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    • 2018.

      2 weeks ago

      laurenedensor life in plastic

      Don't mind me, just posting a belated 'new year, new me' journal to get myself excited for the new year because I still feel very laidback even though I know I have so much to do! 2017 was definitely the year where I noticed that I'm surrounded by very creative people who do a lot of great work! But I also realised I'd become the type of person that worried about the minutiae of everything.

      Am I doing this, that and the other right? Should I be more like them, or those, or that? 2018 I'm hoping will be the year for reigniting my passions for my hobbies and being able to do them wrong, do them differently, and do them until I don't realise I'm actually doing them. I'm kicking things off with a little no-pressure to-do list so I can keep myself up to date on where my life stands.


      Unfortunately studying abroad didn't work out for me - my course was very limited to where I could travel to and I didn't fall in love with any of the places. Luckily, the money I saved on going abroad and studying for a year will be instead used on RTX Austin this year! I'm very excited to see America and look around Austin, as well as hopefully meet some people I've never met in person before! (Both friends and staff!) 

      I've moved into a new student flat with my friend Chloe and it's looking a bit sparse right now (at least on my end). I want to add some nicely homely touches to my room in order to make it look like I'm planning on staying. I can. Commit. 

      New city, new school, new people, new new new new new. I've felt like my confidence has been really stretched lately. A huge example of this was RTX London - everyone around me was a new person, apart from the staff! It did get a bit overwhelming, and I'm talking sobs-into-the-duvet-whilst-still-wearing-my-coat-and-shoes level of overwhelmed. I want to settle into all the "new" in my life so I can feel more assured in all the decisions I'm having to make (on my own). I think I might be asking for too much....

      I barely read a thing in 2017. I completely lost touch with books and essentially took a year out from reading. I don't currently live with all of my books, and the ones I do have at university are still partially packed away. I want to work harder to get myself into the rhythm of reading regularly. I think I'm going to aim to read a book a month - and at the very least that will give me a boost (and provide content for the blog I write for uni!)


      I also want to find the time, however fleeting, to work on doing more crafty and creative things! I have a load of Funhaus quotes ready to be stitched and framed so I can practice on my fonts - I just need to get everything together to practice! I'd also love to provide more of an input into the RTDraws instagram (even though I technically don't draw) and the RT Creatives group I joined!


      I really want to take more instant photos with my Polaroid and Instax cameras, I've really fallen in love with instant cameras and I want to go further with them! I'm deffo aiming to learn my way around the Instax ready for Austin!

      'There is freedom waiting for you, 
      On the breezes of the sky, 
      And you ask, 'What if I fall?
      Oh, but my darling, 
      What if you fly?' 

      - Erin Hanson

      In most areas of my life, I'm extremely brave. In others, I'm learning what it is to be brave. I'm going to try and encourage that learning and I'll pour myself a hefty gin when I see the first growth spurt. 

      This turned out to be long, I'm very sorry.

    • My Place in the Community

      3 weeks ago

      laurenedensor life in plastic

      I've been struggling awhile with my Purpose in the RT Community - which sounds so dUMB but I feel so helpless watching people create amazing art, cosplays and animation and knowing i can do nONE of IT 

      But I have really been enjoying writing little guides to RTX on my personal blog and taking a more active role in the groups I'm a part of!!! Maybe that's my little home in the community ((until i learn to sew in the year 2030. in which case. watch out world.)) 

    • Just When You Thought You'd Gotten Rid Of Me

      3 months ago

      laurenedensor life in plastic

      I'm baaaAAAaaack!

      Little update on me rn:

       benson went to RTX London - had an absolute blast and met many new friends and the staff!!!

       benson studying at Sheffield! I'm doing okay and settling in!!!

       benson going to RTX Austin!! - The deposit is paid and I'm going on holiday with some pals!

       benson study abroad! - I'm looking into Austin but it's v tight and competitive so I'm even considering Aussie!!

      I'm still alive x 

    • Update // 20th August

      5 months ago

      laurenedensor life in plastic

      Remember when I said I was going to be regularly posting on here? HA

      So, many of you are probably saying, 'Hey, Lil Big L, what's been going on?' and I say unto you...University!

      I'm all accepted and enrolled at Sheffield University, to study Digital Media! I'm very excited, and nervous, to move away to a new city and be surrounded by new people. I'm also in two minds about whether to try and secure a year abroad studying in Austin, so I'm planning on attending RTX Austin next year! (I'm going to melt)

      I've also sent a letter into Rooster Teeth that was very sappy and emotional - I have no clue if I've sent it to the right place but maybe the wind will take it to Burnie Burns like in a movie or something. 

      I've also got my shit together for RTX London! I just need to buy a little Instax camera so I can put little photos into a travel diary that I'm pulling together. I also need to buy a travel diary. 

      Talk soon! I promise.

      Lauren x 

    • Update // 13th Feb

      1 year ago

      laurenedensor life in plastic

      I've lost 10lbs since the start of the year!!! 

      To celebrate I went out and bought myself a load of new stuff that I can take to uni, as well as some makeup bits! (discount stores are honestly, The One, I got a bare minerals primer for £5 and I'm loving life.)  

      Tonight I have dance class and then tomorrow hopefully my new glasses will arrive and I can finally see! Living life in SD is so vile I need that 4K vision back! 

      I've also started to make more friends in the RTUK group and I'm feeling so much better about going to RTXL solo! 

      Have a good week!

    • RTX London

      1 year ago

      laurenedensor life in plastic


      I sorted my hotel for RTX in October and I'm so excited! It's gonna be so cool to meet other RT fans as well as the staff!!!!

      Operation: RTX Body starts today!!

    • 2017 Goals

      1 year ago

      laurenedensor life in plastic

      I'm such a sucka for ~self development~ and resolutions and every year I fall into the same trap of making them and fooling myself into thinking I can keep them. HERE WE GO AGAIN

       purple_heart - Achieve D*D*D* at the end of my college course
       purple_heart - Be more active in the community! (Doing what you ask? No clue!)

       purple_heart - Run in a charity race

       purple_heart - Get organised!!!!

      Those are my ones!!! My goals!!!

      Do you guys have any goals?


      1 year ago

      laurenedensor life in plastic

      however........I got my first uni offer! Manchester Metropolitan gave me a (super achievable) conditional offer - and it has abroad study! I'm deffo coming to America at one point!! *longest ye boi ever* 

    • Posting (21/11/16)

      1 year ago

      laurenedensor life in plastic

      Another week, another update (I'm doing quite well)

      I finally wrote the cards I'm going to send to RT and Barb (her card has a pun on it so she deserves her own card.) I had planned a small little "thank you", but it ended up being quite emotional (if it gets to them and they open it I hope they don't think I'm a sap.) 

      Still just got my mum's Christmas shopping to get, but I'm waiting on a tax rebate so I think I'll use that for the present I'm going to get her. I've also seen a dream faux fur pink coat in H&M so......priorities......

      Update on uni: I'VE STARTED APPLYING!!! Super exciting and slightly nervous, I hope I get in at UCLAN or Sheffield, but I've applied at Manc Met and Derby just in case. 

      How are you all? Started any Christmas shopping yet? 

    • Long Time No Speak (15/11/16)

      1 year ago

      laurenedensor life in plastic


      I'm alive!

      I promised myself that I'd update more on this but honestly what an empty promise. So far - I have actually sent off my personal statement for university to my tutor to edit and make better. I've narrowed down my uni choices between UCLAN and Sheffield  (Still leaning towards Sheff bc of the amazing vintage shops and the fact that Sumo games have an office there.... Okay, and the fact I could maybe go to Austin.) 

      I've started getting stuff together for Christmas, and whilst I was making my list, I quickly added on Dairy Milk chocolate for Gav and Burnie before I talked myself out of it. I debated about it, but I've also bought the chocolate and the postage stuff so I guess I'm sending something over for Christmas! (I've also got Barb a lil moose seasonal card because its got a pun on it.) 

      So now I have to do it. What a nerd I am. 

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      Welcome to the site! It's an honor to have such a gorgeous lady to join our ranks! smiley9.gif

      I'll be sure to shower you with friendship!

      Pretend that the water is my friendship.

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      Hi! Welcome to the site =D Hope you like it, and also, thx for the friend add. ^^

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      Welcome to the Cockbite community Lauren!! I hope you enjoy being part of this weird, fun, and awesome community!!!

      P.S Anything else I should know? :p

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