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    • jamz, you read this?

      9 months ago

      cgbish7 ApatheticYoda

      I figure you're bored which is the only reason you would find or read this so I'll try to be entertaining (which guarantees I won't be).

      What's the best way to play Fallout / Skyrim games? I'm going through Fallout 4 again and wondering if I should play more story missions vs side quests... I got to the place where you meet the scientist in the Glowing Sea but I'm not sure if I want to go into The Institute yet. Also, base building.... I'm not really sure what the incentive is for me to spend a ton of time building up Sanctuary or any of the other settlements. Any ideas? Plus, where the hell did Dogmeat go? I have Nick following me around right now and can't, for the life of me, find Dogmeat...

      I also played a few games of Overwatch with Kev and Marimba last night. It was frustrating because I'm playing against a bunch of people WAY higher level and who play much more than me. I ended up switching back and forth between DVa and Dad76. 

    • Download Videos for the Road

      1 year ago

      cgbish7 ApatheticYoda

      I was wondering if it's possible or if RT is looking into the option for First Members to download content so when they fly the have access to RT content?

      I travel a decent amount every year and it would be fantastic if I could kill some of that time with watching RT videos without paying for WiFi on the plane. 

    • Groups W/ Mic

      1 year ago

      cgbish7 ApatheticYoda

      So I don't play games that much anymore and I'm pretty sure I know why...

      My memories of gaming are sitting down with my friends and playing split screen or multiplayer together on the same team. It was always great in Halo 3 when we got a group of 6 or 8 and played with a full team. It didn't even matter if we won, it was just nice to hang out with friends doing the same thing.

      Now a lot of my friends are grown up and either don't have interest or don't have time to game anymore which has led me to playing more FIFA and less multiplayer games. I'd like to get back into that though and I think if Propanepanda would just buy GTA V then we could start to get a good group going. 

      The real point of this post is because I want to write a bit every day and I forgot my journal at work so I figured I would come on here. If anyone reads this, let me know if you're down to get a group together for Battlefield 1, GTA, or really anything else. 

      Thanks for reading!

    • Propanepanda asked cgbish7 a question

      How tall is your hair?

      Answered: Dec 22, 2016

      Pre or post-shower? Today, about three inches. Tomorrow, maybe 4, a year from now? THE MOON.

    • Recovering from a Wedding

      1 year ago

      cgbish7 ApatheticYoda

      So my best friend got married this weekend! The location was Pittsboro, North Carolina in an old textile mill, it was really a beautiful location! The only downside is that Hurricane Matthew decided to show up uninvited.

      The day started with the groom, our friend from the coast, and I picking up two kegs in the back of a truck and driving the hour out to the venue. We must have looked like the most hurricane ready people out there driving around with 2 kegs lol.

      We got to the venue and it was pouring rain and windy beyond belief so it's lucky we weren't dressed for the wedding yet because unloading got us all soaked. During the ceremony we had power and it everything went smoothly. The real trouble started when the hurricane was directly east of us on the map around 6pm. The father-daughter dance had just started when the power went out. Luckily we all thought fast and the entire 150 people that were there started singing My Girl while the bride danced with her dad in the light of about 100 candles that we had brought.

      Then we thought that everyone would probably try to drive home or head out, but my parents were there and they just happened to have a huge Bluetooth speaker with them! So we set that up and the party resumed in the dark until around 8:30pm the power came back on. The DJ came out and told us that he's got to make up for 2 hours of not doing his job and he went HARD. It was probably the most memorable, fun, crazy wedding I've been to thanks to the awesome bride and groom, the insane DJ, and the weather, and I wouldn't trade the experience for the world.

      I know James isn't on this site, but if he ever does join, I love you man, and I'm elated that you and Alex are together in marriage.

      (Oh but I am, big brother is watching)

    • Purchased a Surface Book

      2 years ago

      cgbish7 ApatheticYoda

      So just went out and got myself a new laptop since my last one was purchased about seven years ago and when you turn it on it sounds like a fighter jet. I just wanted to post on here because I don't have anyone to talk about it to today as my roommate is at the NC State Football tailgate and I don't like college sports.

      This thing is a BEAST compared to what I'm used to! I've never had a laptop without a fan before so the fact that it's got a SSD and it runs cool and quite blows my mind every time I use it. The other really awesome thing about this is that the screen is fantastic quality. The keyboard is also really nice. It feels a lot like a MacBook really, and I mean that as a compliment! It feels solid, like it won't break or wear down from normal wear and tear. It helps that I don't ooze acid like Gus who talked about how his keyboard and basically anything he touches seems to erode at a strange pace.

      That's all for now, but I think I want to start posting to this more often. It's a fun way to get thoughts out of my head and get me writing which is something I've dearly missed since entering the working world a year and a half ago. There's no excuse really for not writing, just laziness on my part.

    • How Previlant are Journals?

      2 years ago

      cgbish7 ApatheticYoda

      Just wondering within the community, how much use do personal journals typically get?

      I've got a personal blog where I post my thoughts and I don't think that this would be a good place for that writing so what's the main use of these? I can talk about a show I'm watching right now that's totally eating my free time. Stranger Things has been a great way to spend the evening so that going to sleep takes about 20 minutes longer than normal. It's not that I'm scared (I am...), it's mostly due to the fantastic writing and pacing that gets my heart racing by the end of each episode.

      That gets me to the point actually of binge watching shows. I can binge watch comedy shows all day long but if I watch an episode of Stranger Things or Game of Thrones, I typically want to wait a day or two to watch the next episode. Granted, on Thrones I'm all caught up now, but as I was getting into the show I refused to just sit on my couch for five hours straight and watch it. Binge watching has to be a certain genre for me to really enjoy it and it comes down to the tone of the show.

      Stranger Things for instance has a somber and dark tone to it which comes inherent with most thrillers. That combined with the pacing of gradually building each episode and coming to a high point at the end of the episode makes it hard for me to come back down for the start of the start of the next one. I think it speaks to the incredible job of the writers and the directors of telling a compelling story in each episode that leaves me wanting more AND feeling good about watching it over the course of a few days. Another example that comes to mind is the show Community.

      When community first came out I would watch it every week the day it aired, commercials and all. Going back through the show I find myself just sitting down for three to five episodes at a time and I'm able to do that because it's got a light tone and the pacing is very even through each episode. They tell stories in a very different way than Stranger Things. Each is very good and I love both shows, they're just different, and that makes me happy, because if every show was bingeable, I think as a whole they would be less enjoyable.

      Thanks for reading :)

    • Became a Sponsor

      2 years ago

      cgbish7 ApatheticYoda

      Woohoo! I finally did it! The show that pushed me over the edge was Day 5. I'm SUPER excited to see where that goes. It also helps to have Funhaus onboard. I've been a fan since the IG days and it's cool to see them join such an awesome company like Rooster Teeth.

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    How tall is your hair?

    | Asked by: Propanepanda 1 year ago

    Pre or post-shower? Today, about three inches. Tomorrow, maybe 4, a year from now? THE MOON.