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    • FalconStreak asked sirlarr a question

      What's your fitness plan? You're lookin' sexy as hell!

      Answered: May 18, 2017

      Working my ass off and eating very little. Sadly there's not a huge secret to it.

    • mypal1990 asked sirlarr a question

      How did Lawrence "The Troll" Sakamoto came to be?

      Answered: May 18, 2017

      On a high enough level, I'm really amused by the juxtaposition of internet culture and physical activity. The idea that a shitty, one-dimensional internet troll is so dedicated to le trolling that he'd train to wrestle is funny to me.

    • mischamoi99 asked sirlarr a question

      do you have one anime you love above all else? or is it to hard to choose just one?

      Answered: Apr 18, 2017

      Hajime no Ippo, probably. It's the perfect version of what it is, and I'll always love Tsuneo Imahori's soundtrack.

    • mischamoi99 asked sirlarr a question

      on the new episode of on the spot (when you were dying) you said you like the blonde character in re: zero, you mean the blonde loli? (trying to get a glimpse into your waifu tastes)

      Answered: Apr 18, 2017

      I'm gonna leave that open. What's romance without a little mystery?

    • caseyrae asked sirlarr a question

      How does one become a tech god such as yourself?

      Answered: Mar 16, 2017

      Have sex with an inkjet printer.

    • TomOneil asked sirlarr a question

      I loved your idea of drunk rants to the crew. What sort of topics would you be babbling on about?

      Answered: Mar 2, 2017

      Who knows! Weird things I see. Whatever I'm mad about. The whole point is that it's random and disposable!

    • BloodLust180 asked sirlarr a question

      Hello, I'm making a "mock GTA V movie trailer" involving Funhaus and I'm struggling to choose between three themes. Zombies, Aliens or Cult of Peake? What would you like to see?

      Answered: Mar 2, 2017

      All three, but with 100% nudity.

    • It's Time to SWITCH from Sober to DRUNK.

      1 year ago


      We're going to ring in a new Nintendo console the most respectful way we know how, by drinking a lot and probably breaking the thing. Yes, it's time for a DRUNK SWITCH STREAM!

      Friday, March 3 at around 2PM PST on YouTube!

      As usual, it'll go late and get weird. Currently we're planning on playing 1, 2, Switch, Snipperclips, Bomberman, maybe Zelda, and the usual drunk, rambling chaos that follows. And before you ask, yes that means another episode of the hit new series Talkin' Stalkin's is on deck.

      And maybe, if the feeling is just right, we'll whisper the magic words into Jacob's ears that breaks him down and destroys him from the inside out! See you then!

    • Dude Soup Time Change! Again!

      1 year ago


      The Word of Gus is absolute; Dude Soup will be shifting time!

      Starting January 30, Dude Soup will be live for FIRST Members at 1:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM CST!

      Quit your jobs, divorce your significant others accordingly.

    • 1/16 Dude Soup

      1 year ago


      Just wanted to drop a note concerning today's (Monday, January 16) Dude Soup.

      We will be live at the normal time of 3PM PST / 5PM CST, but the show has been pre-recorded because we aren't giant racists and are taking the day off to celebrate.

      Additionally, we unfortunately didn't have time to pre-record a Dude Soup Post Show, so that will be skipping a week. I'll make sure all the good art gets crammed into next week's episode, though!

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