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    • RT Box July 2017 Impressions

      1 month ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

      Well well well, fancy seeing you here! I've since turned 22 between last month's RT Box and now...and I'm even lazier and tired. So forgive me for the slight delay if you saw I promised to post this afternoon, who would've thought I slept till 16:00. It's 22:30 now so take that as you will, and then forget about it because right below are some DG goods!

      This month's RT Box is school themed once again; particularly University, from our favourite cheese-master Gus Sorolagus He tells the riveting tale of how he had no clue what his future held for him as a boy. He went to college hoping to "make out with someone, and get really good grades". Alas, one year later, he gave up and departed. Ending up in Austin, he met Burnie and Geoff!  burniegeoff The rest is history.

      What's in the curriculum this month? Check it:

      - one Rooster Teeth Media Club shirt (white)

      - one Double Gold patch (gold stars for you!)

      - one RWBY Beacon Academy pin

      - one Achievement Hunter pennant (black and green of course)

      - one bottle opener, shaped like Michael Jones mid-rage-quit michael

      - one reusable 'solo cup' (red)

      - #6 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Funhaus (20% were signed by the residents of the haus of fun)

      Have at this shirt! This design reminds me of way back when I got my first DG shirt. The designs are similar to me. I'm talking about the black DG cinema shirt, if you're wondering.


      This one particularly is college-y to me. Clubs just scream "teenagers trying to make friends". FYI, I joined clubs at university in my first year. One was the Psychology society, and the other was the anime club. I paid 5 bucks for nothing to join that one, and I think I paid 50 for the psych one. Let's just say they and my degree were probably a waste of money :')

      ANYWAY, another white shirt, I don't own many white shirts because I always ruin them. I got hot chocolate on the Camp Camp one but luckily it came out, so I'll be more careful with this one. My favourite part of this is the rooster and the chattering teeth.

      The Double Gold patch is cute. One day I'll have to get something I can put patches on. Apparently you put patches on letterman jackets? Gus told me I'm peaking now I have it, but ya know, I have to be peaking in some way or form to be able to get it in the first place.

      The next two items invoke school spirit, according to the note.

      The RWBY pin (and June's stage 5 pin) are a bit bigger than the last few. This one is gold and displays the Beacon Academy logo in all its axe-glory.


      As a fan of the show, I think this one is really neat. I would advocate for each training academy to have a pin, or maybe the combined logos that were used for the Vytal festival would be awesome. I'd also totally like the emblems of characters as pins. As usual, the pin quality is great.

      There's a pennant flag that tells me to Achieve. I already did (I consider graduating my greatest achievement), but thanks, Rooster Teeth! Encouraging as always. Unfortunately the fabric slip that allows you to attach it to a stick or whatever is not sewn on properly on mine, and it took about 4 seconds for it to unravel. I stopped it going too far down and it's probably an easy fix, but still annoying (not that I will be using it like that). Otherwise, it's good quality. It looks like felt with a hard foam front that gives a great clarity of print. The design will endure decades of scrutiny. Good wall hanger.

      Here's the second weirdest item to have appeared in the boxes:


      This is much more useful than the sunglasses with some eyes on them, but still, kind of "WTF". I can see how it works, obviously, as Rage Quit Michael is something to be feared. Gus describes the bottle opener as Michael's "gaping maw" and that's about as accurate as it gets. Personally I'm not quite sure what the red and blue dots that are attached to his palms are, but whatever. It's a novelty item for sure. To be honest with you, I much prefer responsible dad Michael that he's turned into (adorable).

      It's been a little while since we got a cup, but here we go again, it's a cup! This one is akin to the Theater mode travel mug (but that one was insulated). A red solo cup design with a nice little graphic on the front that is "so legit". I'll trust you on that one, Gus. I tested the lid on, and with the mouth/drinkhole covered, almost no water comes out. At angles the leak is more apparent. The lid just pops on and off, but it is well sealed around the edges. The leak stems from the open/close of the drinkhole design (you can take a look in the image album if you're curious).

      Then lastly, the Double Gold card. Funhaus trails as the fourth card behind AH, but retains its glory. I did not get a signature. The art is all of them fighting in a ring. Forgive my knowledge of who's who, but I can guess (kinda). There's James in his Angel costume punching out someone(?), Elyse is ready to kick some ass, looks like Bruce is behind her(?), Adam down on the right. Now I'm just wondering if it's Lawrence on the bottom left, since I don't recall or know who the other one is. Feel free to correct me on any of that. I'm assuming these are their costumes they made on the WWE game? Their ratings on the back are, Strength: 9; Facial hair: 8; Peakes: 1. If there's one Peake then one of the people on the card is him?


      Well, we've come to the end of the road and are graduating on to something else. That being me saying toodleoo for now. Here's the class photo:


      As always, you can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. 


    • RT Box June 2017 Impressions

      1 month ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

      After a long delay, the June RT Box finally arrived yesterday.

      We were informed that it would be late, so let's move on to what was, and wasn't inside!

      Coming at ya is a vacation-themed box full of fun from mister Burnie Burns burnieHe loves traveling. If you didn't know that already. He signed off of the greeting card with, "off to the airport", which is incredibly plausible.

      So what's Burnie organised for us? Let's see...

      - one Funhaus souvenir-style shirt (gray)

      - one large packing cube and one smaller packing cube of the mock 'Burns Airlines' airline (blue)

      - one People Like Grapes shirt air freshener (purple, grape scented [DUH])

      - one Immersion protective phone pouch (clear)

      - a pack of Rooster Teeth postcards (red)

      - #5 of 12 of the Season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold Cards, featuring Camp Camp (about 20% were signed by the hard working campers, uh, I mean employees, that make that show)

      - one Steam code for Party Hard from tinyBuild Games

      As you may know, the Funhaus headquarters are in Los Angeles, CA, while Rooster Teeth is situated in Austin, TX. Burnie recommends Funhaus, California, as a great destination. He lost his platinum-plated headphones there and eventually got them back after faxing a form to the lost and found (faxing still is a thing?). But he says LA, not so much. Suck it, LA. This shirt has a nice design, it reminds me a bit of Grand Theft Auto for some reason. Maybe because Los Santos, but it's the font, too. I'd say this shirt material is a bit thicker than the previous shirts; it is a different brand than before. Nicely printed too. This brings us up two two Funhaus shirts thus far in the DG experience.

      These packing cubes are one of Burnie's favourite packing tools. You put your crap in them to keep your suitcase organised and are great for efficiency, apparently. I barely travel with significant baggage but I'm sure these'll help next time I do. There's a large one with the decal on it, and inside was a smaller one, which doesn't have a decal. They don't seem to be expensive quality, but hey, they're just organisers.

      Now a very cute and nice smelling idea is an air freshener. And by that I mean, this grape air freshener is a great gag. Just like the real shirt, this thing matches it, but it's cardboard and smells way better. It's your classic grape scent. I don't know how to describe it other than it's basically grape Hubba Bubba bubblegum. If you ever got a whiff of that stuff. I went to put it in my car, as I was going to go to the supermarket, but my car battery was d e a d. So much for that!

      Now, I've held out on pictures on this post because I want to use them to explain the next item. This is a plastic pouch for keeping your phone dry in the water.


      Look at that cute lil' Burnie! It has his emoji face burnieYes, it's intended for you to take it in water. Now, since that concept means no water gets in, you can take it in chlorinated pools; waterproof/resistant phones do not recommend chlorinated water immersion as it deteriorates the waterproof seals. If you want to have your phone with you, that is. Now, since Burnie, in classic Immersion style said it "protects your phone upon Immersion in water... or does it?", I had to test it. I'm sure that they wouldn't have included it if it didn't work, but I TESTED IT ANYWAY! That's what I'm here for.

      Here's how it works. The pouch has three, yes, three zip locks at the opening, which then fold over each other, then get Velcro'd. That adds another layer of protection. It also has a cord to keep it attached to yourself.


      I tested it with my waterproof phone, because ya never know...

      As you can see, it's in my sink. The water level is visible on my thumb so you know it's immersed. The material its made of pressed a bunch of things on my screen, so that's...that. It's not made to be used in the pouch. It tried to apply a theme to my phone. P.S. sorry for the drop in quality of the photos; my phone is my camera. I used my tablet for this process, and boy that's a hard thing to hold with one hand.


      When I removed it, I dried it off on the outside to check for any water that might have got in.


      TA DA! No water got in. If it looks like it, trust me, that water is on the outside. My phone was just as dry as when it went in. My phone is one of those that can't be guaranteed to stay waterproof if it's taken in chlorinated water, since it has a rubber seal on the SIM port. So this would help if the situation ever arose. I guess if you went to a public pool and had nowhere to put your phone without it getting stolen? There's a couple more photos of this process in my pictures album if you're interested. They're labeled with numbers so you know the order they were took in.

      Next, some postcards. Look, this is a cute idea. You don't have to buy one if you're traveling. I've never done it, but I've never gone anywhere of interest for any amount of time, so I've never used one. If I ever go somewhere, I guarantee these are comin' with me. Gotta use them somehow, right?

      And, as usual, one Rooster Teeth Gold Card. Camp Camp gets its own this month. I love the art on this one. Mine is signed! It looks like Jordan's signature to me, but feel free to tell me if I'm wrong. The card gives a shoutout to the little asshole camper that is a mock of Hitler. Man, that show and its edgy shit, I love it. Ratings are, Activities: 10; Leadership: 2; Platypus: 1.


      Lastly, the award winning game Party Hard is included. I've never played this game, but I've watched a few Let's Plays of it. It never garnered my attention like some games do, and I still haven't gotten around to playing most of the games I get from these boxes. Sigh. This reminded me that way back in May, after I'd gotten my RT Box, I got an email with a Steam code for Mr. Shifty, also from tinyBuild Games. Guess I better go add that to the May post.

      Now, for what wasn't inside. The pin.

      We were also prewarned that the pin may not have been ready for shipment with the June box. Turns out that was true, and it's not here. Rest assured, the Greetings From Stage 5 pin will be sent to us separately, or be in July's box. It has a little picture of what it's meant to look like. Basically the stage 5 sign on the outside of the hanger, just like the real thing.

      EDIT 19th August 2017: 

      The pin came in July's RT Box, all shiny and new. This one is a bit larger and heavier than the previous ones.2028650-1503145736394-DSC_1008.JPG

      That about wraps it up. Tune in next time to see that stage 5 pin in action. And of course the July RT Box contents.


      As always, you can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album. Everything's there (except the pin, but there's the 'here's what it's meant to look like card').

      By the time the July box arrives, I'll be 22 years old. What is my life?

      Until we meet again...

    • RT Box May 2017 Impressions

      2 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

      It's halfway through June and it's halfway through 2017, and I have another Double Gold Box review.

      It's probably a bit late, we had the ol' Queens Birthday public holiday yesterday. Thanks to Lizzie for delaying our mail!

      It's Summer in the northern hemisphere which, means the Summer theme has hit us too. That means one thing at Rooster Teeth, and that's the Summer of Animation. Comin' at you is camp counselor Miles Luna (come on, where's the Miles emoji!), and he's gonna make your summer great. Well, he's gonna make my WINTER...great.

      I had just thought to myself, "we need a Camp Camp item", when low and behold...but I won't spoil it just yet. And by that I mean HERE'S THE  LIST OF STUFF (AND IT'S GOT SOME CAMP CAMP):

      - one Camp Camp Space Kid shirt (white)

      - one Camp Camp tin sign with David art and the lyrics to the theme song

      - one pair of RWBY shades with Yang's literal eyes on them (yellow of course)

      - one NO WET BREAD towel (white with red)

      - one Naked Gus gus pin

      - one decal of Geoff's Gavin's nose tattoo (as seen on AH's Schooled)

      #4 of 12 of the season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold cards, featuring RWBY Chibi (about 20% are signed by someone that helped make the adorable show for us to watch)

      - update as of 26 May: emailed was one Steam code for Mr Shifty from tinyBuild Games

      Shout out to Camp Camp's Space Kid, the lovable child that constantly wears a fishbowl on their head.


      Ya know, I'm actually not sure if Space Kid is a boy or a girl or whatever y'all call genders now. Though, voiced by Lindsay Jones; I'm gonna have to admit I'm a fan no matter what. This shirt's got an 80s vibe, it's bright white with some neato blue graphic. Take your cardboard spaceship to space and make sure to give your fish a new home after you steal its fishbowl. Probably for the best since fishbowls are terrible for fish.

      If that wasn't enough to satisfy the Camp Camp thirst, have this tin sign so you can memorise the lyrics to the theme! The most lit theme of 2016 is now back for 2017!


      Before you ask, yeah, I can sing it without flubbing (if I use the sign). This is gonna help me get the last verse down so I can quietly sing it to myself when I watch the show every week. 

      The print on this looks much better in real life than in the photo I got - it has rich colour, don't be fooled! The cut of the sign is a bit wacky on the bottom as you can see, which is kind of annoying, but I can live with it. In the end, it's not actually that useful, but I really do like the show, so I can at least show it off. Maybe putting a nice wooden frame on it would spruce it up and make it hangable. Good idea, me!

      I'm gonna be brutally honest with this item. Who thought this was a good idea?


      These freak me out a little bit. They're not even real sunglasses; the dot pattern makes them block out light; while making you look like a complete FREAK! I love Yang but that doesn't mean I WANT HER EYEBALLS! 100% this could be improved if they were just RWBY themed without the eyes. The arm has the RWBY logo (pic in album). The yellow makes sense. Just. I won't be using these unless I want a creepy cosplay. Because why. First item I genuinely do not want! (if for some reason YOU do, contact me and we can work something out)

      Now, THIS one, I actually loved when I read it was in here. The towel that speaks to me on every level.


      The simplest way to put it is because I HATE WET BREAD TOO, GAVIN. Anyone familiar with Gavin Free knows wet bread (amongst other things) is GAG WORTHY. I would say this is about half an inch bigger than my 17" laptop. It's pretty soft and the print really pops. I think it'd be ideal for kitchen use. To go with the RWBY Chibi potholder from way back when. And the 30 Funhaus cups.

      The naked Gus pin is here to burn your eyes.


      I mean, it's accurate. Little nakey Gus has a bottle of alcohol and an Xbox controller and he gives no fucks. I like how you can see how is ass is sat on the chair, because details, right?Miles said "good luck explaining [it] to everyone you meet" which just about sums it up. Quality item.

      Bringing up the rear is Gavin's nose.


      I mean, Geoff's TATTOO of Gavin's nose. While the real tattoo is life sized, this decal is about (keeping up with the weird size references) just a tad smaller than your average PlayStation controller (that's the closest things I had to size, sry). The white is NOT transparent which means you won't have trouble sticking it anywhere and seeing the beauty that is Mister Free's shnoz. If you're unaware why it says 'loser' (spoiler alert I guess) it's from Achievement Hunter's season 1 of their Schooled series, where Geoff bet he could get a bunch of kids to beat his employees at games. If he lost the bet, he got a tattoo of Gavin's nose - and it happened. I grade this A+. Did you know I got graded with a range of N to HD at university? Fail [N](<50), Pass (50-59), Credit (60-69), Distinction (70-79) and High Distinction (80+). You just got SCHOOLED mate!

      Oh, but don't forget the Gold Card. This one's all about dat RWBY Chibi. Since Camp Camp and RWBY Chibi are Summer animation shows, the box has gone all out to represent. Currently, I'm enjoying both shows while I slowly die in wait for RWBY volume 5.

      Card is cute but this time it's a landscape orientation which I'm on the fence about. I hope that there's 5 other ones that are also this way so it's evenly matched with the portrait ones. This card has combat skills, shenanigans (my favourite) and cuteness, and you should probably go look at the picture in my album if you're into that. You can take a look at all this stuff again or anything that's not here in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

      It's now time for me to bid you farewell again and for me to reiterate YES I CAN SING THE CAMP CAMP THEME SONG in case you had your doubts. I can even do the high paced bangers from the RWBY soundtrack like 'Caffeine' and 'I'm The One' along with the others because Jeff is a musical genius, Casey is badass, and Miles' theme song is actually pretty fuckin' good too. No, that's not hyperbole (wink). I'm gonna stop this bragfest because you probably don't care. I just love the music they do at RT! Big claps for them.

      ANYWAY BYE thanks for being here


    • RT Box April 2017 Impressions

      3 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

      A very late in the month howdy to you!

      April's RT Box took for-fookin-ever to get here! I have no idea why and it's one hundred percent the postal jerkoffs' fault once again.

      Let's get started and try to make up for some delay!

      This month's box is coming from the wonderfully odd Chris Demarais (insert Chris emoji that doesn't exist).

      The theme is friendship! We all love a good friendship slash friendships. Chris tells us all about his best buddy Aaron Marquis. They've been friends for "too long", gone through a lot together, and have to work together. To be fair, that sounds pretty awesome.

      Our friendship box contents go something like this:

      - one Cow Chop decal (so very green)

      - one RWBY Chibi shirt (what colour is this? Mint green? Green light blue? HELP)

      - one Sex Swing 'Te-Kill-Ya' poison of the Gods pin

      - one RTAA beach ball (white and blue)

      - one Relationship Goals photo frame (brushed metal-y)

      #3 of 12 of the season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold cards, featuring Red Vs. Blue (about 20% are signed by people that made the show possible)

      - codes for the Xbox and PlayStation downloads of Paladins: Champions of the Realm BETA with an extra Rooster Teeth pack full of goodies for the game

      This post marks the beginning of a more structured, and consistent, RT Box. There's supposed to be one item of clothing and a pin in these from now on. And the Gold cards, of course. I also remember something about a plush toy but please don't quote or hold me to that.

      This Cow Chop decal is pretty big. I like the graphic, it's cute and clever and very vibrant. Not even aware of who they are except for them being part of Let's Play, so, not an 'omg' moment for me. Chris put it on Aaron's face to make him look better, maybe I'll do that to someone. JUST KIDDING IT'S GOING IN THE STICKER HOARD PILE


      RWBY Chibi season 2 just started and so we have a shirt celebrating this return. I, for one, welcome our new temporary Chibi overlords. The colour of this I've got about zero clue as to what it's called but it's light, bright and somewhere on the spectrum between green and blue. Trust me on that vague description as I'm totally not colourblind.


      The shirt unfortunately has not adopted a RT logo on the back of the neck as the store items do, which I was hoping for. I also wonder if they're going to switch to the new 'Rooster Tee' they've been raving about, since this one is not that brand. It's still nice and soft. The print is very good too, and the combination of the pink with the greeny blue has my approval. I am also very approving of Zwei being there. I thought that this was just going to be team CRME, the team of nasty villains, but hey hey it's got RWBY, JNPR, CRME, and Zwei. I think they got the faces just right too. It's similar to the ones just released on the RT store, but those are separate shirts for RWBY and JNPR and I don't think there's ones with the other characters on it. I like how agitated Mercury looks.

      Now for our first pin. Not having seen Sex Swing, I can still guess they drink some of this 'poison of the Gods' on the show. Probably a lot.


      I'm really glad this pin is not at all excluding those that don't watch the show. It's so very punny  barbaraand I love the style! Honestly, it's one of my favourite pins now (not that I have a lot). I hope the rest of them will be just as cool!

      Moving on to the beach ball. Apparently Aaron likes to play with blue balls.


      Now, that looks kinda funny (do I count that as a Let's Play pun or?). It's a hexagon. Trust me, it functions well as a ball. It's bouncy too, for a plastic sphere filled with my carbon dioxide. I'll tell ya, it took a solid 15 minutes to blow this up. I surprised myself with the capacity of my lungs, too. I don't go to the beach despite living in a country that's famous for a beach. I don't live in Sydney, so there's that. We have some beaches here too, but, I'm pale and our ozone is nonexistent so I prefer to wallow in the shade of, like, the inside of a building. I can imagine in desperate times when I venture to a pool, this baby is coming with me. I like it because it features a great message.


      Thanks to the little animated Burnie, Gus and Gav for that inspirational hashtag.

      Next up we have an item from one of RT's newest shows, Relationship Goals. I enjoy the show as a functioning adult that admires the whole 'couple' thing from afar. Seriously, too much effort. This is definitely made of metal. Its appearance is brushed steel or similar, and even has a glass panel. The back and the stand is top quality, since it's hard plastic and not cardboard. Even has hanger holes, if you're into that. The decal looks great, I'm not sure if I would have preferred it to be engraved. The white definitely stands out; engraving would not have. Since I've got no relationship or goals of that relationship to frame for this sleek looking photo holder device (note I removed the glass for photography purposes):


      I have a problem. #bumblebydrama

      Moving on to this month's Gold card, it's Red Vs. Blue. It's definitely a cool looking card. I especially find these card's back portions to be the best, with their individual jokes. This one's got 'Longevity' set as  since apparently the teams of Red and Blue realised they were Halo characters; wanted to, but never got around to rebelling against their makers, and made 14 seasons of the show without intentions of stopping any time soon (I guess that's good for all you RvB fans). For some stupid reason my pictures of this one are sideways so I've omitted them from this post - but they're in the images album.

      Oh, and I shant forget the free game: Paladins: Champions of the Realm.


      This is a 'hero-shooter', whatever that means, a game mode made extremely popular by the game Team Fortress 2, and oh yeah that thing called Overwatch that everybody was obsessed with for a month. I'm totally ignoring the beef between TF2Overwatch and Paladins since I know so little about it anyway. Okay, it technically isn't free since the game is actually already free. My box came so late that my code expired - I tried to enter it on PSN and it's not havin' it.The game is free on PSN and XBL right now, so I've gone and started downloading that. Hey, thanks to the Internet speeds, it's going to take forever.  It's important to note that the game was available on Steam only before this console BETA began, and apparently, it was the most played new game of 2016. There was an Xbox One code along with my preferred choice of PS4, at least they gave us the option, right?

      Also included was a Rooster Teeth Bundle that contains a lot of stuff:

      - the Drogoz Champion, that's a dragon with a rocket launcher and a jetpack!

      - an alien themed 'Dreadhunter' skin collection and voice pack for Drogoz (exclusive to this box according to the Let's Play video of the game Achievement Hunter did)

      - 10 radiant chest rolls (skins, cards, emotes, and more)

      - 24,000 essence to craft cards

      I DON'T KNOW WHAT ANY OF THAT MEANS! But it's all mine! I'm excited to try this game as thankfully it's been made, and intends to stay, a free-to-play game. That's right, no signing up to PS+ or XBL Gold! If you have a PS4 and are interested in playing with me*, whenever it ends up finishing downloading, you can add me (gem_scheltema). *multiplayer is not cross-platform

      Welp, that's it, I think. I'm still emotionally drained from my RWBY joke.

      You can take a look at the RVB Gold card in my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

      Take this slightly creepy photo of Chris and Aaron and be on your way, friend.



      4 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

      G'day and grab your bunnos snags because we have the ~14th anniversary box~ for your viewing pleasure today!

      Warning: excessive use of Australian slang and swearwords in this post, because why not

      A reminder that this was only available at Supanova and on the Australian RT store, and is an extra review item this month. I would have thought my RT Box would have arrived also but it seems I haven't gotten any tracking since April 28th and mate fuck all the postal services because they all are terriboo. Also I apologise for the extra bogan slang but I'm really feeling it today. Will provide linked definitions so you're not lost.

      Bloody hell has this box gone on a trip! 


      LOOK AT THIS. JUST LOOK. (don't look at my bad editing; map provided for those that are unaware of the geography of down unda)


      Words. There are none. What drongo is running Australia Post?? It went to SYDNEY. All they had to do was take it that tiny bit east (why did I write west originally jeez I'm thick[def. 6])

      Yeah nah, let's take it to fucking SYDNEY MATE! IT'LL BE A RIOT.

      Now that's outta me system.

      Bloody rippa this one is! Everything I got, I didn't own before! My stinginess has aided me by not buying all the things at once. Ah, to be a cheapskate. What. A. Bargain!

      To make sure I emphasise the value, this thing was $49.99. Adding my Double Gold discount, it was actually $45. And because I don't know what this invoice says because the layout is mad, let's just skip that and say the shipping was $8.95. My total is now $53.95, which makes sense; why do these invoices look so confusing?

      So, that's pretty cheap in USD, all the stuff is, but shit's expensive here.

      I'm going to be adding the cost of the items in the box that I see on the store, to find my total value. They claimed "over $130 value for only $49.99". I'm not sure if these all have different items. I haven't seen what other people got in theirs. I'm actually curious, because it also claimed "2 pieces of anniversary box exclusive merch". I've got one obvious piece, and another subtler piece.

      We are going from most expensive to cheapest. Did you know that we say "deerest" instead of most expensive here? Why? Even urban dictionary doesn't know what the fuck it means.

      First, let's start with an exclusive item:


      A stubby holder. A stubby is your standard bottle of beer, so, that's the origin of that name. A useful item for your grog[def. 3]; keeps your tinnies[def. 2] cool, or whatever disgusting thing you're drinking. This is good for me. I like to have a drink with my mates, and while it's not beer, I want a cold drink whether it's stinking hot or cold or whatever weather we have in Melbourne since it's forever 4 seasons in one day.

      This looks nice too, black is always sleek. And the 14th anniversary graphic is very classy, which is ironic since I won't be after drinking. This thing stinks of glue but you'll already be fucked after the drinks so sniffing glue is probably in order too.

      Price: *in mastercard ad voice* priceless!

      The other exclusive item:


      Drop bear Gus sticker. This thing is pretty big. The Drop bear gives it away as an Australian thing. It's quite a large sticker, about palm sized, and I do love RTAA. I suppose as an exclusive item, it's a little underwhelming compared to a stubby holder. I will repeat again:


      Price: *in mastercard ad voice* priceless!

      And the rest:

      Wham bam thank you ma'am, it's an Always Open shirt! Fuck yeah that show is fab! Always happy to support Barb and Mariel, even if bogans probably will think it's a dirty innuendo. Which it is. But they don't know that. Who am I kidding, I don't walk around outside and only 15 year olds get wold whistled at. Not kidding, there was a national news story about it two days ago. Note: I did in fact only get whistled at when I was 15. And only in shorts. And no, I never appreciated it. And especially not the time a dude called me derogatory word (starts with s and rhymes with putt) and drove away. Ahem, where were we?

      Shirt is good. Fits good. Nice and bright!

      Price: $29.99

      Lazer Team Director's cut DVD

      What's there to say. I wanted to see this movie, and didn't want to actually go out and buy it. Here it is! It's not the fancy schmancy steelbook I see on the store, but it's the same thing really. Steelbooks are nice, though. Time to see what all the fuss is about...

      Price: $24.99

      Million Dollars, But... Aussie expansion pack

      Say hello to one of the backers for the original campaign for MDB. That thing was fucking costly. But I got a cool collectors coin and signed cards, so, it was worth it. It's a great game, easily rivaling Cards Against Humanity, in fact, I prefer it. ANYWAY. This expansion pack is TRUE BLUE AUSTRALIAN! I love it. Every card is seriously accurate.


      You think you could do it?


      Still think you could do it?

      I'm on the copper lines ay, ADSL2+ mate, who needs Google fiber or whatever it is. I am fine.

      Price: $14.99

      Achievement Hunter logo slapband (2 pack)

      Hey now, you're an all-star, get ya game on, go play. Hey now, you're a rockstar, get the slapbands, get paid.

      These were a thing in 2010. I wore one I got free at a train station for a whole year. I still have it, that thing was sentimental. These ones are way fuckin better. Solid as fuck, could slap the shit outta someone, 10/10.

      Price: $12.99

      Funhaus lapel pin

      I don't need a lapel pin but who cares, it goes with the other few pins I have. Guess what, there's about to be more thanks to the RT Boxes. In two years, pins won't be a thing anymore, just like slapbands, and I'll have to put them with my useless sticker collection and my slapbands.

      The quality on this is actually not bad at all. The orange pops as it should, and it's pretty huge for a pin. I like the style this one has, what with the embossed look and all.

      Price: $12.99

      RWBY Blind box figurine

      Now, these, I never wanted to buy because I knew I'd want to have team RWBY but have to buy four and then be disappointed because it's all random as shit and whyyyyyyy. The chances of getting Ruby, Weiss, Blake or Yang is 3 in 24. The chances of getting Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, Ren or Sun is 2 in 24. Neptune and Zwei are 1 in 24. Those odds are not good. Why is Neptune more rare than Sun. Why are they rare. I guess they'll just make other characters since this is just series one. I think I'd like to see them do team STRQ. Anyway.

      With those chances, what did I want? I fucking wanted the dog!




      I GOT THE BUTT! One in twenny fuckin four and I got Zwei. Thank you RWBY overlords. This thing is adorable. It's really small, I think that's supposed to look in proportion compared to the rest of the figures. I love it. He even has the 'x' butthole like Kerry always pushes for (as seen in RWBY Chibi and even on the mousepad I got in an RT Box). The quality of the painting is a little iffy, but I'm sure that's because they're small and not particularly expensive.
      Price: $9.99

      RWBY collector card pack


      So, once again, bringing something back that's irrelevant. Cards! With things on them! Sure, if I had infinite money I would buy them. Let me just get my cheapskates on. Aaaand 5 bucks for random things is not my cuppa tea. I don't like surprises, and I'm happy this whole box was full of good ones.

      The cards are good quality. They're all numbered on the back, with the RWBY logo on it too. I even got a checklist card. That's kinda cheating to have that as a card but whatever. My special card was a Ruby and Weiss 'poster' card. The special card can be poster, foil, or holographic. I think these would make nice displays if you could be bothered buying enough to get them all. They include like, every character ever. And specific fights, and even episodes I think. I am sad I did not get a Yang card. Nor a Bumblebee team card. Team bee fo' life. But Ruby and Weiss are cool too. I do particularly like the Grimm cards.

      Price: $4.99

      Here's all that in one:


      The inside of the box has a little RT logo pattern and it's cute. I think I might use that in future for taking photos. The outside of the box had the 14th anniversary style printing, but the quality of that print was disappointing. Blurry. But the outside of the box is wrecked anyway since it went almost halfway up the coast, so it doesn't matter.

      Total value: $110.93

      Claimed value: $130

      130 - 110.93 (to find the price of the stubby holder and sticker)

      = $19.07

      Was a stubby holder and a sticker worth 19 bucks? Probably not. But they're close.

      I paid $53.95 and got a confirmed $110.93 worth.

      In the store, I'd pay $108.79 with a 10% discount. Cheaper than buying the total without discount and getting free shipping by $2.14.

      I saved $54.84.



      I hope you enjoyed that if you made it that far. And yes, we talk like that for real. And yes, we do it a lot. And yes, I'm a little bit bogan.

      Hopefully my RT Box comes tomorrow and we can get a look at the improvements.

      There's specific pictures for this that I didn't include because they're common items, but they're still available to have a squiz at in my album.

      I was trying to think of an Aussie goodbye, but I already used hooroo once

      I'll be pissing off now.

    • Heads up for this month

      4 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

      Another month rolls by (holy crap, it's May already)...

      As usual, I'll have my RT Box review up. Those in charge of these special boxes have been working hard to improve the quality and consistency of the contents (or so we have been told). I got a slight inkling of this last month, with the improved construction of the actual box. Excited to see what exactly is inside...even though I've seen some teasers (RWBY villains shirt, and I think there is an item from one of the newest shows...twitter users might know!).

      But just a little something special:

      Supanova, an Australian convention, just passed. Hanabee, who is in charge of our things related to RT, had an interesting item for sale. Luckily, they also had it online, and I had no choice but to get it!

      Let's just say it's a little celebration for RT's 14th anniversary... matt

      That is all. I wonder which will get here first? My dollarydoos are on the mystery item wink

    • Made it onto the front page with Fan Art Friday #60

      5 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

      I'm committing this to my journal so I'll never forget.

      I'm ecstatic that people liked my project!


    • RT Box March 2017 Impressions

      5 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

      Today I woke up to: "Your cup subscription box is here."

      Refer to my last post to see that I hoped my RT Box would come today. It did. Finally. Stupid Australia Post;

       [pretend she says "Australian" instead of "US" and it's fine]


      Whadda we got? Oh look:

      "What's up, dickheads?"

      Can you guess who wrote that?

      If you said Geoff Ramsey, you're right. Only Geoff, my friends! geoff

      Geoff is kind enough to take "45 seconds out of [his] sabbatical to write this shitty letter for [us]",

      and he's also kind enough to suggest throwing most of the contents of this box at people. I'm okay with it, I guess. Except, this was expensive, so not really.

      What throw-able goods are in there, you ask? Here's the list:

      - one Funhaus stress ball (orange; ideal throwing shape)

      - one pair of Achievement Hunter in-ear noise-cancelling earbuds (green; in a plastic case which is also ideal for throwing)

      - one Red Vs. Blue notepad (black; can write down ideas for things to throw at people in it)

      - one Red Vs. Blue pen to go along with that (silver; can use to write down ideas for things to throw at people)

      - one 'extra special' Rooster Teeth 14th anniversary tee matt tada  (black; celebrating that the company still exists apparently)

      - one Sex Swing sticker (black/red/white; not for throwing)

      - #2 of 12 of the season 1 Rooster Teeth Gold cards, featuring Achievement Hunter (about 20% are signed by 'some idiots at Achievement Hunter')

      Let's start with the stress ball, since I probably really needed this and so does, most likely, a lot of other people. Man, I need a job. A good amount of squishiness in this ball. It's coloured and textured like a basketball would be, except I think whoever did the stripes on it was confused because it's not like a basketball should be. One side is normal, and it makes way for the Funhaus logo by not having the stripe that's supposed to go all the way around, which lead to the lines getting lost...I just don't get this thing. It's still functioning but me and perfectionists probably lost their minds and will continue to do so, making a sick loop of stress and squishing. basketball One side looks like that, and the other size is flipped and WHY!11!?

      On to the earbuds. These are useful since my Apple earpods (no, not airpods) will probably break soon since they always do because all Apple cords suck ass. A very nice green colour on these, and they came with a variety of the plastic noise cancelling things so there's the right one for everyone. The case is also handy to prevent the deterioration of the cord integrity. The case has the Achievement Hunter logo [what looks to be] screenprinted on. Nice touch! Had a listen to none other than my lady Shania Twain to test these, they're not the best quality, probably lesser than that of Apple earpods, but they're not bad either; not much bass in these. At least I don't have to turn them up as much as I would with non in-ear ones.

      Our first Red Vs. Blue items have appeared! I'm surprised it took this long for the thing that started it all to be in one of these. Do I get disqualified from the RT club if I've never watched it? The notepad is of decent size. This one is much more substantial than the RWBY one that I got in a previous box. It's more like a diary style than a notepad. It has a page for contacts in the back, if you even write things like that down anymore, and also a calendar up until 2019 or something, if you even use calendars. I don't. But I get one every year just to look at pretty things. The RWBY calendar from the RT Store [shameless plug] is my choice this year. It also has an elastic that holds the book closed and elastic to slip the included pen into as well.

      The pen is a rip off of the Sharpie brand. It's nice and ergonomic in the hand, and has a grip and a clip. It's a twist on/off, and it has the Red Vs. Blue logo on it. I just noticed this one has a stylus on the back end of it too, like the Roostersnaps one that came with the RWBY notepad did. My older sister said, "Red Vs. Blue? What colour is the ink? Red or Blue?" to which I easily responded, "It'll be black." (I was right). I don't need these pens, I have too much stationary left over from the last 5 years of my education that didn't use stationary at all.

      The shirt is black and hooray who doesn't like black shirt. Slimming for all! The design is akin to the one that was on the RT Store during the anniversary sale. It's a very elegant design, featuring many famous things from RT on it. There's the RTX Mouse/X logo there, bottle of what I assume is liquor, the Tower of Pimps tower, game controllers, the grapes of People like grapes, I think the demo disk (?), the Platypus from Camp Camp, a small Texas with a star on Austin, and Ruby's scythe Crescent Rose from RWBY. There's also microphones which I could probably say is for the RT podcast (? idk) and I have NO IDEA why there's traffic cones pls somebody help me.

      Hey, another sticker I can hoard. I DON'T EVEN WATCH HALF THIS STUFF

      And lastly, the second Gold card. I'm feeling lucky! I got a signed one from head boy Trevor! This one's got AH on it, a cute design too. Good to see all my favourite peeps there. Too bad they can't fit everyone in AH (such as those that make videos look nice) on it. The scores on the back are quite funny. Geoff apologised if we got one signed by an idiot, and said we could use it as a cool thing to throw at people if it was. Let's just pretend I'll throw it for Geoff's sake, and not throw it because Trevor is great.

      Geoff also said to leave him alone after declaring to return to his sabbatical. The 45 seconds must have been painful. I hope he's having a good time, poor guy seemed a bit burned out lately. I would be if I knew Gavin and the rest of them, let alone had to boss them around [see: deal with their shenanigans] for a lot of the time!

      There we have it. March done and dusted. I think I need a sabbatical from life. Somebody give me a job. Just...not at Australia Post.

      I've decided to remember I can embed images, so here you go.


      There's more where that came from. Pictures of each item - check out my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album.

      I'll see you soon, yeah? Nah, leave me alone.

      Just kidding.

    • I just entered a submission for Fan Art Friday

      5 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

      After many many many many many hours of work (18 hours+ lmao),

      I turned a few RT boxes into this:


      It's almost 80cm wide, just over 50cm tall, and looks pretty damn good. Big thanks to the sharp knife a friend forged for me for my 21st birthday, less thanks for the tiny cut I gave myself in the process.

      I'd be really happy if you voted for me over at the thread if you could:
      It ends on the 12th of April.

      Maybe you'll see it on the front page this Friday, who knows?

      I have a few more images of it in an album, if you're interested.


      (by the way my March RT box will hopefully come tomorrow. This month's were sent out a bit late, and Australia Post sucks).

    • RT Box February 2017 Impressions (and one code for Orcs Must Die! Unchained giveaway)

      5 months ago

      gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

      I'm back home! That means I'm also back with a 'new' journal featuring the RT Box for February.

      This one comes to us from Jack Pattillojackonce again, rocking a Mardi Gras theme!

      What have we got to celebrate this wonderful event? Let's see:

      - one Achievement Hunter Mardi Gras shirt (green!)

      - one Funhaus cup (neon orange!)

      - one Game Attack shot glass (clear with purple beads!)

      - one Rooster Teeth hot/cold pack (heart shaped with red...things)

      - one set of Double Gold sweat/wristbands (black)

      - one code for Orcs Must Die! Unchained from Let's Play

      - #1 (of season 1's) Rooster Teeth Double Gold card (1 in 5 are signed by Matt Hullum)

      Just to say, no, I didn't get a signed card. Maybe next time. Not disappointing, they're quite nice without the signature anyway! I also liked seeing what appears to be Ruby and Yang featuring in the art wink

      The shirt is a nice mellow green. It also, as usual fits great. The art is actually very pleasing to the eye, and let's face it, Jack is perfect for this one.

      Another Funhaus cup?? Okay. It's a nice one, though. I do like orange. This one is pretty large (I don't have very small hands either, check out my picture to get an eye for size), plus the design is ergonomic and has a good base to help prevent your drunk-ass from spilling it. The plastic seems good quality. My mum is getting sick of all my RT cups, though.

      Game Attack's first feature is a shot glass. This plastic seems a little flimsier but it may be because it has a small hole in it to attach the beads to it. It is also good looking, and I guess we all need glasses on ropes so we can just carry them around. Fitting for the theme. I need to do more shots to keep up with these boxes!

      The hot/cold pack. I will say this once. THIS THING IS ADDICTIVE TO HOLD. I can't stop myself. The bead things are amazing. I don't even need to use this as intended to like it. It's a nice colour and shape heart plus it's practical, I guess. It's microwavable and freezable. The Rooster Teeth logo came misshapen in some places and I think I rubbed parts of it off just playing with it. This whole paragraph is inappropriate. Stop.

      The sweatbands smelled like vomit and when I opened the box I got a good whiff of that. The smell has dissipated somewhat (okay it's not that bad, but I assume people have had this smell accompanying some object in their lives). Other than that con, they're your typical sweatbands. Fluffy yet kind of itchy, and the Double Gold motif is stitched well; they look good. Damn you RT for sending me things to try and make me more fit yet more alcoholic.

      I don't think the game is my type, but ya know. Can't please us all, right? I just don't enjoy playing those types of games that much, and somebody else will - so somebody can have my free copy. Note that you need to sign up on their website, not Steam.

      Hm, this one's a bit short. I guess it was not very exciting, but some good items nonetheless! Maybe I'm just getting better at being concise and succinct? Too bad I couldn't get it down while I was at university...

      Alrighty then! As always, check out my images > RT Box [insert month/year] album for a look at these sweet items!

      Let me know if you want the game code (leave a comment or message me, I'll update it if it's been given to someone).

      See you soon for the March installment! Mine hasn't shipped yet but it usually arrives either just before or after the first week of the month.


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    • DavidtheWavid FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Hey, I've been wondering (And now I'm the only 2 comments on your profile), what's the story behind "((bird noises))"?

      • gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

        1 year ago

        Haha. One of my favourite Gavin moments. It's from let's play minecraft episode 129. Go to 58:07. :)

      • DavidtheWavid FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Somehow took me until now to watch it sorry

      • gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

        11 months ago

        Haha, no problem. I personally have this weird fascination with the noises that Gavin makes (but I'm pretty sure a lot of others do too). They're hilarious  gavin-32.png

    • DavidtheWavid FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Holy shit, oh my God, your hair is freaking awesome.

      • gem_scheltema FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTBox reviews each month

        1 year ago

        Haha thank you! So is yours :) love the colour! Mine is very washed out now.

      • DavidtheWavid FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        1 year ago

        Mine's been washed out twice since this pic. kind of a greenish purpleish swampy silver. I kinda like it.

  • Questions answered by gem_scheltema

    I wish I knew...I can't watch because 1. my family would kill me for watching a 24 hour stream (I would have been able to stay up 24 hours) because we have limited Internet and 2. because our Australian Internet is so crappy it probably wouldn't have worked anyway :(

    BUT I have been looking at all the tweets and Instagram stories (snapchat is having a hard time loading) and there's been a lot of amazing things!

    I think Michael and Lindsay announcing they're having a baby next year is a huge highlight for me and many others. It's literally an EXTRA LIFE!! They will be amazing parents! So many congratulations.


    Also the money raised never ceases to impress!!

    I will have to watch it on YouTube as somebody usually uploads it. That's how I saw last year's.

    I actually love guitars. I would have to say I'm definitely a fan of Fender's designs; to play and in general. I have a couple of favourites; the Telecaster (thinlines in particular), but I also really like the look of the Jazzmaster & Jaguar.

    I would agree with you about white Les Pauls. They look pretty sleek! Truthfully though, I'd probably struggle with their size and weight. Plus, I like Fender's standard scale length more. My Epiphone Firebird might look cool, but it's very heavy and hard for me to play.
    Thank you for an interesting question thumbsup