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    • Alright, here goes.

      7 months ago

      refrakt Lindsey Craig

      I don't post here very often, but I figure the few that have ever met me before probably realise something's very different. And well, you'd be right.

      I've had a particularly challenging last 12 months, with a lot of mental anguish and self doubt. But I've been seeking therapy and support from some of my closest friends to help me come to terms with, well, myself.

      And though I've still got a hell of a long way to go, and I'm still not to everyone (including family), I felt now was the time to do so as part of the RoosterTeeth community as one of the few places I've felt truly welcomed and accepted despite my total social ineptitude.

      So yeah: I'm transgender. I'm currently going by Lindsey, and she/her pronouns. Hi!

    • May 16

      2 years ago

      refrakt Lindsey Craig

      I thought my first note of this new attempt at sharing more had to be RWBY related! Can I just say how AMAZING it was to be at the RWBY Vol 1 screening in Liverpool last month? Sure I was a shy s.o.a.b. the entire night so I barely spoke to anyone, but seeing so many fans in Liverpool ODEON, and so many of them in cosplay trooping the RWBY fandom like that was just amazing... Whilst I've not quite flaunted it quite so spectacularly myself, you guys all absolutely rocked it and made that night for me. I was so so proud to be an RT fan that night and sounds like I'll have many more chances to get to know you all sooner than later!

    • Yeesh. I suck at keeping up appearances huh?

      2 years ago

      refrakt Lindsey Craig

      So my recaps fell by the wayside pretty early on this year... If I'm being honest I figured that'd be the hardest one of my goals for 2016 to keep - as much as I want to commit to something like this I'll often and very randomly struggle to have the creative writing skills to write something on a page like this regularly. It's funny because until you start writing frequently it's hard to appreciate that it does genuinely require that creative thought; it takes being in the right mindset to write something you'd want to read again yourself, never mind putting something someone else might find interesting...


      So I'm going to try a different tack: no recaps or that malarkey, but I'll try once a week to write a few sentences about something I've done or that's on my mind... I reckon that'll do for starting to make me maybe open up a bit better to new people!

    • Recap #5 - February 7 2016

      2 years ago

      refrakt Lindsey Craig

      We made it to February guys! High 5! And yes, technically I'm writing this at 1am on the 8th but you're not going to call me out on that because you're awesome people. Right?

      I've had a great week by my standards - stressful but productive in work and then although I didn't get up to much after work during the week, this weekend was superb. I had a free house all weekend with my dad being away, so I got a couple of friends round to eat, drink and play games. Good times! Plus my best mate stayed over and although he's not really an RT fan I chucked a load of videos on to watch - Off Topic RTXAU and the Million Dollars But episodes mainly. I wouldn't normally make anyone watch them if they weren't a fan but having seen them before I knew the humour was right up their alley... And honestly I'm so glad I did. Just chilling out watching them over a few beers and just chatting shit off the back of them was so much fun, and I'm so not used to watching RT content with anyone at all, that having that opportunity made re-watching them just amazing.

      And honestly that's the simple summary of my week - truth is I'm really tired after this weekend so I'm keeping it short, but I wanted to end on a kind of epiphany I had today which will seem ridiculously obvious to most people but, yeah.

      I spent a few hours reorganising my room because it was just getting unworkable, and I was trying to think where to put stuff. I managed to free an entire shelf up in my wardrobe so I thought, oh great I could put my games there. But then I thought - wait.. no. I want to see them when I walk in. More to the point, I want other people to see them when I walk in. I've gotten so used to just packing stuff away and tidying stuff, when really all I want to do is make sure that yeah it's tidy, but that everything I love and am passionate about is on full display. It's something I'd have deliberately hidden years ago - what if they think board games are stupid... I can't deal with that, I'll stick them under the bed. But I don't want that any more. I currently only have my room (at least until I move out) - the least I can do with what little space I have is make it reflect ME. And truth be told it felt in that moment that I'd made progress towards my goals for this year. That I didn't want to just ghost it and follow the crowd, but be proud of my interests and want to share them with everyone I know.

      I tweeted earlier after my friend left, that this weekend hadn't been overtly special, but that it had been a really great one. And 6/7 hours later, sitting in bed contemplating the last week for this journal, I think I understated it....

      Until next week <3

    • Recap #4 - January 31 2016

      2 years ago

      refrakt Lindsey Craig

      January's dead. Long live January!

      It's weird; I feel like January has absolutely flown by, but this week specifically dragged for me. Work has been really busy all week, and yet I turned to one of my colleagues on Friday and asked him "Did we actually complete anything this week?" "Nope" was his answer. Yay productivity!

      So I already did a mid week blog about Lazer Team escapades... I was telling some non-RT community friends about it last night and even they thought the whole idea of seeing a film with exclusively fans of the content was awesome. I'm just gutted my Blu-Ray copy hasn't arrived yet... </3

      In keeping with one of my New Year resolutions to keep in touch with more people (and do so a lot better too!) I met up with a long time friend of mine (outside the community again) for the first time this year, just for a couple of hours after work. It equal parts confuses me and makes me happy that it does at least happen, that there's just some friends you can just really easily talk to about anything even if you don't see them for a while. We're both really into our gadgets, cars, and a few other things besides, and I came home from hanging out with him and his now fiancé on Tuesday just feeling better about everything. :)

      I also spent last night and this morning over in Liverpool with some other friends, and unlike the last few times I've been over, I didn't take things like Jackbox and CAH with me, so it was just a way more casual/chatty affair, and honestly the change in atmosphere was great... I've kind of felt sometimes I get invited purely for those games, but to get invited round regardless and still have a lot of fun was a nice feeling.

      I've had another week where I've barely read anything unfortunately, but I've made some headway with the Stirling bio so I'll hopefully finish it this week coming!

      My January In Summary:

      - Positive stuff happening in work!

      - I read a book! And a bit!

      - All the Lazer Team feels!

      - RWBY S3 has gotten crazy and I love it!

      - I got to hang out with new people from the community!

      - I've got better at hanging out with friends regularly!

      Things in February I'm hoping to do:

      - Meet up with community people again! Let's not be strangers!

      - Plenty of things happening with non-community friends to keep me busy!

      - Lindsey Stirling's book is getting finished, and The Martian read. My minimum for this month!

      - Buy myself the book that inspired Edge of Tomorrow (All You Need Is Kill) for March's read!

      - Friend's stag-do. Oh god.

      And now, February... Hope it starts well for you all!

    • Recap #3.5 - January 27 2016

      2 years ago

      refrakt Lindsey Craig

      Whoa what, a .5 post? The world has gone mad. Well, you're kind of right. LAZER TEAM IS OUT!

      I've literally just got home from the Liverpool showing, and it was a super event. Just parking up and seeing fans wearing unmistakeably RT attire entering the cinema was awesome. The queue snaked all around the atrium; I just wish I'd taken a photo because it was really impressive! I'd planned on meeting a few people there, but in the end it was pure chance. I literally resigned myself to the fact I would have to find them after the film, but virtually as soon as I sat down, I looked left, and they sat right next to me. I was so surprised I just said 'Hi' and didn't know what to say! So, I guess sorry Kit for maybe coming across a bit weird?


      Lazer Team. Absolutely no spoilers, so the long and the short of it was it was BRILLIANT. The pacing was great, the production value from the backers was evident throughout, and there was a lot more depth to the characters than I honestly expected! Plus there were numerous cameos both staff, props and music too. The fan atmosphere of the Tugg screening absolutely made the night though - with everyone being fans with similar tastes in humour, when jokes landed, they landed. And with Matt's little before and after messages, the outtakes clips the whole event literally felt like sitting with friends watching it just like any other RT video. Perfect!

      And the icing on the cake for me was the naming of every single Indiegogo backer in the credits. We all know RT as being really community focussed, but that touch really cemented that for me.

      Plus I got to hang out with 3 great new people, and I hope to see them more going forward because god knows I could use knowing more people locally who like the same stuff as me. :)

      Until Sunday (and a single number recap, without the decimal point!) have a great week y'all

    • Recap #3 - January 24 2016

      2 years ago

      refrakt Lindsey Craig

      OK, so hands up who thought I'd go three weeks in a row successfully? Anyone? Thought so!

      Man has it been a stressful week this one... It's been really busy in work, and despite a number of things making great progress, it only takes a few things to go sideways and counteract it. I'm making the best of it though, even if it means the work probably won't let up for a couple of weeks as a result.

      I'm a stress person if you can't tell already! I'll easily latch on to something and make it a really big deal, and probably too much so. I don't think I've actively said so yet on here, but I'm probably not doing RTX again this year, owing to trying to save money to move out into my own place. Which I mean, as much as I desperately want to do RTX again, I'm cool with not doing it every year. It makes the times I will go more special, and it's important to keep your options broad - see new places and not the same ones over and over (a mistake I've made plenty of times in my life already). But yeah, so that's a few thousand pounds saved, and then I'm trying to work out where else I can save money. Stuff like my car, which I love to pieces (and is called Ruby because it's actually red like roses) as efficient as it is fuel wise, still costs me loads to pay off, so I'm looking at options to switch from that perhaps. And then there's the potential of a pay rise in April but I've no idea what that'll be. And then there's the possibility I'll be going to clients elsewhere in the UK from May/June - that'd be amazing not just because I can expense stuff and save money, but I love going to new places and just having a change of scenery.

      So I'm in a weird place right now: I'm not sure how long I'm here for, I've not got any plans at all for the next year or so, and I'm constantly re-evaluating my life day by day... Eurgh.

      Anywho, positives!

      It's Lazer Team week now. If you class the week starting as Sunday like the software I use in work does. Odd right? Seriously though, I'm stoked. There's a couple of people who I've spoken to for a while now and am finally going to meet, and then a whole showing worth of people from the community who I've never met from the area. Stealing the enthusiasm from last week's RT Podcast, it really is just the biggest and most exciting RT community event yet, and it's super cool to be a part of it!

      Oh, books! Yeah, I had a bit of a hiatus due to the aforementioned stress, however I've made a start at Lindsey Stirling's autobiography and enjoying it so far :) Going to make a conscious effort to put down the controller and pick up the books again this week so hopefully I can proudly say I've read it this time next week!

      And that's me done for another week. It's surreal still seeing a lot of what's been in my head all week suddenly written down in front of me, and I really don't know who if anyone reads these, but I'm enjoying the experience. I may not have the best track record of being actively involved in the community besides attending events, but for now, personally, this feels like a nice intermediary step to just share and let you get to know me more. See, I'm more than just another +1 to the subscriber total! ARE YOU PROUD NOW MUM AND DAD?!

      Have a great week y'all, and see some of you in ZOMG LITERALLY JUST DAYS.

    • Recap #2 - January 17 2016

      2 years ago

      refrakt Lindsey Craig

      Already surprising myself here... Not very often I keep promises I make on this site! But it's been a particularly odd week so I kind of need to talk about stuff this time!

      Wowza was RWBY good this week. And last week. And this season. Really intrigued about the direction of the whole story of late, and definitely Gray's 'warning' about the themes in the show has definitely been necessary - this season has got a lot darker fast. I won't spoil anything though - if you want to discuss it though message me here or on twitter (@mtcraig) because I love talking about it and I don't really get many opportunities to do so otherwise! Anyway... that was yesterday - how about the rest of the week?

      So I started the week off contemplating changing jobs, and even met someone for lunch to catch up and discuss the possibility; however I think I'll stay put for the moment. Funny thing is it took that discussion to really understand why; kind of ironic right?

      I said last week I'd be reading the Martin - well, that sort of got put on hold. I was about to start and then Lindsey Stirling's autobiography (The Only Pirate at the Party) showed up on my doorstep. I've been waiting for that thing to arrive for about 6 months at this point and I literally can't get enough of her music and her story - being told she was never going to be successful and becoming the star she is today, it's a real motivator in my eyes so safe to say I'm reading that first so Martian takes a brief back seat! If anyone reads this and is a Lindsey Stirling fan, what song is your favourite? I struggle to pick one - Shatter Me is a stunner of a title track, Roundtable Rival is (bizarrely) a permanent member of my driving playlist, and Sun Skip just makes me so freaking happy every time I hear it... But honestly, it's a tie between Electric Daisy Violin and Crystallize. The latter I stumbled across as a link from somewhere, I forget. But the former I remember just falling in love with immediately and practically having on loop... Whenever I introduce someone to Lindsey's music, that's what I show them! Really hope to see her perform again soon!

      Alas, I've gone off track a bit...

      I had a really productive week otherwise! One of those weeks where Friday rolls around and you're actually not so desperate to just get home and chill. It's a really satisfying feeling and really is a relief after having a few weeks exactly the opposite before Christmas. And then yesterday I went round to hang out with friends over in Liverpool for the first time in 2016; we played Cards Against Humanity, Fibbage, Bidiots, Drawful, YDJK, the works, and it was great fun... Stayed overnight and we watched Sweet Charity (at the girls request) and despite being utterly mad and having a sudden ending, it was surprisingly good!

      And... then it all has just gone downhill for me really. I never know when to leave, and I feel I left too late and overstayed my welcome a bit... So it got quieter later on, and I felt really awkward and stupid leaving when I did, and now I'm home I just don't know what to do with myself. By all accounts I had a great time, but it feels rather hollow knowing that once the games I'd brought had got put away I kind of just felt like a spare part. And to top that off, it was the first time in a while I'd properly hung out anywhere other than home, so to break that monotony and go somewhere else and still feel like I didn't really belong was, well, kind of despressing.

      Sorry to end this one on a lower note, but I feel if I'm going to do these journals properly I can't do what I used to do and just bottle stuff up...

      On the bright side - I'm ending this weekend watching the latest Off Topic and the Immersion BTS! So there are laughs to be had yet! I wish you all well for the week ahead!

      PS. This is even longer than last week. Oops? But yeah, Lazer Team is 10 DAYS AWAY. Yiiiiiiikes. Cannot. Wait.

    • Recap #1 - January 10 2016

      2 years ago

      refrakt Lindsey Craig

      So one of my mini resolutions for this year was to try and be more open with certain stuff, particularly with stuff I enjoy. I don't know about everyone else, but I feel all too often I'll keep quiet about certain stuff around people because I think they'll judge me differently. Which now I think about it, is kind of stupid! But what can I say, I've done it for a while and it's a tough change mentally... So as a start, I guess I'll begin by begin more open on here and hope it filters into the rest of my life. :)

      It's been 10 days into 2016 already. I mean holy shit wow. My last week has been a damn blur. New Years, back at work, I've been to Edinburgh and back (including two of the absolute worst travel trips I have EVER had, bar none), and I'm finally sitting here now a little bit more chilled out but in the knowledge I'm about to have my first 5 day week of the year - I struggled with 3 1/2 last week (oh damn).

      One of my bigger resolutions this year is to get back into reading, and I feel like I've got a solid line-up to start me off! I've just finished reading Felicia Day's autobiography (You're Never Weird on the Internet) - what a great read that is, particularly the latter chapters. I won't spoil anything because I feel it has more impact reading it yourself, but I closed the book afterwards and literally thought to myself: "Wow. I have it easy right now and I keep acting like everything is against me. I need to improve my approach to stuff now." It's really hard hitting stuff, and the whole book is just great, very Felicia Day (in fact some of it is very obviously her words just dictated and I could just imagine her reading it back to me!) Massive fan of hers and I feel like I'm more appreciative of her works having read the book. :)

      But yeah, next up I'm reading the Martian - I had the book on my shelf for a good month until I watched the film yesterday, and... well, it's hands down my film of 2015. Don't get me wrong, I'll still personally value Star Wars higher because, well, it's a good Star Wars again, but just everything about that film was fantastic, from the cinematography to the script, and Matt Damon's acting may genuinely be some of his best yet. So hot off the heels of that, I'm making that book #2 of 2016 for me to read!

      Since this is already a hell of a long post I'll stop here, but I want to make these a weekly thing... And for once, honestly not for any validation of anything... I've just historically struggled with journals in the past, and this community seems as good a place as any to try to turn that around. :)

      Hope you all have a great week and I'll write again next Sunday! :)

      PS: If anyone has any book suggestions, hit me up! I haven't got a target number for the year, but the more the better! Thanks y'all!

    • 2 years ago

      refrakt Lindsey Craig
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    • Audrey

      3 years ago

      Thank you for being on The List! You rock out loud! smiley12.gif
      Spread the love with Warm Fuzzies of your own today!

    • Shagrazir

      4 years ago

      Good to meet you at this year's RTX, mate.
      Hope to see you again, next year.
      We'll win back the US from you in billiards next time!

      • Shagrazir

        4 years ago

        I'll be ready.

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        4 years ago

        And you! Better get practicing then! Only 360 days to go ;)

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