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    • Assassins Creed

      3 years ago


      Today I found out assassin's creed is coming out with a new game. This I am confused about internally because I love the series so much I've been playing since the second one came out. Here is where I get confused. The last one unity........ I just am so angry on how they just hated their customers so much they wanted to pass everyone off and put out an unfinished piece of dook.

      I want to buy this but I don't want to waste my money. Maybe I'm way off. I don't know. Who gives a fuck I know you don't. Fuck it I know I'll buy it.

    • Im a lazy fuck

      3 years ago


      I'm a lazy fuck.....
      That's all thanks

    • Today from the toilet

      3 years ago


      This will be short and sweet.

      Lately I have been dealing with some stomach issues and I constantly have been well to be crude sitting on the toilet a lot. This post or journal has no substance in it other than to just pass the time.

      I would like to describe the bathroom to you.

      I have a double paper rack to my right which makes wiping easy. In front of me is a bland which tile wall, nothing special there. To my left is a massive sink that I could bath myself in but won't because the people who use this restroom are disgusting. There is also a paper towel dispenser just to the left of the sink that has a little tiny opening so if you want to be a good person and keep it clean of random paper towels you're going to have to touch other people's went gross used brown towels.

      That is pretty much it. I hope I grossed someone out.

    • Daily Rants

      3 years ago


      Alright I'm on this new thing where I am trying to to swear lets see how long that lasts.

      So I just moved into this new house. Me and the wife just got married so we thought it would be cool to go into something like this together. We had a condo before but you know we want to do the whole family thing. That being said we decided we needed to have a house warming, and for the first time I know how Gus feels. Fuck people. oops

      I like these people but fuck are they shitty house guests. Who lets there dog on the couch and even feeds it without being like hey I know you said I could bring my dog over which is really nice but can I like it eat and make crumbs all over your nice new couch. No problem thats cool. And they why don't you go through my fridge and take my food to feed the dog. Great..

    • Happier Cause Of RT

      3 years ago


      Today I had a life altering thought.

      Who cares how old I am, if I want to go back to school then why not.

      I am a trades person who has just fallen out of love with what I do. But don't get me wrong I love building and fixing stuff. I just hate the fact of having to go go as quick as you can and get to the next job. It was starting to wear on me. I hate waking up and going to work at this shit job.

      I was listening to an old RT Podcast today and they were talking about there old jobs. It got me to thinking. When they started RoosterTeeth they were around me age now. Knowing this has given me to confidence to change my career and the direction my life is going.

      Thank you Rooster Teeth, I may have come to this conclusion on my own one day. But knowing how possible something is with dedication and hard work I know I will be fine.

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