This holiday season brought lots of great memories and new experiences. My wife and I had a great time at our first Rooster Teeth Holiday party this past December! It was awesome to see everyone enjoying the step-and-repeat backdrops I designed for the party. The event was Pop Art themed and some folks came in full Andy Warhol attire; which didn't disappoint. 

The food was incredible and I may never recover from the very unique honeycomb brie situation!

It was great to see everyone dressed up and celebrating a successful year of great content and experiences for our community. 

Kara and I spent a great deal of our holiday time in our new RWBY onesies... which are insanely comfortable! 

We gave a pair of RT onesies to each of our parents as well, and that was also a huge hit... my dad wears his WITH his cowboy hat on. HYSTERICAL! 

Hope you all had a great holiday season! Looking forward to all the cool things I'll get to design this year! 

Happy New Year! 



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