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    • My Top Secret Mission

      2 months ago


      Clearly living as a Rooster Teeth member in isolation has made me insane.  But it has opened my eyes to new beginnings.  No longer is my mission to join the online community, but rather to infiltrate it.  I have the power of complete anonymity, so why waste it?

      Someone who goes largely unnoticed online should find a way to wreak the most havoc.  No hacking, no trolling, just a bunch of secret activity.  Make the most noise with the least attention.  I don't quite know what that means yet, but I'd be excited to find out how active I can become as a Lone Wolf.  Ahwoooooo, motherfucker.

    • Day 5: My Fan Theory Was Wrong

      7 months ago


      At least I won't lose sleep over it now that the season has wrapped up.

    • Day 5: Fan Theory

      10 months ago


      Being severely anti-spoiler myself, I must post this disclaimer:

      On the extreme off-chance I may be right, people who are highly anti-spoiler may want to avoid reading further.

      Now that my egotistical warning is out of the way, here is my theory:

      The epidemic in Day 5 was caused by a supercollider. Why?

      -We've heard a number of times on the podcast that the folks at Rooster Teeth (I forget who said it) believe that the world will end because someone, maybe CERN, will discover something that humanity wasn't meant to discover.

      Ellis said that the origin of this epidemic is somewhere between Boulder and Houston. So let's narrow this down: there is a cyclotron collider at Texas A&M, but it may not still be active, and it is small by supercollider standards. The only other supercollider in this area is at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and it's still running. I believe our protagonists' journey will take them there to get to the bottom of this disaster.

    • Dead group?

      in Forums > Dead group? | Follow this topic


      Why is it that every fan forum I visit has been inactive for at least a year? This fan forum is a ghost town. Full of fantoms, if you will.

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    • RT Community Latecomer (I swear this never happens.)

      10 months ago


      I'm writing this with the knowledge that not a single person (or someone in a relationship) will see this. For the quick version, I'll boldface the "important" shit.

      While I have been watching RT content for at least five years, I've only recently decided to create an account. For some idiotic reason, I thought I had to be a sponsor to join the site...pfffffffff.

      Seeing how I've never posted in an online community before, I now have no idea how to get involved. What can I say, I'm dumb. They say to post in the forums, but they also say to read the forum rules. Mainly, don't ask questions twice. Like I have time to read through 8 years worth of posts on a single thread. Ideally, someone may notice a comment of mine and find it entertaining and/or really fucking stupid and feel the need to send a...friend request? I'm not even sure what to call it on the site yet. I may decide to just follow other newbies on the site in the hopes that I could "click" with one of them. NOTE: The pun is always intended.

      I kinda feel like Kiff from South Park's Facebook/Tron episode...

      Things to know about me:

      -I really enjoy cartoons, especially anime

      -I talk to myself to help me think (Ex. this dumbass post)

      -My goal in life is to be paid for my shitty puns

      -My writing is way more formal than I am

      -It's an abbreviation for Maine when you capitalize it

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    Budding wordsmith, pun enthusiast, and master of dad jokes.

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