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    • caseyrae asked sirlarr a question

      How does one become a tech god such as yourself?

      Answered: Mar 16, 2017

      Have sex with an inkjet printer.

    • TomOneil asked sirlarr a question

      I loved your idea of drunk rants to the crew. What sort of topics would you be babbling on about?

      Answered: Mar 2, 2017

      Who knows! Weird things I see. Whatever I'm mad about. The whole point is that it's random and disposable!

    • BloodLust180 asked sirlarr a question

      Hello, I'm making a "mock GTA V movie trailer" involving Funhaus and I'm struggling to choose between three themes. Zombies, Aliens or Cult of Peake? What would you like to see?

      Answered: Mar 2, 2017

      All three, but with 100% nudity.

    • It's Time to SWITCH from Sober to DRUNK.

      1 year ago


      We're going to ring in a new Nintendo console the most respectful way we know how, by drinking a lot and probably breaking the thing. Yes, it's time for a DRUNK SWITCH STREAM!

      Friday, March 3 at around 2PM PST on YouTube!

      As usual, it'll go late and get weird. Currently we're planning on playing 1, 2, Switch, Snipperclips, Bomberman, maybe Zelda, and the usual drunk, rambling chaos that follows. And before you ask, yes that means another episode of the hit new series Talkin' Stalkin's is on deck.

      And maybe, if the feeling is just right, we'll whisper the magic words into Jacob's ears that breaks him down and destroys him from the inside out! See you then!

    • Dude Soup Time Change! Again!

      1 year ago


      The Word of Gus is absolute; Dude Soup will be shifting time!

      Starting January 30, Dude Soup will be live for FIRST Members at 1:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM CST!

      Quit your jobs, divorce your significant others accordingly.

    • 1/16 Dude Soup

      1 year ago


      Just wanted to drop a note concerning today's (Monday, January 16) Dude Soup.

      We will be live at the normal time of 3PM PST / 5PM CST, but the show has been pre-recorded because we aren't giant racists and are taking the day off to celebrate.

      Additionally, we unfortunately didn't have time to pre-record a Dude Soup Post Show, so that will be skipping a week. I'll make sure all the good art gets crammed into next week's episode, though!

    • It's time for a RACE WAR!

      1 year ago


      We're planning a special live stream today (11/15) staring YOU. Yes you! Sitting there, with the smell and the weird thing on your face.

      James and I will RACE in Super Mario 64, only you will be able to fuck with us the whole time. As we race, LIVE, you will get to vote on additional challenges and punishments for us to undergo. At the end, the player with the most stars wins!

      We're starting at 3PM PST (around 2 hours from the time of this post) so make sure to tune in to YouTube Primetime!

    • Grifshot117 asked sirlarr a question

      Hey! I've always wondered how orange came to be the color for Funhaus. Were there any other colors that you guys thought about? Luv ya!!

      Answered: Oct 28, 2016

      I'm not sure! I think it was a suggestion from Jon Risinger and we all agreed since it was an uncommon color for branding.

    • MJJMayor asked sirlarr a question

      Since now a month has passed since LA Podfest, is Funhaus planning on releasing that podcast? I was one of the "lucky" few who was in attendance and was hoping to show it to a friend.

      Answered: Oct 28, 2016

      Yeah... they're supposed to release the video to us after a month so it should be sometime soon. We intend to upload it when we get it.

    • TomOneil asked sirlarr a question

      Will you be having a meet up at RTX Sydney, and if so, how many drinks can we buy you?

      Answered: Oct 28, 2016

      No idea! I can say that RTX is considered the meetup though, so our priority isn't doing meetups outside of that event.

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