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    • Warehouse Transition

      9 months ago


      Hey friends!

      We have some big changes coming to the RT Store that we wanted to fill you in on. Before we dive in, we wanted to take this opportunity to address some of the challenges we faced and explain why these changes are coming.

      Last holiday season, we experienced some issues with our warehouse and fulfillment center that impacted shipping times, led to the oversale of certain items, and resulted in a poor experience for many of you. On top of that, our Customer Care team was unprepared for the spike in inquiries as a result of the warehouse issues, which led to unacceptable response times. We are incredibly sorry for our poor communication and for not meeting your expectations this past holiday season. We’ve spent the last few months working on solutions to improve the RT Store shopping experience, and now we’d like to announce how we’re fixing it.

      Here’s the big news: effective April 19, we will be shipping from a new fulfillment center! We’ve outgrown our current warehouse and are excited to partner with a larger and more technically adept one. This was not a decision we came to lightly. We’ve been shipping with the same warehouse fulfillment team for over a decade, but as our business has grown we realize that we need to make some big changes to provide all our store customers with the best possible service. It’s a big step for us, but we know it’s the right thing to do.

      The new warehouse is equipped to  provide more shipping options and faster shipping prep times, which for many of you should mean merch hitting your doorstep sooner! They are capable of handling high-volume shipping times, which means you can order during sale times, holiday season, and Extra Life with confidence that you’ll get your orders on time.

      We expect for there to be a very short downtime during the transition, roughly from 11:00 pm CDT April 18 to 3:00 am CDT April 19. You will be able to shop with us right up until then and just after. After April 18, you may notice some items will show as sold out for a period of time before all of our inventory is in our new warehouse. However, the majority of our popular inventory will be available for sale on the April 19. We want to stress that downtime will be minimal. And trust me, you’ll want to shop with us on the April 20 **cough cough** Limited Edition Geoff **cough cough** Limited Edition 15th Anniversary merch from Rooster Teeth, RWBY, Achievement Hunter, and RvB **cough cough**.

      In addition to our new warehouse partnership, we’re addressing the communication concerns by growing our Customer Care team. @Chelsea has taken on a new role as Community Support Manager (congrats Chelsea!), working closely with the team to improve response time and ensure that we are providing helpful and accurate responses. We hope that you won’t need to contact us for issues with your order, but in the event you do, we are striving to respond quickly and resolve the issue with excellence.

      We know everyone living outside the US is thinking, “Cool beans but what about me?” We want to be transparent about the fact that we know the international shopping experience needs a lot of work. We have not done the best job keeping up with the UK and AUS store. We’ve faced challenges trying to produce items outside the US with the same quality and the same cost. As a result, we haven’t been able to get the same product in those stores. To address this, we’re working to improve the international shopping experience in the US store by adding more shipping options and the ability to track your shipments. We are also working to improve the product selection over the next few months in the international stores to better reflect the product mix we offer in the US.

      Since we are rolling out several initiatives to improve your shopping experience, we will be reaching out to you to ask you how we’re doing. People who shop with us over the next few months will receive email surveys asking how your experience was with shipping, customer service, etc. Your opinion matters and we really want to hear from you. We want for you to love shopping with us as much as you love watching our content.

      Here’s the TLDR breakdown:

      • New warehouse coming April 19 with better shipping options and faster shipping times

      • Customer Care is working to improve response times and the quality of support we provide

      • Don’t miss the April 20 Limited Edition launch – it will be epic AF

      Thanks for your support and patience with us as we work through these growing pains. We’re excited about how amazing this new store experience is going to be and can’t wait to get your feedback to make it as good as it can possibly be.

      <3 RT Store Team

    • Happy Community Day

      11 months ago


      I just wanted to write a quick note about how amazing you guys are that make up our community!  The product and e-Comm team is having so much fun creating products and seeing reviews and what everyone is liking....or not liking. We are dedicated to making this an awesome year for everyone. We have a ton of fun projects and upgrades that we will be implementing throughout the year and can't wait to share more! I myself have been absolutely blown away by the support and interaction I've seen so far. Not even to mention the product ideas, fan art, shirt designs and so much more all over social media - such a creative community, I can't wait to see what you come up with next! 

      Looking forward to seeing everyone at our RTX coming up in August and at the live events throughout the year. You guys rule and we love you!  caboose

    • morrisonian asked r_quinny a question

      About the journal about the store issues this Christmas. I ordered items before the set date to get them before Christmas and I did not so I was wondering how to get my gift card and refund, thanks!:)

      Answered: Jan 24, 2018

      Yes, you would be qualified for the gift card and refund.  Have you received it yet?  They were all sent out last week

    • Introduction and holiday store update

      1 year ago


      Hey guys,

      Before I get started, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Ryan Quinn, and recently, I took on the role of VP of Consumer Products at Rooster Teeth.  I am extremely excited to join the family here and look forward to what we will be able to create in the future!  

      I wanted to write this post in response to some of the issues we experienced over the holiday season.  Since we are a growing company, we are constantly looking at best ways to scale and meet all of your needs throughout the process.  Unfortunately, we experienced a few issues that started during our big Extra Life weekend and continued throughout the holiday season. You’ve read Barbara’s and Chelsea’s posts over the holidays addressing some of the issues, but I’d like to further explain what exactly occurred.

      We saw such great support for Extra Life that we had to go back and place additional orders for products to keep up with the extra demand.  This caused a major back up for our third party warehouse going into Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Once we went into the last week of November, we were having issues getting accurate inventory reports from the warehouse.  These two issues started compounding the problem, and we were experiencing many instances of packages taking a few weeks to even get out of the warehouse.  Unfortunately, once we understood the extent of these issues, it was too late to remedy them. We were all working around the clock to do everything in our power to work on customer service issues, work with our third party warehouse, and make sure things were running smoothly; but we fell short of what our goal was and did not provide the service to you that we were hoping for.

      In the coming months, we are going to be making some changes to ensure that we plan better and avoid a similar situation at all costs. As we make changes, we will be more vocal and transparent as to what they are.  The first things we are doing immediately are to make changes around pre-selling items and stock issues.  If we ever have to pre-sell an item again (like the extra life pin) we will communicate pre-sales more clearly so you know when you can expect your item.  We are also going to put in a more extensive buffer on inventory. Since the warehouse does not update us fast enough on inventory levels, we will put aside enough to cover any large sell-through rates.  

      With all that being said, we are still extremely proud of the team that worked so hard to get everything out this season.  We issued over 100,000 orders throughout the season and experienced issues with items being out of stock or major issues on only 2% of the orders.  We also got through 12,900 customer service tickets as we were getting through the issues.  

      As of this afternoon, the customer care team has responded to nearly all of the tickets. We recognize that some of you are still having issues with your orders.  All remaining open tickets, where either the team has been waiting for a response from you, or you have been waiting for a response from us, will continue to be worked on through the next couple of days.

      Lastly, for the people we have identified as having orders shipped with missing items, we are going to refund you for any item not received; additionally, we’re going to give you a $25 coupon to buy a shirt on us.  For those of you who placed your order by the holiday cut off (read here for more info) and didn’t received your order by the holiday, we will refund you for the shipping and give you a $25 coupon.

      As I’m just getting to know the community, I am amazed by how supportive and excited everyone is to be part of the Rooster Teeth family.  Thank you so much for your patience and we absolutely appreciate your understanding.  



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