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    • 13 RT Birthday

      1 year ago


      Congratulations Rooster Teeth for being around for a whooping 13 years I remember the first time I watched RVB back 9-11 years ago I was but wee young lad just leaving primary school when my brother introduced me to a torrented file with all of season 1 and 2 on it. Needless to say I was enthralled by the comedic machinima which parodied how my friends and I played Halo from fighting over the sniper rifle and how over powered that damned tank was.

      Now I have not watched RvB for 4 years now but your new rooster teeth bosom of shows have cuddled my need and am glad for your new production slates that comfort me with an entertaining group of people who love sharing their tales and stories from their life.

      Heres to a great 13 years and many more years to come.

    • Always forget

      1 year ago


      I tend to forget updating my activity here like the social media platform it is, I do however post a lot on my youtube if you are ever bored for couple of minutes check it out and at least read the description I tend to write random joke or whatever I was thinking about at the time,

      Where can I find this void of cosmic magic well I am glad you asked text immediately preceding this answer, you can find it at (in a robotic voice) www.youtube.com/user/Capta1nKr1s

      Even if you did not check out my channel just now after this wonderfully written advertisement I mean profile activity, at least I hope you got a kick out this.

    • Woah when did this new website thing happen

      2 years ago


      Thanks the Patch for pointing this out to me looks very white I miss the black ohh well.

    • 2 years ago


      Damn you Gus for making me get back into hearthstone i am hating myself all over again for not having the cards necessary to play constructed.

    • Animation is a Wonderful thing

      2 years ago


      You know that moment when you are watching one of the world of warcraft cinematic animations and wished it was about a universe that was more "cool" and how it felt like it was a waste that the animation was being dumped in a game that not everyone will see or experience. Behold the magnificent glory that is animation on something that is just as "cool" warcraft but nether the less just has left me stunned.
      I also recommend watching some of the other short video animations this website provides they are all short 10 min videos of different story telling experiences or animation styles but this one in particular is just beyond imagination.

    • hawking

      3 years ago


      poor little hawking losing his muscles and electron comunication.
      Nice to see theory of some stuff has some of the old cast from the original hawking movie.

    • End of Bad

      4 years ago


      This blog thing of mine is just sitting around so might as well use it.

      Breaking Bad ended today with the second best episode of the series first best being the one just before it, with no ambiguous endings like Lost or a let down like the Sopranos, Breaking Bad ended perfectly tie up all the loose ends like a final episode should. In all previous Heisenberg moments Walter had his hat on and made simple mistakes because he lost control to his emotions, but in his final moment instead of an alter ego taking over to do the stunts he preformed them himself to perfection with a calm mind and voice to the last moment of life with no more regrets(pity it did not have a half-faced man walking out adjusting his tie and falling over dead).
      Cheers Breaking Bad for a great five and a half years time to queue the tons of spoiler casts from nerds around the globe.

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