So, there’s been many questions/comments/concerns regarding a video game website & trailer released by Bilibili a couple weeks ago.

I want to start off by saying this is for sure an official RWBY game. 

The RWBY team has been overseeing the project and making sure it’s up to our design and game play standards.

Current video is a work in progress, and is not representative of the final game play or character designs. Unfortunately, because it’s only in Chinese, our international fans were concerned it was a bootleg.

Good news is it’s not a bootleg!

Sad news is that at the moment it is only planned to be released in the following territories: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau with the launch date TBD. It will be playable on PC as well as mobile.

You can check out the updated website and video here: >http://rwby.biligame.com/yuyue/#dmc1

For now there is some amazing feature art to look at with additional details to come.


-Thanks for being a fan-

Christine >^_^<

Licensing Coordinator- Animation