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    • Happy International Women's Day!

      2 years ago


      In order to celebrate, have some boudoir pictures!

      (Obviously a bit NSFW, which is why I'm only posting a link rather than the actual pictures, to avoid possibly getting you into an awkward situation.)

      With this, I would like to add that no, I am not ashamed of it. No, it doesn't make me less of a woman. No, it doesn't mean that I have no self-respect. No, it doesn't mean anything else that is equally silly. People need to stop making other people feel guilty for wanting to look and feel sexy sometimes. It's not your body, and it's also just that - a body. Which is not yours. I don't think I can make it any clearer.

      Now, in the words of @MegTurney - "Commence arguing about my cleavage!" (Or everything else, really.) smiley12.gif

    • Five facts because I feel like going with the flow

      2 years ago


      Jumping on the bandwagon because @caleb wanted people to.

      Just be sure to think about what you post, try to share info people here wouldn't know!

      Ahhh, this might be hard.

      1. Telltale's The Walking Dead was the first game to make me cry. Like, ever. Not even To The Moon, that touched so many people's hearts, made me cry. Don't get me wrong, it was a beautiful game and it made my eyes a wee bit watery, but I had never actually cried before I experienced the monstrosity marvelousness that is Telltale's The Walking Dead. ( And actually, the first thing that made me cry wasn't Lee's death - it was Ben's. )

      2. I love photography and editing. I love taking photos, I love it when people take photos of me (when I actually want to, of course, like during regular shoots or cosplay shoots), I love playing around with different angles and lighting, and I love being able to be creative with certain shots through editing (like when it comes to lighting or effects - cosplay photos are great for this).

      3. As has been pointed out to me several times, the Boss from Saints Row and I are apparently very similar to one another (at least the slightly more goofy version of the Boss from The Third and IV). Not sure if I should be flattered or offended. #puckishrogue

      4. Bo Burnham is my favorite person ever. If you know me, you know this. It can be hard to miss.

      5. I ran out of facts, so I asked my bro for help, and she said "YOUR DONALD DUCK COLLECTION". If it can be called a collection; I have somewhere between 200-300 Donald Duck pocket books, and some collection books etc etc. Favorite Disney character ever. (And of course, I am super excited about the return of Ducktales!)

      Tagging @jacjoyce, @FLYbarger and @geometrix (but feel free to say I tagged you if you want to do it anyway and no one else has tagged you)! smiley1.gif

    • Convention time

      2 years ago


      Came home from NärCon Vinter 2015 (the winter version of Northern Europe's biggest con) earlier today... even though I was only there during Saturday. Damn snowstorms.

      I was cosplaying, of course, and since Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie were there, I decided to cosplay Miss Pauling from Team Fortress 2 (who is also one of my favorite characters to cosplay, so I didn't exactly complain!). Have a pew:


      We got to conga line our way into one of their Q&A's, with spotlights on us and them filming us (and John calling us wankers) which was pretty neat.

      Oh, and I also bought a thing!


      Which is... totally not TWD Michonne's katana.

      Now, I shall get some of that thing I've been lacking the past few days called sleep. I'll leave you with this.

    • So, it's Valentine's Day!

      2 years ago


      I believe a Warm Fuzzies journal post is in its order!
      I really did try to pick ~three people I would send greetings to, but I failed (this site is full of wonderful individuals) so I'm gonna cheat and make a journal post. I hope that's alright (if it's not, feel free to yell at me).

      Let's start off with everyone in the OCC forum '“ @FLYbarger, @Desayjin, @LoZelda, @topham, @cwin90, @Shadow_Hound (no I'm just kidding you suck), @MrWartburg, @malide, @Kiwi, @priest81, @Joron093, @EricVela, @zap45, @CulCoffey, @capnbirdman etc '“ I may not know you all as well as I'd like, and I may talk to some of you more than others, but I still consider you guys to be good friends of mine. Never a boring time with you around, and you've always made me feel welcome (even as the strange Swede I am smiley8.gif ).

      The people I talk to/have talked to quite a bit '“ @Tazz94, @Dumbox, @IToastieI, @jacjoyce, @thaidanh, @Mustachecash, @Dot_Enfry, @CptZSLight, @capWOOPYpant, @Chaz, @SnakeTron5M etc '“ my inbox is never, and has practically never been, empty thanks to you and I appreciate it a lot. It makes me happy to see that you still kinda put up with me (I hope) even if I sometimes suck at replying..!

      People I haven't talked to a lot but that I've still had the pleasure of talking to '“ @Raf, @gi_goku, @NeutralGreen, @Jewvion, @Inallhonesty, @niall, @TheStewDog, @ZeusOlympia etc '“ we should talk more. You guys are great. Or at least you seem to be. Though I doubt you'll prove me wrong. smiley8.gif

      @Chris, for being an adorkable nerd (even if we've barely spoken, really, just let me appreciate you and how punnable your name is). @Barbara, for making me feel proud of my love for bad puns and drawing dicks (even though I'm more of a dick butt kind of person). @Jon, for doing an incredible job with On The Spot, one of my all-time favorite RT shows. @bgibbles, for being as dashing as always (I figured you'd want that one). @Sheena, for being an amazing lady, an immensely talented cosplayer, and a big inspiration to me and many others. @EricBaudour, for being that brunette representative on the front page we all sorely need.

      To the whole community, for being such a wonderful one. Everytime I visit the RT site and look through journal posts, comments and forum threads, I witness how friendly and supportive people are being to each other, and I'm really glad to be a part of it all. Ever since the day I joined this site, I've met nothing but kind and talented people, and I've always felt like I've been welcome here. It definitely does not feel like I've only been on this site for half a year..!

      This turned out to be quite the list. I probably cheated the system a little too much, but seriously, everyone I've encountered so far deserves some love. Welp, I tried.
      Here, have some neat V-Day cards:


      Now I feel kinda bad for not making my WF more personalized. I appreciate all of you very very much, though, so I would probably write novels like this one to every single one of you if I tried. Ahhh. I've got another tub of Ben & Jerry's to eat, so I'll go do that now. Stay awesome, and have a good one! smiley12.gif

    • Did someone say "Valentine's Day"?

      2 years ago





      If anyone else want some, I've got plenty to go around, evidently. (Except for you @topham. You'll have to wait a month and a half. smiley8.gif )

    • At a loss for words

      2 years ago


      We have lost a truly inspirational, talented and passionate man; a man none of us will ever forget.
      My heart goes out to his family, friends, and of course everyone in the RT community. If anyone wishes to talk about it, you know where to find me.

      RIP Monty. You will be missed. smiley12.gif

    • Did a Life Is Strange cosplay...

      2 years ago


      ...and LIS uploaded it to their official Instagram account.


      They also reblogged my photo when I uploaded it to Tumblr. And some of the people who work with the game retweeted it when I uploaded it there. Damn.

      Let me gush over this for a moment.

    • Game recommendation time: Life Is Strange

      2 years ago


      I'm absolutely hooked on the wonder that is Life Is Strange. Played through it twice yesterday and I'm going to replay it again as soon as I finish writing this. Not a lot of games make me want to replay them immediately after I finish them. Anyway, let's start of with a pretty gif.


      This game is insanely pretty. May not look like much from this gif, but it even starts out splendidly, in the middle of a storm that I would refer to as hella gorgeous. (Tornados are pretty cool to look at, who woulda thunk.)

      The game's about Max Caulfield, a teenage girl who seems like she came straight from the nerdy parts of the internet (all in a good way, of course) - apparently the kind of girl who recites Lord Of The Rings a lot and who loves Scott Pilgrim vs The World. (My personal favorite; they make Tomb Raider references. And she even listens to music I like!). Let's not forget about her abundant love for photography. Oh, right, and she can also time travel. Pretty neat.

      I'm not going to give away too much about the game, other than the fact that it's a choice & consequence kind of game (think Telltale and Quantic Dream) and it's episodic (so far, only the first episode is available). It actually feels like the choices you make will have a significant impact on the whole story, which is a feeling I didn't always get while making choices in The Walking Dead, for example.


      You can also use the whole time travelling thing to redo choices (and sometimes even get additional options when you do so), which is great when you want to try different things out, or you simply regret a previous choice. It still kinda adds to the whole indecisive/paranoia bit though - the "no going back now" feeling isn't there anymore. Should you change what you did, or should you not?

      On top of the whole time travelling thing, you get to deal with your ordinary high school drama that involves cheating, guns, and the disappearance of a fellow student. Believe me, it sounds way more lame than it is. (This game is incredibly story rich, and keep in mind I'm saying that while only having played one episode out of five.)

      The only bad thing I have to say about this game is that the lips don't synch up to the voice acting (which personally didn't really bother me all that much; I was too busy marvelling at how pretty and clever the game is).

      By now, you might have noticed that it's hard for me to describe why I love this game so much without spoiling it.
      The trailer does a good job at it, though.

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