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    • Game recommendation time: Undertale

      2 years ago


      While everyone is busy playing the beautiful triple A title that is Fallout, I'm going to (at least try to) bring attention to a game that may not be equally beautiful when it comes to graphics, but sure as hell easily reaches equally high levels of storytelling: Undertale.


      As you can probably tell from the above picture, it's one of 'em 8-bit style RPG games. You know how most 8-bit style games either suck, or really rock? This one definitely falls into the latter category. Actually, it falls into a category of it's own, that is way cooler, and you wish you were as cool as this game for every second that passes while you're playing it. (Unless you decide to pick the genocide route. I'll get back to that later.)

      The game is about the player character and how they end up underground - in the world of monsters - and how they make their way back up to the surface and the world of the livi--- I mean, humans. Yeah. Yup. That's basically it.

      But... you guys know how much I love choice & consequence games, right? Yeah. Yup. That's basically it.

      Depending on how you decide to play the game - as a true pacifist, a genocidal maniac, a merciless force of nature or a neutral party - you will get different endings. The story will also play out differently, and characters will also change their attitude towards you depending on how you play and what choices you make while playing, which gives people very different opinions on what characters are likeable or not, what part of the story is best, what puzzle is your favorite (that is, if you even solve the puzzles or not). Some characters you may not even meet, and some experiences you may not even get to have.

      The game also remembers what choices you've made even after quitting and reloading, and resetting the game - unless you do a true and absolute reset, that is.


      The things you will feel while playing this game will also depend on how you decide to go about things. If you laugh, you might laugh due to the stupid puns that (may) occur all throughout the game, or you might laugh when you finally emerge victorious after having battled one character for quite some time. If you cry, you might cry either out of sadness when something horrible happens to a character you like, or you might cry out of frustration since you can't get past that gOD DAMN BOSS FUCK YOU UNDYNE THE UNDYING.

      If you're not yet convinced, I'm sure this will change your mind:


      Or the fact that there are more than 12,000 positive reviews of the game on Steam, and less than 200 negative ones... Or the fact that the soundtrack is one of the most beautiful ones I have heard in quite a while...

      Or the fact that one of the most relatable characters in the game is called Burgerpants.


      Check out my previous game recommendation here!

    • My trip to Stockholm/Comic Con (plus fem!Neptune cosplay)

      2 years ago


      So, gonna make this journal fairly short since I am still partially dead from lack of sleep and such. 'Twas an eventful week!

      Started out with me finally (FINALLY, a year after finishing the dang cosplay) having a photoshoot with fem!Neptune.


      I also went to the Starbreeze/Overkill office (the company who created the PAYDAY games) which was pretty dang rad; got a bunch of sweet loot and met awesome people. And then, Comic Con! Went around chilling in my Chloe Price cosplay together with a Max and a Jefferson plus other cool people.


      A lot of people wanted to take pics of us, which was great! We even made a kid happy, since she and her father had been looking for LIS cosplayers all day. Man, there's nothing like making kids happy while cosplaying. <3

      I also met Yaya Han, which was pretty freakin' awesome - I may have cried a lil tear afterwards since I realized I had just met one of my biggest rolemodels. She was such a sweetheart, I'm hoping I'll meet her again sometime!

      Shit I got while I was there:


      (Got the big comic book one from this asshole who was way too fucking generous while I was there I swear to god)

      I also bought a Muffet pin (Undertale) which is way too adorable and I wanna wear it always. (I'm actually going to cosplay Muffet in the near future, and I'm hoping I'll be content enough with my cosplay when it's done to compete with it!)

      Lovely week. I'm very very tired but it was definitely worth it. <3

    • They're here!

      2 years ago





      So... has anyone managed to spot them yet?

    • 2 years ago

    • No, this is not a comment on your wall

      2 years ago


      Sorry. Here, have a pic that made me laugh a lot.


      (To anyone confused; whenever someone posts a journal, I get a notification saying that someone posted a comment on my wall. Apparently more people have had this problem. This site, man... But hey, at least it's improving!)

    • Suicide Squad Harley

      2 years ago


      Sick and bored so I asked a few friends what character I should do a make up test of, which caused this to happen. A few other people have wanted me to try doing Harley before too, so well, here it is!


      I don't have a blonde wig at home that fits, so y'all are gonna have to deal with my hair. Sorry!

    • Cosplay print giveaway!

      2 years ago


      So yeah, this nerd is giving away prints of her own little self, dressed in weird costumes. (I might send you a cookie too, if you ask nicely.) Feel free to check the giveaway out here! <3

    • One year

      2 years ago


      My internet has been gone for a week now due to thunderstorms (I've only been able to check in quickly while in places with free wifi), which caused me to miss my RT birthday that happened a few days ago. So, birthday post ahoy! This may end up getting a wee bit long-winded, but I'll try to keep it short.

      I had been planning on getting an RT account long before I actually did - I don't know why it took me so long - but it doesn't really matter. It feels like I've been on this site forever, and it feels like I've known the friends I've made on here for ages (cheesy but true). I'd like to thank all of you for being such sweet sugary peaches during my time here, y'all deserve lots of hugs and chocolate (and if you don't like chocolate, wtf is wrong with you get out of my life). <3

      In a way, the experience I've had being here has been weird. Not a bad kind of weird, just... weird. In the sense where I'm 20 years old and on many sites, that's considered to be "old", or it leads to people thinking you're a proper adult. But then I ended up here where so many people talk about stuff like kids, marriage and the like (while my children are my pets and my partner is my Xbox). It's a nice change of pace, and one of the reasons why I love this place as much as I do - it doesn't matter how old you are or where you're from, we're all just a group of fucking nerds uniting under the same banner. It's part of what makes this community so special.

      Oh oh oh, shoutout to the OCC, you guys are definitely da real MVPs. And a mandatory lil shoutout to @Chris as always for being a pretty neato hobbit dude.

      Puss och kram på er, mina kära pågar och töser. And thank you for a lovely year. <3

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