did kinda feel something while watching it too. Not just the typical, sappy "aww, that shit's pretty sad and all, feel bad for the dude.", but also because they (Jaune and Pyrrha) were really meant to be. Definitely an unlikely pair, but they constantly want to improve upon themselves and help each other improve as well. Not just because of Pyrrha training him, but them trying to reach out of their comfort zones and gradually grow into a hero (for Jaune) and a normal girl (for Pyrrha, duh..). They help each other reach that goal, and I just find it beautiful that she's still helping him now. Going through that pain definitely isn't easy for him, with his facial expressions doing most of the work which the transition to Maya from Poser definitely helped with.

      RWBY is definitely becoming a more mature show, and I have absolutely no problem with that. Keep on coming, RWBY Writing Team!

    • Reconstruction

      2 years ago


      I'm on another one of my yearly RvB re-watch, and despite loving the Blood Gulch Chronicles, I just have a sweet spot for Reconstruction. BGC's plot is the perfect balance between stupid and funny, and a lot of the jokes are still really funny eleven years on, but Reconstruction is kind of like Rooster Teeth's real attempt at dramatic storytelling, and they hit the nail on the head.

      Reconstruction is just filled with so many great moments such as Sarge's cardboard cut-outs at the start to the worst throw ever. of all time. to even the emp at the end. And that absolute mindfuck at the end of the season when you learn that Church is the Alpha and is basically The Director himself! I still get chills whenever I watch that moment.

      It's a simple plot, with the secret agent meeting a couple of idiots who tag along with him to fight the big bad, and at the end we realize that the idiots had something special all along. But it's filled with memorable jokes, characters and somehow managed to further itself away from Halo and really become it's own thing. It went from being about stupid soldiers stuck in a canyon making dick jokes, to a show with stupid soldiers getting themselves into insane situations and always managing to make it out alive... whilst making dick jokes along the way.

      I fucking love Red vs Blue.

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    • Zoolander 2 (SPOILERS)

      2 years ago


      So I've been putting off seeing this for quite some time, and I figured "Hey, it's almost finals! Better procrastinate while I'm at it." and decided to watch the sequel to the beloved cult hit, Zoolander.

      It's not nearly as bad as people say it is.

      The Good

      • I loved the "What happened in between Zoolander and the Sequel?". It felt really stupid, yet totally believable within the movie's setting.
      • I liked how 'remade' Zoolander's "Orange Mocha Frappucino" joke, and how unexpected they ended it.
      • Mugatu's escape was really unorthodox, but made a ton of sense.
      • It was great seeing Derek and Hansel on screen again. They look exactly like they did from 2001.
      • There are some good jokes here and then, but the joke/laugh ratio isn't that good.

      The Bad

      • The plot. Mugatu has a personal vendetta against Derek, so he decides to fool the fashion world into thinking that Derek's son is "The Chosen One", kills a bunch of celebrities and decides to murder Derek, Hansel, Derek Jr. and the rest of the fashion industry's icons in a single room with a bomb hidden inside his dog, which is foiled by Derek, Hansel, Derek Jr. and Hansel's father, Sting (yup), using their signature looks to stop the bomb mid-air and throw it (without lifting a finger) back at Mugatu.
      • A lot of the celebrity cameos. The first Zoolander had a decent amount of celebrity cameos. There was the opening at the Fashion Awards with Natalie Portman and a few others and the walk-off with David Bowie (don't know if I'm missing anything else), but that was about it. In Zoolander 2, there's literally a celebrity cameo every 1.5 minutes. Sure, it's nice and it makes it sort of a believable world, but here they all feel a bit crammed in.
      • Penelope Cruz. She's not that bad. I just found that her character felt like it was set up to be the "straight woman", but nope, she's also ridiculous in her own way too. This movie needed a "straight man" to balance the weirdness out. That what made Matilda in the first movie a good character. She was from the outside of the fashion industry, she gave the audience someone to relate to, someone who didn't know a thing about fashion a voice. Here, it's a former swimsuit model who was Derek hold on to her boobs for "buoyancy".

      But you might say, carlosldg, you literally gave three paragraphs on why Zoolander 2 was bad! You just said it wasn't THAT bad!

      Well, reader of this post, as absurd as the plot to Zoolander 2 was, I still enjoyed it. It's nice to have these characters back on screen, and it's a joy to have Will Ferrell act like a murderous fashion designer. Sure, the plot may feel a bit disjointed and the jokes don't make you laugh, but hey, it's a chance to see Derek and Hansel on screen again, and just having them interact with each other kind of sold me on the whole thing. I don't really regret watching it, nor do I think that a sequel shouldn't have been made in the first place (because I mean come on, they literally gave him a son in the first one), I just think that Zoolander 2 could've been way better than it was, but right now, it's a pretty solid Netflix movie, or basically a movie to watch when you're bored outta your mind and there's finals in a few days.

    • 2 years ago

    • Lazer Team

      2 years ago


      Kicking myself for not backing Lazer Team when I could :/
      The digital release can't come any sooner :(

    • A whole new world

      3 years ago


      This new site is beautiful. Much better than the older one imo. Much-deserved upgrade.

    • Whiplash

      3 years ago


      Holy crap.

      Why didn't I watch this earlier? It's an amazing movie! I was blown away by the crazy drum segments and the equally crazy Fletcher played by JK Simmons! This movie was pretty intense and really, really (weirdly) inspiring.

      sooooo good. Just watch it if you haven't.

    • Revenge of the Sith

      3 years ago


      To celebrate Star Wars day, I decided to re-watch Revenge of the Sith.

      It's definitely the best one out of the prequels, with fantastic lightsaber fights and that great sequence involving Order 66.

      It's also my favorite one, with everything culminating into the rebirth of Anakin Skywalker into Lord Vader.

      Seriously, it gave me chills once he and Palpatine were looking over the construction of the Death Star. It was just a really great experience for me.

      (Attack is still the worst out of the Prequel Trilogy. Darth Maul saved Phantom Menace)

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