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    • Tour Life meets RTX Life!

      2 months ago

      gisellegrayson Sr. Graphic Designer

      This week is so special to me! I've been at Rooster Teeth for over a year now and this is really the first time that my music life and my RT life have collided. I have the unique good fortune to be able to do not one, but two things I really love for a living. I've worked in design for over 10 years, and I've been working in music since I was "knee high to a grasshopper" as we say down south. For anyone learning about my music background via this post you can find out more HERE


      Balancing the two careers was always a challenge for me before coming to RT. It's very difficult to go tour and do all the things that support an album while working a 9-5 and meeting deadlines. I had no idea when I started at RT how that would all change for me. Working for a company built by creative people, they really understand how creative people work. The environment is flexible and supportive and I'm enjoying my life more and more now that those two worlds exist side by side. Giving up one for the other was just never an option for me! I love both fields so much. 

      This week is particularly exciting! I'm doing a big show at Emo's tonight - one of my favorite music venues in Austin - it's the midway marker for my summer tour. It's also RTX Austin week! Sometimes I think I'm absolutely insane for booking a show this week, but then I realized how cool it is that some of the RT Community will actually be able to attend my concert and I'll get to share something special with them I ordinarily may not have the opportunity to.


      By the time this week is over I will have put in a solid 105 hour work week between design work, tour rehearsals, photoshoots, video shoots, show time, and RTX! There will be lots of RedBull consumed and I already have a massage booked for next week. 

      More than anything else, in this post, I want to say THANK YOU to my colleagues, my team, and the community for being so supportive! I put 100% of what I have into everything that I do and I get the privilege to do that alongside some really talented people. To be welcomed into such a tight knit community is a blessing and I look forward to every tweet, DM, IG comment, and post that I get from each of you! Special thank you to my beautiful wife, Kara, who not only performs with me, but keeps me together and deals with my intense commitment to my work, late nights, so many photoshoots, and just saying YES to the adventure that is our life together! I love you Bean! 

      Because the timing of this is so unique - I've teamed up with the Events & Marketing teams to give an exclusive discount to RTX Attendees! If you're in town early and want to enjoy a show tonight, use code RTXAUSTIN for 50% off concert tickets. You can grab these up until 6pm. You're welcome to come after that but they do charge $30 at the door... so $11 pre-sale is a sweet deal! I also have a sweet RTX deal for my fans who haven't grabbed their RTX tix yet (shhh you'll find out after the concert)! 



      If you decide to come out, absolutely stop by my booth and say hello! Let's take a pic or chat about Camp Camp! Otherwise I'll see you at RTX this weekend! Dropping my schedule below. Have a blast and stay hydrated wherever you go! 


      All the gratitude! 


    • Holiday Wrap Up

      9 months ago

      gisellegrayson Sr. Graphic Designer

      This holiday season brought lots of great memories and new experiences. My wife and I had a great time at our first Rooster Teeth Holiday party this past December! It was awesome to see everyone enjoying the step-and-repeat backdrops I designed for the party. The event was Pop Art themed and some folks came in full Andy Warhol attire; which didn't disappoint. 

      The food was incredible and I may never recover from the very unique honeycomb brie situation!

      It was great to see everyone dressed up and celebrating a successful year of great content and experiences for our community. 

      Kara and I spent a great deal of our holiday time in our new RWBY onesies... which are insanely comfortable! 

      We gave a pair of RT onesies to each of our parents as well, and that was also a huge hit... my dad wears his WITH his cowboy hat on. HYSTERICAL! 

      Hope you all had a great holiday season! Looking forward to all the cool things I'll get to design this year! 

      Happy New Year! 



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