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    • See us at LA Podfest!

      1 year ago


      Dude Soup Live is BACK! 

      Sunday, September 25!

      We're joining the LA Podfest this weekend to perform Dude Soup Live! Come out and see us if you're in the area, and even if you aren't, you can see the show LIVE through pay per view!

      Coming to the show?

      We're performing on Sunday, September 25 at 2:00 PM PST at the Sofitel Hotel

      8555 Beverly Blvd

      Los Angeles, CA 90048

      Our timeslot is from 2:00 - 3:30 in the Beverly 1 Ballroom, so we'll do an hour show and then a little meet and greet for 30 minutes. 

      Not in the LA Area?

      You can still watch the show LIVE with a pay per view pass!

      Tickets and pay-per-view passes are available here, and get 5$ off PPV tickets by using our promo code "DUDESOUP."

      Will this be available on YouTube eventually?

      Yes! The podcast is exclusive to LA Podfest for about a month, and then we will upload it to our channel so everyone can see it.

      Any questions? Leave 'em below, and we look forward to seeing you!

    • mischamoi99 asked sirlarr a question

      what would you consider to be the ultimate night in (as in if you had a night to yourself/day what would you do)?

      Answered: Sep 22, 2016

      Just a lot of drinking and video game playing. Once I get too drunk / tired, I'd probably click over into watching weird shit on the Internet. I'm a simple man.

    • FunHausFraud asked sirlarr a question

      Out of the main group (i.e. Those which star most in videos) who would you say could possibly rival your tech knowledge? (None is also a valid answer)

      Answered: Sep 13, 2016


    • Dude Soup Time Change!

      1 year ago


      Oh baby we got a time change!

      Dude Soup will now stream live for RT FIRST members every Monday at 3PM PST!

      Why? Because we're forming a Podcast BLOCK. Current plan is -- Sidescrollers airs before us, and we'll lead into the RT Podcast which starts at its normal time on Monday evening.

      I understand this means that a lot of new people will be able to watch us live, but a lot of people that used to watch us will no longer be able to. I'm very sorry to all our European friends, but there is a silver lining here. We're reorganizing our process to try and get the podcast up faster for FIRST members!

      So, this is what the rollout will look like --

      As soon as we wrap the podcast and post show on Monday afternoon, we'll upload it immediately for FIRST members. Bear in mind that this early version won't have any editing or post-production work done, so the audio won't be as robust at first.

      Every Tuesday, we will then update the podcast with a version that has undergone post-production. This will update the audio and video to higher quality midday Tuesday. The podcast will then go live on YouTube and RSS feeds for everyone on Wednesday morning as usual.

      Hopefully, this means that if you already watched the podcast live, you can still watch it at your normal time.

      That's the plan, anyway. The first couple of Dude Soups might be a little later as we deal with the volatility of changing our production. We'll get everything sorted (eventually), and as always we appreciate your patience should any problems occur.

      And we can finally drink with abandon on the podcast since it isn't first thing in the morning, so that'll be fun.

    • mypal1990 asked sirlarr a question

      Any pointers on how to start freelance work? I'm starting one for creative writing and you've had your fair share of freelance experience before joining machinima and RT. Thanks!

      Answered: Aug 16, 2016

      Typically you need some existing body of work to showcase your abilities. Creative writing will be very difficult since a lot of people think they can do it, and a lot of THOSE people will offer to do it for free.

      If you're just getting started, odds are you'll have to do a year or two of volunteer work before you can build the work experience and contacts to get paying work.

    • Grifshot117 asked sirlarr a question

      What's your favorite color?

      Answered: Jul 11, 2016

      You, Grifshot. My favorite color is you.

    • boshudio asked sirlarr a question

      Before Interviewing Reggie for Breath of the Wild did you tell them what kind of humor you guys go for and most of it was staged, or did you guys play it straight and he legitimately was creeped out?

      Answered: Jul 11, 2016

      We sent Nintendo's PR reps a few concepts and that's the one they went with. Reggie was at least aware of the schtick (I also briefed him on it before we started recording), but he also did an amazing job playing along.

    • The Funhaus E3 2016 Drinking Game™

      1 year ago


      If you're going to watch E3, why do it sober? Join us as we watch the biggest E3 press conferences and probably yell at each other a lot.

      The stream will start at 9:00 AM PST on Monday, June 13 on our YouTube channel and run for most of the day. Here's the schedule of conferences (all times Pacific Standard) --

      • 9:30 AM - Microsoft
      • 11:30 AM - PC Gaming Show
      • 1:00 PM - Ubisoft
      • 6:00 PM - Sony

      We're probably going to do random gameplays between conferences, so chill with us the whole day!

      However, it's no fun to just get belligerently drunk with no structure. We're not animals, we have rules. Here's the official Funhaus E3 drinking game!


      Any questions? Let us know below!

    • chesslooter asked sirlarr a question

      With your talent/appreciation for the rhythm game genre, have you considered doing an osu!mania stream with your chat?

      Answered: May 16, 2016

      I have! But it was a while ago. I still have the tablet and stuff, may do another one soon.

    • CobaltAlpha asked sirlarr a question

      I was just curious, about how often do you guys get recognized in public/normal places?

      Answered: May 16, 2016

      Not very often, maybe 2-3 times a month.

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